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Vivastreet Private Gallery: Everything you need to know

Are you a sex worker looking for new business opportunities? Do you currently advertise with Vivastreet? If the answer is yes, then our new Private Gallery feature is just for you. 

Along with our webcam platform service, we launched Private Gallery to enable sex workers to sell exclusive photos and video content on the Vivastreet platform.

If you’re interested in selling adult content online, here’s everything you need to know about Private Gallery.

What is Private Gallery?

Private Gallery is a feature that provides sex workers with the ability to upload and sell photo and video content exclusively on Vivastreet.


Sex worker taking a selfie on bed wearing sexy dark lingerie

Why we launched Private Gallery

As an expansion of our webcam platform, Vivastreet launched a new Private Gallery solution to:

a) support sex workers in finding new ways to generate business revenue

b) help transition sex workers in sustaining new ventures into online sex work

c) provide a new virtual solution for sex workers to easily promote their services to the millions of clients who visit Vivastreet on a monthly basis 

How does Private Gallery Work?

Sex workers can log in to their account and set up private galleries from their cams dashboard.

You can upload unlimited photos and videos to sell on the platform, which will feature as an advert on our cams listing pages.

Interested clients are then able to gain access to this content by purchasing these photos and videos.

Here is our full step-by-step guide for setting up private galleries on Vivastreet.


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Types of photos and videos to sell

Although it is entirely up to you to decide what type of content you want to sell in your private galleries, it is likely that clients will be seeking adult-related content. 

Examples of the types of content that could be appealing to clients include:

Private Gallery features 

When setting up your private galleries, there are several steps you need to take before your photos or videos go live, and to ensure a professional standard.

If you want your private galleries to thrive, below are our top tips to get the most out of this service.

Private Gallery titles

When creating a video or photo gallery, you will need to give it a title. 

Titles should be unique, concise, and enticing enough to get potential clients interested. 

It should also provide some indication of what your content is about so that clients know what to expect just by reading it.

For example, if your video or photo gallery is based on specialised content such as anal sex, the title should reflect this in some way.

This will also help viewers differentiate between your galleries and other profiles.

Titles are limited to 80 characters.

Private Gallery descriptions

The photo or video description is your chance to give clients more detail about your adult content.

Think of the description as the blurb of a book. You mustn’t reveal too much or give everything away. Rather it is encouraged to tease your clients, so that they are interested in discovering more. 

Instead, keep it short and sweet, ensuring to include words that expertly highlight your unique service/s.

Descriptions are limited to 300 characters.


Whenever you upload a photo or video, it is important to use the relevant tags.

These keywords or terms will help to describe your content and allow it to be easily found by the right clients, increasing your chances of generating business. 

For example, if your content includes sexual acts such as masturbation, group sex, or BDSM, you should select these tags.

Also, when you begin creating more galleries, tags can help to keep your content organised.

There is no limit to how many tags you can use.


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Photo and video uploads

All photos and videos must meet the size and file type requirements which can be found below:


  • Photo size must be a maximum of 2.5MB
  • Video size must be a maximum of 2GB

File type

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • GIF

Most importantly, if you’re looking to attract new clients to your content, photos and videos should be of high quality. 

Pixelated or blurry photos and videos are a huge letdown to clients. That’s why it’s important to ensure all images and videos are in high resolution, as this will determine how clear and professional the content will look.


Woman wearing sexy lingerie in erotic video


Here are some general tips for creating a professional photo or video. They include using:

  • Sufficient lighting
  • High resolution
  • Clean background
  • Clear audio
  • Avoiding shaky footage 

Here are some tips to get the most out of your private galleries:

  • For cover images, try to avoid showcasing an image that is too revealing. Your cover image should be a teaser to entice clients to want to see more
  • For video, take advantage of the ‘Animated poster’ feature to give a little preview of your video – another teaser to get clients excited
  • To help make your content look professional and high quality, why not tweak and touch-up your photos and videos, such as cropping, brightness adjustments and video transitions to make it look more professional

Need assistance in producing professional photos and videos? Here’s a list of top photography studios and professionals who specialise in adult and erotic content.


Professional photo of sex worker


You can set the price of your videos and photo galleries.

We recommend charging more for specialised content or galleries that include larger quantities of photos.

If you’re unsure about how much to charge for your content, look at other profiles to get a rough estimate of what your counterparts are charging.

You can gauge prices based on the types of content and what they comprise of, video duration, and the number of photos per gallery.

The maximum charge for video and photo galleries is £150.

Set up your private galleries today

Our Private Gallery feature is free and simple to use and a great alternative to boost your earnings.

You can enjoy the benefits of continuously making money from a single gallery without putting in the work every time.

Want to set up a private gallery today? Follow our easy step-by-step guide.

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