LGBTIQ charities and resources in the UK

LGBTIQ+ charities and resources in the UK

Are you a part of the LGBTIQ+ community or know someone that is?

In the UK, LGBTIQ+ people often face severe levels of inequality, discrimination, and injustice in all areas of life.

Luckily, many charities and organisations fight for the human, civil and legal rights of LGBTIQ+ citizens to help them live a better life, free of judgement and prejudice. 

They offer support, advice and guidance through various services that span counselling, sexual health, mental health, housing, education and training, and lots more.

Vivastreet has put together a list of the best LGBTIQ+ resources in the UK to aid those seeking support.







Unison logoUnison

One of the UK’s largest trade unions, Unison fights discrimination and prejudice in the workplace on behalf of its LGBT+ members. They build local and national LGBT+ groups to campaign for equality, provide support to individual members, negotiate with employers, defend and promote LGBT+ public services, and recruit LGBT+ members.

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Hidayah logoHidiyah

Hidiyah is a volunteer-led registered charity in the UK, providing support and welfare to LGBTQI+ Muslims through various projects and activities. They are committed to promoting equality, diversity, social justice and education about their community. Discover monthly social meet-ups, mentoring programmes, emotional and wellbeing support, and volunteering opportunities.

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National voluntary organisation and charity FFLAG are dedicated to supporting families and their LGBT+ loved ones. They support the human and civil rights of LGBT+ people and help parents and families to understand, accept and support their LGBT+ members. Read through their online publications for information or become a supporter by donating today.

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Switchboard LGBT Helpline logoSwitchboard LGBT Helpline

Need someone to talk to? Since 1974, Switchboard LGBT Helpline have been offering a confidential listening service for LGBT+ communities. All of their volunteers define themselves as LGBT+, so you’ll be gaining professional advice and support from people just like you. They offer a safe place for LGBT individuals to discuss sexuality, gender identity, sexual health and emotional wellbeing.

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Mind logoMind

Mind is a mental health charity that offers mental health support for those that identify as LGBTIQ+. Whether you’re suffering from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, or isolation, Mind will help you overcome the mental effects of dealing with bullying, rejection, discrimination and stigma. The charity campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

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Founded in 1992, GMFA is the UK’s leading charity organisation dedicated to gay men’s health. They aim to reduce health inequalities among the LGBT+ community while addressing HIV, sexual health, and other health issues in gay men. Get information, support and guidance to improve your health and sex life. Otherwise, donate to help gay men continue receiving the health information they need.

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Akt logoAkt

Established in 1989, Akt is a youth homelessness charity that supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK. They help people find safe emergency accommodation, employment, access to education and life skills training, events and peer support groups. If you’re living in a hostile environment, Akt is here to help you stay safe in a crisis.

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Galop trans charityGalop

GALOP is an anti-violence charity working with London-based LGBT groups 25 years and under and are committed to fighting hate crime, sexual violence and domestic abuse. They also support the homeless or those at risk of homelessness, and offer confidential advice and support by telephone or face-to-face.

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Equality Network logo

Equality Network

The Equality Network is a national organisation that supports LGBTI rights and equality in Scotland. They fight against discrimination while empowering and engaging with LGBTI communities and individuals. Equality Network provides a wide range of resources and information surrounding LGBTI rights, including hate crime, discrimination, gender recognition, health and sex.

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LGBT Health & Wellbeing logoLGBT Health and Wellbeing

LGBT Health and Wellbeing is dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing and equality of LGBT people living in Scotland. They provide a range of support services, social events, and resources to help the LGBT community address their health issues and connect with their local communities. Find help services for mental health, transgender support, sexual health, dementia, LGBT members over 50, and more.

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LGBT Youth Scotland

LGBT Scotland

A national charity committed to supporting LGBTI young people aged 13 to 25. Their goal is to advocate a positive environment that enables them to live in an equal and anti-oppressive society. The company delivers the LGBT Charter program to schools and organisations and provide a youth service to support health and well-being.

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London & the South East





Pink Therapy logoPink Therapy

Pink Therapy is the largest therapy organisation for LGBT+ in the UK. They offer high-quality therapy and training services to those that are seeking a safe place to be heard and understood and want to gain more information regarding gender and sexuality. Pink Therapy works with those across the whole gender and sexuality spectrum and those involved in BDSM and Kink practices.

