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I'm honoured to offer you the ultimate healing experience of Reiki. Enjoy the powerful healing of Reiki in the comfort of your own home or at my locale. Distance healing sessions are also available, which are just as powerful as in-person sessions, and have long been the preferred method for most Reiki Masters.

Reiki can be used for specific issues, be they physical or emotional in nature (e.g., a frozen shoulder or mental health aspects) or can be used to elevate the whole body-mind system. Reiki is a fabulous way to 're-set' your energetic system, and clients usually feel refreshed, extremely relaxed, and positive following a session. Reiki is self-intelligent, meaning that it knows what to work on, and I am guided to channel the energy to you specifically, so each session is different. Treatments last between 45 minutes to two hours.

You will feel the effects of the treatment working on you for the few days following a session, so it's best to book a time when you're able to relax after the session. Sessions are performed lying or sitting comfortably, fully clothed, while I channel the energy to you using my hands or by intention for distance healing sessions. I may place my hands lightly on the body, which usually feels wonderfully nurturing, however Reiki can be performed without direct touch if preferred. You may feel tingling, warmth, and other sensations throughout a session, though some people just feel relaxed. Reiki works on animals, problematic situations and across time, so you may wish to schedule a house clearing or a session for the same time as an exam. Another beneficial way to use Reiki is to channel it back in time to assist the passing of loved ones.

Please contact me to book your session. To visit me in Thame, I'm available from 11am-8pm, and I can visit you anytime. A session is £40 (£50 for outcall) with discounts available for multiple sessions upon request. Include a half hour massage for £20 extra or an hour for £40 extra.

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