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Vivastreet Private Gallery: Access exclusive escort photos & videos

Are you seeking exclusive adult content? 

For the first time on Vivastreet, you can now enjoy exclusive content from your favourite escorts with Vivastreet Private Gallery

This new virtual service means that you can now purchase unique and tantalising adult photos and videos from escorts of your choice, on Vivastreet.

Sound good? Fulfil your desires by following our step-by-step instructions below.  

How to purchase escort videos & photos

Step 1: Go to Vivastreet cams homepage


Vivastreet cams homepage

















Step 2: Login to your account or sign up


Vivastreet member login box

















Here, you will automatically be directed to the cams page in Step 1.

Step 3: At the top of your screen, select ‘Videos’ or ‘Pics’


Vivastreet Videos pageVivastreet Pics page


Step 4: Scroll through the list of video/photo adverts to find ones you are interested in

Videos/photo galleries will typically display an image, name, price, video title and the date it was uploaded.

You can select the ‘All Videos’ or ‘All Picture Sets’ drop down menu to filter videos/photo galleries by theme, based on the tags used to categorise the videos/photos, such as BDSM, feet, group sex and masturbation to name a few.


Vivastreet 'All Videos' filter on Videos pageVivastreet 'All Picture Sets' filter on Pics page















Vivastreet 'All Videos' filter dropdown menu

Vivastreet 'All Pictures Set' filter dropdown menu




















If you want to arrange the videos/photo galleries by price, date added or alphabetical order, go to the adjacent drop-down menu that says ‘Newest first’.


Vivasteet 'Newest First' filter on Videos pageVivasteet 'Newest First' filter on Pics page















Vivastreet Videos page 'Newest First' dropdown menu

Vivastreet Pics page 'Newest First' dropdown menu
















If you want to view an escort’s profile before purchasing a video/photo gallery, either for more details or to view more private galleries, tap the circled image on the bottom right hand side of the image instead.


Escort profile photo on Vivastreet Videos pageEscort profile photo on Vivastreet Pics page










This will direct you to the chosen escort’s profile.


Escort Private Gallery profile on VivastreetEscort Private Gallery profile on Vivastreet























Scroll down to ‘Videos’ or ‘Photo sets’ and you will see all the videos or photo galleries the escort has uploaded to their profile.


Escort's video gallery on Vivastreet profile 



















Step 5: Once you’ve found a video/photo gallery you’re interested in, select ‘Buy now’


'Buy now' button on Vivastreet Videos set'Buy now' button on Vivastreet Pics set










Tip: If looking at video content, hover your mouse or tap on the video. If the sex worker has made this available, you will be able to see a short preview of the video to get a taster of the content before purchasing.

Before purchasing, make sure you have enough credits. Like our webcam service, Private Gallery is operated by a credit-based system where £1 is equivalent to 1 credit.

If you have sufficient funds and you’re ready to buy, go to Step 6. Otherwise, go to the credits section at the top of your screen.


Vivastreet account credits


Make sure the currency is set as GBP.


GBP currency for Vivastreet credit top-up


Go to the credit drop-down menu.


Vivastreet credits menu


Select how much you would like to top up.


Vivastreet credits dropdown menu


When you’re done, press the orange ‘Top up’ button.


Vivastreet credits 'Top up' button


You will be directed to the payment page.


Vivastreet payment page

Enter your details and complete payment.

You will be redirected to the previous page you were on.

Step 6: After you’ve selected the ‘Buy now’ button, tap ‘Confirm purchase’


Vivastreet confirm video purchase buttonVivastreet 'Confirm photo set purchase' button




















Once the purchase is complete, you will see a green ‘PURCHASED’ tag on the top left-hand side of the video/photo gallery.


Purchased video on VivastreetPurchased picture set on Vivastreet










Step 7: Click the ‘Watch now’ or ‘View now’ button and your video will start to play


Vivastreet video 'Watch now' buttonVivastreet picture set 'View now' button











Once purchased, there is no limit to how many times you can view the purchased video/photo gallery.

Note: Videos are not downloadable and are for streaming only.

Enjoy watching videos and viewing photos from your favourite escorts on Vivastreet.

If you want to watch your video or view your photo galleries later, go to ‘My account’ at the top of your screen.


Vivastreet 'My account' button


Then go to ‘Videos’ or ‘Photo’ sets.


All purchased videos on Vivastreet accountAll purchase photo sets on Vivastreet account



















You will see your purchased content ready for you to watch or view.

When you have purchased more than one video/photo gallery, you can easily filter the options as in Step 4.

If you want to purchase more videos/photos, tap ‘Videos’ or ‘Pics’ in the navigation bar and repeat the process from Step 3.

Looking forward to accessing heated videos and photos on Vivastreet? Get started today.


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