Vivastreet and ClientEye partnership for sex worker safety

ClientEye & Vivastreet partnership: Safety app for sex workers

At Vivastreet, the safety of sex workers is our top priority.

That’s why we’ve partnered with ClientEye, a community-funded safety app provider for independent sex workers.

Our partnership aims to help them create a safer working environment and build a stronger union within the sex work community.

Read on to discover more about the ClientEye app. 

What is the ClientEye app?

The ClientEye safety app is a free global safety scheme for sex workers, designed by sex workers. 

It enables sex workers to report timewasters, no shows, nuisance calls, and abusive and dangerous clients with fellow app users.

All reports made are 100% anonymous and there are no tracking or location systems to ensure optimum safety and security.

The app features local area warnings where you can receive instant notifications on potentially troublesome clients. 

This collective reporting system allows sex workers to keep each other informed and help each other remain safe while working.


ClientEye app on mobile phone

Vivastreet & ClientEye partnership

As part of our commitment to help those who advertise with us work safely and efficiently, we have partnered with ClientEye.

This partnership will take many forms, including funding to help ClientEye advance their app for the benefit of their users. This will include introducing new and exciting features, as well as launching in new markets to further support sex workers across the globe.

How does the ClientEye app work?

As the ClientEye app advocates anonymity, once you’ve downloaded the app, the only information you will be asked to provide is your continent, country, region and place.

ClientEye app required user information


Catering to 97% of worldwide phone users, this easy-to-use app has many beneficial features that help provide optimum safety for sex workers. Here are the things you can do:

Call & SMS check

Monitor your incoming calls and SMS to check these numbers in their reporting database. If a report exists, you will instantly be alerted and shown the report descriptions and location. 

Area reporting 

If you come into contact with a troublesome client or are aware of an issue in an area, you can share this information with other sex workers. Users in that area can instantly receive an alert within the app.


ClientEye App area reporting details

Live report notifications 

You can opt to receive live report notifications in your area to be alerted instantly to avoid troublesome clients so you can make better informed decisions on a client or date.

Once you’ve set up the app by providing your location, you can receive information on sex work support groups in your designated area for help and support.


Live report notifications on mobile from ClientEye app

Free advertising & sign-posting

You can also benefit from free advertising and signposting for local support services to help grow your clientele.

Find out more about the app’s features here.

Download the ClientEye app today

The more the sex work community come together and report troublesome clients, the safer it will be. 

With update plans for 2021, there are lots of exciting upgrades to look forward to on the ClientEye app such as translations for various languages, reporting fake reports, and more.

We recommend all sex workers to use this app daily to help stay safe and avoid potential risks while working.


Looking to run your escort business safely? Download the ClientEye app today.

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