Q&A: Miss Hazel Heart shares her experience as a dominant BBW MILF creator

Creating adult content can not only be a great side hustle, but for some sex workers, it becomes their main source of income. We spoke to Miss Hazel Heart, a dominant BBW MILF creator, who shared her experience of getting started on OnlyFans, as well as marketing tips and tricks for experimenting with the platform. Have a comment for Miss Hazel Heart? Comment below or ask us on Twitter.

Q: How did you first get interested in creating adult content, and how did you end up on OnlyFans? Was it the first platform you used to monetise your content?

H: I actually started on Twitter doing domination sessions. I started as I needed something that would work around my family life with no restrictions. I gave OnlyFans a go after around a year on Twitter.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience as an OnlyFans content creator?

H: It has plenty of ups and downs but overall it’s been a good experience, I’ve met amazing people and had my eyes really opened to a lot of things.

Q: How do creators successfully monetise their work on OnlyFans?

H: I market on every social media account I can think of! I then drive traffic to my OnlyFans and I have a subscription fee to access my content.

Q: What are the most successful strategies for growing a following on OnlyFans as an adult content creator?

H: Quality content and constant marketing, every single day without fail.

Q: Can OnlyFans be a main source of income or would you recommend looking into different ways to monetise your content? 

H: My OnlyFans has been my main income for a few years, I think it all comes down to how much you’re willing to work on it.

Q: What is the most you’ve earned in a month from OnlyFans?

H: My best month was around $20,000 but on average around $10-15k

Q: What kind of content do you typically create on OnlyFans, and what’s your creative process like?

H: I create all sorts! Custom videos, photos, fetish, Femdom and more “vanilla” content. I try to film in batches to prevent burnout.

Q: What sets your content apart from other content creators on OnlyFans?

H: My main draw is my Femdom content.

Q: Can you tell us about any memorable interactions or messages you’ve received from your fans on OnlyFans or elsewhere?

H: A lot of people who get lonely around holiday periods find comfort in having someone to chat with which is always nice. With the help of my subscribers, we also do charity drives to give back.


Read our Q&A with Miss Hazel Heart about online safety and OnlyFans misconceptions here. You can find out more about Miss Hazel Heart on her Twitter.

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