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Q&A: Miss Hazel Heart talks online safety and OnlyFans misconceptions

Miss Hazel Heart discussed online safety and debunks common misconceptions about being an OnlyFans content creator. Have a comment for Miss Hazel Heart? Comment below or ask us on Twitter.

What are some of the common misconceptions about being an OF creator?

H: That it’s easy! I wish that was true. But if it was, everyone would be making $1000s. Marketing to an extremely competitive market is difficult.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using OnlyFans and other subscription-based platforms to sell adult content?

H: It’s a simple website to use with a huge amount of people already using it and a large audience. The drawback is that there is a lot of content not allowed on there such as public nudity etc.

How do you balance creating content for OnlyFans with your personal life, and how do you maintain boundaries?

H: I usually work at night when everyone else is sleeping. I also have an assistant that does some of the admin work for me, meaning I can take some time off when needed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an OnlyFans adult content creator?

H: Freedom both with time and financially. The disadvantage is the stigma!

How do creators handle privacy and security while sharing adult content on OnlyFans?

H: I use a pseudonym, make sure my details are not shared and have home security.

Have you ever had to deal with any sort of harassment on OnlyFans? How do OnlyFans content creators deal with trolls, harassment and negative comments?

H: I have a ‘welcome info’ page on my OnlyFans, just going over some basic info and reminding everyone to treat me how they’d like to be treated. My subscribers are mostly great and I’m not afraid to block any disrespectfulness.

How do you handle the issue of privacy and security while sharing adult content online?

H: I do not give out my exact location or details and I use a separate account on social media.

Can you tell us about any challenges you’ve faced while creating content on OnlyFans, and how have you overcome them?

H: There are huge lulls in this industry such as Christmas time and it’s hard not to worry but you have to push through. Also, having social media accounts constantly deleted… You just have to keep making new ones.

Are there any extra steps you take to ensure you’re always safe online?

H: I use a separate work phone and a VPN.

What are your top tips to stay safe as an OnlyFans adult content creator?

H: Use a separate phone if you can, do not link your social media and make sure there is no personal info in the background of your content.


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