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Webcams on Vivastreet: Start watching your favourite escorts online

For the first time on Vivastreet, you’re now able to engage with your favourite escorts online via our brand new webcam and phone chat services. This means you can stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis whilst continuing to fulfil any desires you may have. 

Ready to get started? Follow our step-by-step guide below.

                                                                         Table of Contents
1. View available performers on Vivastreet
2. Click on the ‘Cam’ or ‘Call’ buttons to initiate the service
3. Create/login to your account
4. Add credits to your account
5. Launch the performer’s webcam service
6. Using the webcam platform
7. Launch the performer’s phone chat service
8. Using the phone chat platform

1. View available performers on Vivastreet

The first thing you’ll need to do is pinpoint the right performer for you. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • by searching on Vivastreet to find your favourite escort’s advert and checking their online status
  • by browsing all performers currently online (feature coming soon)

Vivastreet webcam escort online

2. Click on the ‘Cam’ or ‘Call buttons to initiate the service

Once you’ve found the performer you’d like to interact with, you can click to connect with them either via webcam or phone chat.

  • If they’re online, you’ll be prompted to register/login to your account before accessing their live webcam/phone chat dashboard.

Vivastreet webcam user login

  • If they’re offline, you’ll have the option to set up an alert and be informed when the performer is next online. This can be done once signed in to your account.

Vivastreet webcam online alert system

3. Create/login to your account

In order to access the performer’s webcam room or chat service, you’ll need to create a secure account. If you’re a new user, you can create this account in seconds using a username, email address and password. 

Vivastreet webcam user account creation

If you already have an account, simply sign in.

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4. Add credits to your account

Before you enter the performer’s room, you’ll see some basic information including:

  • the performer’s rate per minute for different room types
  • how many credits you currently have in your account
  • a tribute / tipping function – great for getting the performer’s attention
  • how many ‘free’ minutes you have remaining in the current 24 hour period
  • Some performers will allow up to 10 minutes for free per day the room chat dialogue

To enter either a group or private room, you’ll need to top up. Doing so is simple – just click the ‘Top up’ button, select how many credits you’d like to purchase and complete the secure payment form.

Webcam top-up credits system

5. Launch the performer’s webcam service

Now you have credits available, you’re ready to enter the online performer’s webcam room. Choose whether to join a group or private room, and wait for the performer to approve you.

TIP: If you’re unable to join a private room, try a group room first. It might be that the performer wants to chat to you a little first before graduating to a private room. Once accepted by the performer, you’ll enter the webcam session and be able to chat with the performer, see your credit balance and offer tributes/tips.

Webcam gift tribute system

6. Using the webcam platform

On top of the features mentioned above, you’ll also be able to do the following once in the webcam session:

  • Initiate a two-way camera, enabling the performer to see you
  • Make the performer’s webcam go to dull screen
  • Log out of the webcam service

7. Launch the performer’s phone service

Once you’ve clicked on the Call button, and logged in, you’ll be presented with the key information needed to engage in a phone chat with the performer. This includes:

  • Whether they’re currently online
  • Their rate per minute
  • Your current credit balance (along with the option to top up)
  • The number to call the performer on
  • The customer and operator pin, which you’ll need to enter the phone chat

When you’re ready, call the phone number and enter the relevant pins to get up and running.
Vivastreet escort phone service signup

8. Using the phone service

Once you’re connected to the performer, it will operate like any regular phone call. Introduce yourself, make clear what you’re hoping for from the performer and you should be all set for a fantastic experience.

9. How to make the most of your webcam & phone chat experience

To make sure the interaction with the performer is as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, please keep the following in mind:

  • Consider the performer: A sure-fire way to ruin the experience is to show disrespect to the other person/people in the room. Ensure to avoid abusive language or using any form of communication that may cause offense to the performer (or other people).
  • Don’t haggle: The credit system is clear and upfront from the beginning, meaning you know exactly the amount it will cost to interact with a performer. Looking to negotiate on these rates will likely result in you being kicked from the room.
  • Set boundaries – and respect the performer’s too: Make sure to discuss what you’re looking for in a performance at the beginning. If the performer is not comfortable with this, then look to adjust your expectations or speak to another performer.
  • Keep it legal: It should go without saying, but we operate a zero tolerance policy on illegal activity. Make sure any conversation or performance is legal in the UK (as well as your country of residence if different).

Why not take a look at Vivastreet’s thousands of online performers and see who you could be spending some time with right now? Get started today.

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