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Tips on how to get the most out of your clients

As a sex worker, there is no single way to do business when it comes to providing escort services.

Although people who hire escorts are generally looking to fill a void and find an extraordinary experience, they have various needs, desires, tastes and preferences. 

However, when meeting an escort, there are standard expectations that must be met, no matter the circumstance. 

From your physical appearance to the way you conduct yourself, clients will invariably look for at least one of the attributes below, if not all.

Want to keep clients interested? Read on.

Maintain a healthy and attractive appearance

As a sex worker, your appearance has a huge impact on attracting clients.

Of course, beauty is somewhat subjective, as a person’s physical characteristics will appeal to some more than others. 

However, clients make assumptions based on the way you look, including the clothes you wear and how well-groomed you appear. 

Tidy hair, clean and pressed clothes, a clean body and mouth, and adopting a skin and nail care routine are just the basic presentation skills clients expect from an escort. 

But how you take internal care of your body can also be reflected in your physical appearance. 

Engaging in physical activities such as yoga or regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet is symbolic of good health that can be highlighted in your eyes, teeth, skin, hair, muscles, and your energy. 

Your physical image can mirror health and how you take care of yourself and can make all the difference when a client chooses you over your competitors.


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Stay professional & in the loop

How you behave while escorting is essential to providing a good service.

Always empathise with your client and try to offer what they want; sometimes this can be intuitive depending on how you bond during the meeting. 

Being friendly, accommodating, open-minded, and offering a listening ear are very important for the client to feel more comfortable and really enjoy the occasion. Remember, when escorting it’s all about pleasing the client, so this should be your main focus.

Also, keep up-to-date with news, current events and trends to show clients that you are flexible. If you provide sex services, you can give yourself a competitive edge by learning new sexual techniques and common fetishes or fantasies that clients may desire (and that you feel comfortable with).

If you charge more for a particular service, don’t be afraid to inform your client. Transparency helps to captivate clients when choosing who they want to go out with next time.

Have a good conversation

In some cases, sexual intercourse and intimate pleasure are usually the main objective for clients – but that’s not all. 

Some clients are mainly looking for some good company to share moments of leisure and have someone to talk to about various things. 

Interacting and indulging in open conversations can strengthen the relationship between you and your client. 

This is where you can show off your education, life experiences, and the things you have learned to impress your client and keep them captivated. 

If you really want to leave a mark on your client, we recommend reading books regularly or enrolling on relevant courses such as body language, dating, etc., for self-growth and to become more professional as an escort.  

If you find your meet-up is a little stiff at the start, just initiate a light-hearted conversation to entice them to come out of their shell. The more they feel comfortable with you, the longer they will want to stick round.  


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Health and safety above all

As an escort, you are responsible for your own health and safety and that of your client, and this should be a main priority.

Wherever you and your client go, the safety and cleanliness of your environment must be substantial. If the location is your own home, make sure to keep it clean and tidy and free of any hazardous risks. Should you decide to meet up in other locations, such as a hotel, it is paramount that their safety and hygiene standards are up to par.

Escorting can involve intimate activity. If sex is on the agenda, ensure that you always have protection on hand such as condoms for your sexual health. An environment that provides washing facilities is perfect for ensuring optimum  hygiene.

Most importantly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, you must take extra precautionary measures to remain safe and hygienic. Washing hands with soap frequently, avoiding touching the face and, when possible, wearing a mask are some of the main recommendations of health authorities.

Discretion is the key to business

As you are probably aware, many clients like to keep their private life confidential; this often includes their relationship with an escort.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid revealing names or any personal information that can potentially identify your clients. 

For clients, one of the benefits of hiring an escort is so they can be open about their insecurities, life issues, desires and fantasies without being judged or fearing that it will go any further. 

Being a confidant and keeping their confidentiality is the best way to earn their trust, which can potentially lead them into a loyal client. 


Sex worker and client intimately embracing

What clients may not like about an escort

You also need to be aware of what clients may dislike about sex workers, including common misconceptions about the profession. Of course, delays, lack of communication, and not complying with initial agreements without any plausible reason are some of the main behaviours to be avoided during your escorting services. But here are some other things to consider:

  • Being arrogant or maintaining an air of superiority
  • Being disingenuous or pretending to be someone you’re not
  • Not knowing how to appropriately deal with client or situations that arise
  • Not paying attention to the customer and what he or she wants
  • Attending in a hasty and non-attentive way
  • Being unfriendly

Make your escorting service the best 

Now that you are aware of what clients expect from you, you can provide a high quality escorting service that is unforgettable. Remember, going above and beyond for your client will entice them to do more business with you, and ultimately generate more profit for your escort business.

If you are confident that you have these characteristics and/or already offer escorting services, post your ad on Vivastreet today for more customers.

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