Vivastreet's new webcam service allows escorts to use webcam and phone service to help generate business

Webcamming on Vivastreet: A step-by-step guide for webcam models

Here at Vivastreet, the health and safety of our users is a priority. That’s why we’ve partnered with WebStream to allow you to offer your services via webcam and phone, and become a webcam model on Vivastreet. 

This means you can now offer online services to the millions of clients who are on Vivastreet every month – and increase your business’ revenue.

If you’re an independent professional with an advert in an adult-related category, you can now set up a webcam service with Vivastreet.

Be a webcam model with us today by following our step-by-step guide below. 


                                                                  Table of Contents
1. Create your account

a. Go to the ‘My Account’ section on Vivastreet and click on the ‘Webcam’ button
b. Login to the webcam area of Vivastreet
c. Complete your webcam dashboard

2. Set up and run your webcam service

a. Choose your camming platform 
ii. JustCamIt
i. LiveCam

b. Choose the room types you’ll offer

3. Set up & run your phone service
a. Set your rates
b. Divert your number

4. Enable notifications
a. Email
b. Twitter
5. Withdrawing your money
6. Dashboard tips

1. Create your account

First up, you’ll need to set up an account in order to start camming.

a. Go to the ‘My Account’ section on Vivastreet and click on the ‘Webcam’ button.
Alternatively, you may have received an email with instructions on how to access your webcam account.

b. Login to the webcam area of Vivastreet

  • First time on Vivastreet? Sign up as a webcam model within minutes.  
  • Existing user? Login using the details you entered when creating an account.

Webcam login page on Vivastreet


c. Complete your webcam dashboard

On your dashboard you can set up all key information, including your:

    • Nickname (this will appear to clients)
    • Currency (decides how you’ll be paid / how your rates will appear)
    • Recent activity and performance (including earnings)
    • Password reset (change your password to something memorable and secure)

Once you’ve started performing, you’ll be able to track your activity and webcam performance settings from the dashboard page.

Webcam settings dashboard

2. Set up and run your webcam service

Ready to start offering your cam service? Then you’ll need to get your webcam setup and show that you’re online to potential clients. To get started, head to the ‘LiveCam’ section of your account.

a. Choose your camming platform

First up you’ll need a platform that connects your cam to potential clients.

You have two options of camming platforms – LiveCam (browser-based) or JustCamIt (software-based). Both platforms produce high definition and optimal sound and video. However, there are slight differences between the two. 

i. LiveCam

LiveCam allows you to start performing without downloading any software, and is our recommended platform to use due to its more modern interface. 

Click on the link in the ‘LiveCam’ section of your dashboard to access the LiveCam platform. From here, you’ll be prompted for your username and password, which is displayed on the ‘LiveCam’ section of your dashboard. You will need click the large green button to officially go online. 

Webcam login page


Once logged in, you’ll see your webcam screen. From here you can:

  • Set your online or offline status
  • Set your microphone to on or off
  • Chat to the clients in your stream
  • Edit your settings, including:
    • Change ringtone you receive when clients interact on the stream
    • Change your camera and microphone
    • View the clients who have been watching your performance / giving you tips
    • Kick any clients out of the room who break the room rules (they won’t be permanently banned, so you can approve them for future sessions)
    • Logout from the webcam platform

LiveCam works best on a PC using either the Chrome or Firefox browser.  To get the best out of LiveCam on other devices, we recommend the following: 

  • MAC: use Safari with the latest updates installed
  • Android: use Chrome browser
  • IOS: use Safari and make sure you are using the latest version of IOS. Make sure to hold your phone in portrait mode, with the volume buttons at the top

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ii: JustCamIt

JustCamIt allows you to start performing by downloading their software, and is recommended for experienced performers. This can be useful if the LiveCam option above does not work for you. Note that this will not work on Apple/Mac computers.

Click on the download link in the’ LiveCam’ section of your dashboard to begin the JustCamIt download, and follow your computer’s download instructions.

Once downloaded, start up the JustCamIt software and login with your username and password, which is displayed on the ‘LiveCam’ section of your dashboard.

You’ll have access to all the same features as you do with the LiveCam platform.

Both platforms produce high definition 1080p live streaming (dependent on webcam capabilities) and will alert you to a client attempting to enter your performance – you will have the ability to accept or decline each client.

Webcam options LiveCam and JustCamit

b. Choose the room types you’ll offer

Once you have your cam platform, set the room types you want to offer from your cam dashboard in the ‘LiveCam’ section. You can choose between Free, Group and Private chats. 

  • Free rooms allow clients to view and chat to you before progressing to a Group or Private room. Clients are limited to 10 minutes of Free room access per 24 hours
  • Group rooms allow you to perform to an agreed number of clients. Don’t forget to set the rate for this room type (rates are per minute)
  • Private rooms are similar to group rooms, but only for one client. Again, don’t forget to set the room rate accordingly.

Webcam client room options

c. Start performing

Following the above steps, you’ll have everything you need to go online and start performing to clients.

The longer you can keep people in your room, the more you stand to earn. With that in mind, spend some time thinking about the type of performance you want to offer and how you can keep your clients engaged.

For some top tips on how to maximise your income, stay tuned for an article coming soon on the Vivastreet blog.

3. Set up & run your phone service

You may also want to offer a phone chat service. If so, this can be set up within the ‘CallConnect’ section of your account.

a. Set your rates
Determine how much you want to charge per minute for this service. Note there is an additional 10p per minute charge to the client by the network provider.

Webcam rates dashboard

b. Divert your number

For privacy purposes you will be asked to route your phone number through CallConnect. This will ensure your number is not shown to clients. To do so, enter your number in the section provided to verify (you will be asked to enter a pin for verification), and set up call diversion.

Webcam verification number

Start chatting
Once you’re set up, there are two ways you can make yourself available for phone chats:

  • Change your CallConnect status to ‘On’ from the Call Connect platform
  • Text ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ to the number in the CallConnect platform. This will update your status, wherever you are

Client calls will come through to you on 0203 319 6555.

If you fail to answer the call then your clients will go through to your voicemail, therefore we advise you to make sure your number is not read out on your voicemail.

Webcam CallConnect status page

4. Enable notifications

You can connect your website and Twitter account to the platform, letting your clients know as soon as you’re online.

a. Email notifications

By adding the link of your Vivastreet advert page, we’ll notify interested clients as soon as you appear online.

Webcam email notification option for online activity

b. Twitter notifications
You can connect your Twitter account to your profile, meaning you’ll send tweets automatically to your followers whenever you go online to perform.

Webcam Twitter connection

Withdrawing your money

When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings from your account, head to the ‘Activity’ section.

From here you can see all your earnings yet to be claimed through the platform, and select to withdraw these by selecting the bank type you’d like to withdraw from – either UK or International.

Note that earnings must exceed £50 from previous weeks in order to withdraw.

It’s important to know that for every payout you make, the platform will payout 75% of the total credits spent. This means that if a client spends £100 you receive £75.

Please note, a 24 hour turnaround may be required for payment. This may extend to 48 hours on weekends and bank holidays.

Webcam banking details

Dashboard tips

Some additional features may be useful for you to keep track of your account, including:

  • The Payments section, showing a list of payments already made to you, with a link to download an invoice
  • The Statistics section, with searchable stats to view how your performances have trended over time
  • The Settings section, where you can set your nickname, currency and change account password

That’s it, your comprehensive guide for setting up your business to offer online services via webcam and phone chat, and become a webcam model with Vivastreet. 

Take advantage of this brand new Vivastreet feature and maximise your earning potential today. 

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