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Deep tissue massage vs. Sports massage

There are various types of massage therapy, all of which will involve the manual manipulation of the muscles.

However, one massage does not fit all – the right massage for you will depend on the injury, personal health, and desired outcome for the therapy. Along with deep tissue massage, sports massage is a common massage therapy, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Deep Tissue Massage Vs. Sports Massage

Although there are some similarities between sports massage and deep tissue massage, both techniques have different objectives.

The main purpose of a sports massage is to treat and prevent injuries experienced by athletes. This form of massage therapy helps athletes to increase and boost their performance and flexibility.

In contrast, everyone can benefit from deep tissue massage therapy. From reducing toxins in the body to relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, to reducing chronic pain, deep tissue massage therapy has a number of benefits.

The table below highlights the similarities and differences between sports massage and deep tissue massage therapy.


Qualities Sports Massage Deep Tissue Massage
Primary purpose Most suited to athletes and those who participate in frequent physical activity. Relax the muscle tissues deep inside the body.
Areas of Interest Identifying muscle abnormalities or areas of tightness that may lead to injury if left alone. Additionally, the treatment of common muscle ailments suffered by athletes such as strains or shin splints. Finding areas of muscle weakness, not necessarily in the common sport injury areas. Whiplash and back strains are common issues targeted with the deep tissue massage.
Desired Outcomes Treating and preventing potential injuries, aiding recovery, and improving flexibility, with the aim of boosting sports performance. Easing tight muscles and reducing chronic pain, and improving circulation, as well as relieving stress and cleansing toxins from the body.
Method Both massage therapies employ similar methods of manipulation of the skin and muscles, with circular strokes, kneading, vibrations and tapping.

The Best Massage Therapy Technique For You

Although very similar, knowing the differences between sports massage and deep tissue massage will ensure that you get the best treatment for your needs.

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