Vivastreet escort services and extra charges feature

Escort Services & Extra Charges Feature

Are you an escort that advertises with Vivastreet? Or are you just looking for the right place for your ad?

Here at Vivastreet, we continuously work to improve our service for our users. Unlike other advertising websites, we have now launched an exciting new feature that not only allows you to clearly highlight which services you offer and don’t offer to clients, but also any additional fees you may charge for some of these on top of your regular rate.   

Vivastreet created this solution to make the interaction between escorts and clients more simple: less time discussing prices, more time earning money. It will also help you attract the right clients

If you’re tired of having to explain to clients what services you do and don’t offer, want to reduce your interaction with time wasters, and also want to make more money, then this new feature may be perfect for you. 

Benefits of extra services and charges

Our new extra services and charges feature is a great technique that can help develop your escorting business. Here are the main benefits:

  • You can clearly stipulate which services you offer and do not offer
  • You can indicate which services require an extra charge
  • It can attract more genuine contacts by reaching the right clients and prevent timewasters
  • It saves time during booking calls, allowing you to confirm your service costs 
  • Your clients will know what to expect prior to meeting up
  • You can generate more profit on top of standard charges

How extra services and charges work

The addition of services and extra charges in your ad is very simple and easy to do. Once you start filling out the posting form, you’ll see the options of all services that you can include (see below) in your ad. 


Vivastreet services and extra charge post page


When you select any of the services, the option to include an extra fee will become available. If you charge more for this particular offer, you can insert the additional price. If you don’t charge an additional fee for this service, simply leave this box empty.


Vivastreet services and extra charge filled post from


After you complete the posting process, your ad will appear as it is in the image below. All the services you provide will appear with a green tick as well as the additional price, if you inserted an extra charge in there. Please note that if you do not select one or more services it will be displayed with a red X, indicating that you do not provide the service.


Vivastreet services and extra charge search page


But don’t worry, if you need to add or exclude any service, you can always go back to your account page and edit your ad to make any amendments.

Improve your ad today

If you want to make more money while avoiding wasting time with clients, then our new feature is for you. Remember, currently we are the only adult advertising service offering this type of service, so be one of the first people to take advantage today. 

If you’re interested in promoting your unique services and additional charges to generate more profit, click here.

If you don’t currently advertise with Vivastreet, post an ad today.

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