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Reiki Course One Day Intensive

Posted by New Age London on 09/03/2019
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Reiki is an energy, a treatment, and a way of life. It was brought to us by Mikao Usui in Japan in the late nineteenth and early 20th century.

As an energy, Reiki means spirit energy or universal life force. It is unconditional healing that is all around us. When we allow it in, whether by ourselves or with the help of a trained Reiki practitioner, it helps us balance our body's subtle energies. When our energy is more in balance, so are we. This helps our body to heal itself from within. Reiki is an intelligent energy and goes to wherever it is most needed. This may not be where we want it to go, but it is always for the Highest Good. Reiki can feel hot or cold, it can feel like a wave, like a current or vibration, or like a breeze. Sometimes we feel it and sometimes we do not, but it is always there for us.

Reiki as a treatment helps to release energy disruptions in our body. When our energy is disrupted, we experience emotional and physical symptoms, such as but not limited to the following:


Chronic pain


Stomach ache


Allergy-like reactions, asthma, and eczema

Fear or excessive worry

Cancer, heart attacks, and stroke

Anger and unease

Addictive behavior

Excessive guilt and shame

Stress and tension

When you have a Reiki treatment, the practitioner lays hands on you or in the aura above your body, and channels Reiki through to you. Channelling means that the energy comes through the healer and not from the healer. The healer is as such a conduit for the energy.

Learn this ancient art in a small class with plenty of support and pravtice on the day.

Fully certificated, free association membership.

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