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From used underwear to old socks, the 6 fetish items to sell online & make money

With technology influencing the way people access adult content, there are many opportunities for sex workers to make additional income online.

One that has become a popular and lucrative business for some, is selling used underwear online as well as other fetish items like worn tights and socks. 

Intrigued? Here are the 6 top fetish items you can sell online and make money.

Used underwear

Used underwear is considered to be one of the most popular fetish items to sell online.

As the most intimate piece of clothing, there are many people who get a kick from the touch and smell of worn panties, with the thought of their close proximity to someone’s private regions being a sexual aphrodisiac. 

There are various types of underwear that fetishists would likely find appealing for purchase, such as g-strings, thongs, knickers, boxer briefs, bras, and stockings.

Fortunately, there are also a number of websites where you can sell used underwear and other fetish items online, such as Panty Trust and Snifffr.


Woman holding a pair of used black panties

Shoes & socks

Do you have any worn-out shoes or old socks you’re about to throw out?

Kinksters with a foot fetish would be happy to get their hands on your old and well-worn foot garments. 

Typically, those with an obsession with feet are aroused by the touch and smell of shoes or socks. This is often linked to olfactophilia, a term used to describe people who get sexual pleasure from odours and smells. 

Popular types of footwear to sell can range from unwashed socks of any kind, sexy high-heels, dancing shoes, and sweaty trainers previously used for workouts.

If you choose to sell old shoes or socks, there’s no need to wash or polish them up, as for potential buyers the dirtier and smellier, the better.


Female feet wearing a sexy pair of red lace-up heeled shoes

Erotic images & videos

Although adult content is free and easily accessible on some porn sites, there are many people willing to pay for custom kinky photos and videos.

According to Mashable, industry observers concluded that people with a fetishist enthusiasm for unusual adult content are likely to pay for these services.

People tend to enjoy images and videos that involve their particular sexual interests such as feet, BDSM, oral sex, or a specific kink, and therefore are more willing to pay money for it.

If you want to easily make some income, selling exclusive erotic photos and videos is a profitable route.


Woman seductively laying on bed wearing BDSM gear

Sex toys

Do you own sex toys

From vibrators to butt plugs, there are some fetishists that are turned on by sex toys that have explored the intimate regions of another person. The thought of where they have been fuels their fantasies.

If you choose to sell used sex toys, particularly those for internal use, make sure this is clearly specified in your advert.

For hygiene and safety purposes, it is advised to sell sex toys made out of materials that can be easily disinfected, such as stainless steel and factory-grade silicone, and ones that do not have motors or divots or openings like platinum-grade silicone.


Pink dildos and a pair of beads

Bed linen 

Do you have any old bed sheets lying around?

If the answer is yes, you’re in luck. There are many kinksters out there that would love to wrap themselves up in your unwanted bed linen.

For some, bed linen is intimate, simply for the fact that it’s associated with beds, which is where sexual activity commonly takes place.

Just like sexy lingerie and nightwear, bed sheets with specific designs and materials like lace, silk and satin, can be a turn-on for some.

You may not even need to wash the bedding materials. Just like the sale of used underwear online, you may have the option to sell your used bed linens for those who get aroused by the thought of dirty sheets.


Black silk bed linen with coffee and chocolate on wicker tray.

Bespoke items 

With the rise of bespoke adult content, you can expect people to request specific items that meet their sexual needs and desires. 

Once you have started selling fetish items online and have built a name for yourself, you may get regulars returning to you, requesting for more of your belongings.

For example, a customer that received an item of yours and was pleased with their purchase may then ask you to sell them your nightgown sprayed in perfume. 

As sex work goes, you may experience some weird requests once you get started. However, if you feel comfortable, you can provide required bespoke services and charge extra money

Where to sell fetish items

When selling fetish items, you need to sell them in the right places to increase your chance of making sales. Here are some of the best websites for selling fetish items:

Note: It is important that you follow the terms and conditions of these websites.

Start selling fetish items today

Now that you’ve got an idea of what fetish items to sell online, you can start making money on various platforms.

Although as mentioned selling fetish items like used underwear online can be lucrative, it’s important to know that you may not be earning substantial revenue straight away.

Building your brand and client base in the sex industry takes time, consistency, and careful planning.

To be successful, it’s important that you know how to market yourself and target the right people. You’ll also need good photography skills and a flair for writing to attract customers.

This will help you stand out among the competition and award you repeat customers, which will translate into revenue. 


Have you ever used underwear or other fetish items online? What item was your number one money-maker? Share in the comments below.


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