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How to find the perfect flatshare

More people than ever before are flat-sharing in the UK, and it isn’t hard to see why. Flat-sharing is more affordable than living on your own, especially as rents continue to rise.

Likewise, home owning is unrealistic for many, as the average home in London now costs £481,556.

Whether you’re are looking for a flatshare in London, or a flatshare in another city in the UK, it is important to weigh up your options before making a decision.

How to find the perfect flatmate:

Make A list Of Qualities You Are Looking For In A Flatshare
Be Honest About How Tidy You Are
Ask About House Rules
Think About If You Have a Compatible Lifestyle
Meet All Future Flatmates First

It can be tempting to just focus on finding a room to rent which is in the right location, but in reality, it is the people that you live with who have the power to determine your living experience.

It’s very easy for things to go wrong if you don’t get along with your flatmates, but thankfully Vivastreet can help. Below is our useful guide to help you find the perfect flatshare.

Make A List Of Qualities You Are Looking For In A Flatmate

When it comes to living in a flatshare, one of the most important things is finding flatmates with who you can happily live.

If you already have a close circle of friends in the area you may not be looking for friends, but if you are new to the city you may want to use flat-sharing as a good way to meet new people. If this is the case, it could be worth looking for flatmates with similar interests and hobbies.

Be Honest About How Tidy You Are

If you plan on living with strangers, you should be honest with yourself about how tidy you are. Different people have different ideas about how tidy the house should be, so what you perceive as clean could be dirty to someone else.

This is very important; mess can be a big problem in shared houses, so take the time to assess future flatmates to see if they have similar levels of cleanliness to you.

Ask About House Rules

If you find a great room to rent and you decide you want to move in, first find out if there are any house rules.

Most flatshares have a series of rules, whether they are written or unwritten, so it is important to make sure that you will be happy to abide by the rules – and be honest with yourself.

If you find a house that you really love but you’re not sure if you can keep up with the strict tidying rules, you may want to look for another home that is better suited to you.

After all, it can be very stressful to live in a home if the other tenants are unhappy with your behaviour – and it isn’t really fair to expect other people to change their rules to suit you.

Think About If You Have Compatible Lifestyles

If you find a flatmate that you really like and you think you want to move in, take a minute to think about if your lifestyles are compatible.

For instance, if you need to be up early every day for work you may not want to live with someone who is loud during the nighttime – and on the other hand, if you work late nights, you may want to live with someone else who works nights too.

Meet All Future Flatmates First

It is also important to meet all of the flatmates before you move in.

For instance, if you find the perfect flatshare in London and you have only met one of the flatmates, arrange a second viewing to meet everyone else before you sign anything.

It is important to make sure that everyone gets on, so if you immediately clash with someone else it could mean that it isn’t the right flatshare for you.

It is easy to find rooms and a flatshare in London or other cities with Vivastreet.

Whether you are looking for a room to rent in London or a room in the countryside, you should be able to find what you are looking for; just make sure that you follow these tips and you should find your perfect flatshare.



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