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London Friend logoLondon Friend

The UK’s oldest LGBT charity, London Friend is here to support the health and mental wellbeing of the London LGBT community. They offer counselling and social support groups on issues surrounding same-sex relationships and sexual and gender identity as well as alcohol and drug support delivered by a team of LGBT volunteers.

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UK Black Pride logoUK Black Pride

UK Black Pride is Europe’s largest celebration for LGBTQ people with African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean heritage. Along with their annual celebration during Pride month, they organise activities throughout the year in the UK, which promote their health and wellbeing and develop social support. They provide a safe place to celebrate diverse sexualities, gender identities, and cultures.

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Open Doors London logoOpen Doors London

A UK charity and membership organisation that provides information and support services for LGBT+ people over 50. They organise regular social opportunities across London to help develop networks and communities for their LGBT+ members. To tackle loneliness and isolation for LGBT people, they offer a befriending and telefriending service where you can receive regular social contact. 

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Outline logoOutline

Outline supports Surrey’s LGBT+ community who are struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. Their trained volunteers offer a listening ear and provide confidential information and support for those with gender and sexuality issues or people who want to understand or support their friends and family. Get help through their helpline, website and support groups.

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Families Together trans charityFamilies Together

A support group that facilitates meetings for parents and family members of LGBT children seeking support. It’s an opportunity to talk freely and meet with other parents in similar situations and gain access to a library of useful books and resources. They also offer help over the phone and one-to-one-sessions.




Metro Charity logo

Metro Charity

An equality and diversity charity that provides health, community and youth services in the UK for LGBT+ and others. They are committed to embracing difference and making a positive change to people’s lives through HIV support, counselling, fighting against hate crime, mental health support, and more. If you’re experiencing issues regarding sexuality and gender, Metro Charity is here to help.

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South West




LGBT Bristol logoLGBT Bristol

LGBT Bristol strives to create a comfortable environment for LGBT people in Bristol where they can live free of hatred, prejudice, persecution and discrimination. They help promote LGBT+ services, events and network groups and offer information, help and support for all LGBT people with enquiries.

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Proud2Be logo


Proud2Be is a social enterprise that supports LGBTQ+ people, including those that are questioning and their families. They facilitate various groups and fun social events across South Devon, including the annual event Totnes Pride. If you’re seeking emotional support, a safe place to speak openly, network opportunities with other LGBTQ+ members, or family support groups, reach out to Proud2Be.

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Northern England





Yorkshire Mesmac logoYorkshire Mesmac

Yorkshire Mesmac is one of the largest and oldest sexual health organisations in the UK, providing services to LGBT+ young people and adults in Yorkshire and other communities. They offer support through counselling, consultancy, confidential HIV testing, and provide information and resources. They also run LGBT+ support youth groups across Yorkshire.

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Biphoria logoBiphoria

Biphoria is the oldest bisexual organisation in the UK. They organise social and support-group monthly meetups for bi and bi-curious people to make new friends, share stories, and network with other bi individuals. The group accepts those who are discreet about their sexual orientation and are encouraged to respect confidentiality within the group. Bring along a friend for support.

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LGBT Foundation logo

LGBT Foundation

LGBT Foundation is a national charity that supports the needs of those who identify as LGBT. They strive to secure a safe, equal and healthy future for LGBT people where they can reach their full potential. LGBT people are encouraged to increase their skills, knowledge and self-confidence, and they provide services that help domestic abuse, sexual health, and legal surgery.

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Imaan logoImaan

Established in 1999, Imaan is the UK’s leading LGBTQI Muslim charity and peer support group. They work to help reconcile religious faith with sexuality and gender identity. Their campaigns aim to ensure that all LGBTQI Muslims living in Britain are not discriminated against or excluded from society. Contact Imaan for support, advice and information.

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Bi Cymru WalesBi Cymru Wales

Bi Cymru Wales is a volunteer-led non-for-profit organisation that provides network opportunities for bi people in Wales. They deliver training on bisexuality and bi issues, invest in community support and activities, and offer a safe place for bi people to discuss related issues and concerns. Be a member today and stand up in committee elections.

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The Dyn Project logoThe Dyn Project

Are you a gay, bisexual or trans man suffering from domestic abuse from a partner? Get support by calling up their free helpline to speak about your issues and concerns confidentially and without judgement. The Dyn Project offers safety advice and can guide you to services that can help. They believe every man has the right to feel safe.

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