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Have you just graduated from university and are looking for employment? After the graduation ceremony and celebrations are over, the first thing that most people do is start looking for a job, specifically graduate jobs. But where do you start?

Job hunting can be a lot more difficult than it sounds, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. But a great place to begin is by looking at summer graduate jobs. This way you can earn some money after university, as well as learning new skills and gaining experience along the way.

So, once you have updated your CV with your new qualifications, it is time to get out into the real world and find some work.

Below are great summer job prospects for graduates in 2018.

Festival Worker

If you are looking for a graduate job offering quick cash, try applying for festival work. There are a lot of music and arts festivals held throughout the UK in the summertime, which means there is plenty of opportunity to earn some money – and fast.

You can work in the fresh air stewarding big events, or even help customers with their tickets and managing special occasions. Companies that are providing the staff for the festivals usually hire through a quick process and with many hours available, you can definitely bring in a good amount of money over the summer.

Plus, you will get to enjoy the festival atmosphere, live music and even some food and drink while you are working. Sounds good, right?

This summer job is suited for graduates that have excellent customer service skills, as well as the enthusiasm to cope with lots of customers in a busy environment.

It is unlikely that you will need any qualifications but any background in customer service is going to help you. You can expect to be paid at an hourly rate and this can vary depending on the event, with up to £15 per hour being the average wage for the summer.

Bar Staff

A popular way for graduates to earn some money during the summer is by getting a job at a bar.

There are plenty of bars, events and hotels that are looking for extra staff during the busy summer and holiday season, which means that it can be easier to find a position somewhere near you.

You can brush up on your customer service skills by serving food and drinks to guests, plus there is the opportunity to earn some good money through tips on top of your wages if you are doing a good job.

Having an outgoing personality is key to bar work, plus you are going to have to remember what customers have ordered under pressure. It can be difficult, especially if some people have had a little too much to drink already.

So, make sure that you can handle this kind of environment and be able to stay calm.

You can expect to earn around £10 per hour and there is even the opportunity to earn tips during the busy summer period too if you offer good service.

Sales Assistant

During the summer, high street stores are often looking for more staff, particularly graduates, to handle the busy atmosphere of the holidays.

This means that during vacation time, you can work in retail as a sales assistant and concentrate on your customer services skills whilst earning a living.

There are a lot of transferable skills that retail can help you with, such as communication, time management and team work. It is important to remember that working in retail can be challenging, but you will gain valuable experience to add to your CV.

If you want to work as a sales assistant, it is important that you good customer service skills, with the patience and helpfulness to deal with difficult customers.

Being able to communicate clearly with others will be essential. The average earnings you will make in retail is normally around £8 per hour.

But, many stores have the ability to earn more through commission, as well as bonuses, if you work hard.

Summer Camp Mentor

A lot of graduates want a holiday but also need to start earning money, so why not look into becoming a summer camp mentor?

There are teaching opportunities across the world where you can go abroad and work with kids.

This is a fantastic chance to spend time in a different country, make new friends and most importantly, gain new skills and experience that you can add to your CV.

This will be a lot of fun but it is important to remember that the money that you earn will cover costs and it is more about the adventure than making fast cash.

While you can earn up to £1,200, you may have to pay for flights and other living costs beforehand or as you go.


If you cannot find a job that suits your skills, why not get the ultimate graduate job and become a freelancer? With the internet, there is now the opportunity to get the word out about your talents and make good money as a graduate.

You can explore a lot of fields as a freelancer, from copywriting and design to photography and private tutoring; there is something for everyone.

Plus, you will be able to set your own hours and be your own boss. You may have to start small and gain some experience before you can command higher rates, but if you work hard and are determined, you can really make it happen.

Although money maybe slow coming in at first, you could earn up to £100 per hour as you become more experienced.

Office intern

Do you want to work your way up in business after graduation? A fantastic way to gain an insight into the working world is by spending your summer interning at a big company. It is common for many well-known organisations to offer graduate schemes and internships to post-graduates. Many of these companies also offer a variety of graduate jobs.

As a summer intern you can help them with their administrative needs and even learn new skills, such as in IT or dealing with customers.

While you should not expect to earn big money (or even any) as an office intern, the experience you will have at the end will be invaluable.

Being an intern will look great on your CV and there is even the possibility that the company will be so impressed with your hard work that they offer you a full-time position.

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