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This item belong and / or own by my colleagues and friend who is also the close relatives to Brunei Sultan

This is part or portion of the whole Kiswah Cloth ( Ka'abah Cloth )

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KiswahKiswah (Arabic: كسوة الكعبة‎, kiswat al-ka'bah) is the cloth that covers the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is draped annually on the 9th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, the day pilgrims leave for the plains of Mount Arafat during the Hajj.

The term kiswah is Arabic for 'pall', the cloth draped over a casket.

Contact :

Name : Ahmad Lutfi Rahmad

Whatsapp : +60129242709

Mail : [email protected]

Textiles of the Kaaba

The textile covering of the Kaaba has multiple parts, which are the most sacred objects in Islamic art.The kiswa is the overall covering and the hizam is a belt circling it, about two thirds of the way up.

The curtain over the door of the Kaaba is the sitara, also known as a burqu'.

There are other textiles inside, including the Bab al-Tawba, a curtain over the door that leads to the roof.

The earliest known sitara was made in 1544 in Egypt and the earliest Ottoman hizam was made for Selim II in the late 16th century.

The basic designs of the hizam and sitara have continued to the present, although the inscriptions embroidered in gold and silver wire have become more ornate over time.

These inscriptions include verses from the Quran and supplications to Allah, as well as the names of the rulers who commissioned the textiles.

At 5.75 metres by 3.5 metres, the sitara is assembled by sewing together four separate textile panels; the hizam is similarly assembled by connecting four or eight panels.Another textile remade each year is the green silk bag which holds the key to the Kaaba: a tradition introduced in 1987.

Along with these textiles, the workshops send ropes for attaching the kiswa to the Kaaba and spare silk in case the kiswa needs to be repaired.

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Ahmad Lutfi Rahmad

Address: Persiaran Hamzah Alang , Mukim Kampung Nenas AL1 1AE


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