COVID-19 resources for sex workers in the UK

COVID-19 support resources for sex workers

The current climate has dramatically changed the way we live, including the way we work. Many of us have had to navigate through COVID-19 to ensure optimum safety, while still getting on with our daily lives. 

The crisis has seen many marginalised groups within society impacted, none more so than sex workers. In the UK and across the globe, sex workers have faced financial hardship and other life changing difficulties. 

To help, support, and protect the rights of those working in the sex industry, we’ve compiled a list of charities and organisations that have put together COVID-19 support and safety resources for sex workers.



National Ugly Mugs logo

National Ugly Mugs 

NUM have produced an insightful webinar providing tips and advice for sex workers during COVID-19. If you’re looking for a work alternative, need tips on hygiene and the best practices on how to stay safe, or what risk assessments to carry out during work, this webinar will keep you informed. 

Further, here are some peer-led webinars about financial help and support during COVID-19.




Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement, SWARM is a group created and led by sex workersSwarm Collective

Sex worker led collective SWARM have put together a list of resources for sex workers seeking advice on navigating the current situation with COVID-19. Find information and support for limiting transmission risk at work, work and financial hardship, physical and mental health, and dealing with dependents. 

During the peak crisis, SWARM also created a hardship fund to enable sex workers to apply for financial aid. 




Umbrella Lane logoUmbrella Lane

Sex work charity Umbrella Lane have produced a helpful resources guide offering various types of support for sex workers in Scotland. We recommend this guide for anyone seeking mental support, emergency grants and funds, tips on keeping occupied during COVID-19, and advice on how to handle being infected by COVID-19.

If you’re financially struggling, you may be eligible to access their sex worker emergency funds. Read about it here




Oasis Project Oasis Project

Brighton-based Oasis Project are supporting sex workers who are facing financial hardship, health concerns, domestic issues and drug and alcohol addiction during COVID-19. They are also providing safety advice for those continuing to meet clients as well as PPE and sexual health equipment and testing.

For more information click here




Safe IQ Ugly MugsSafe IQ Ugly Mugs

If you’re a sex worker based in Ireland and would like health information to apply for an emergency fund or social welfare, sex work technology initiative Safe IQ Ugly Mugs can help. 

More information can be found here.





International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE)ICRSE

ICRSE have compiled a guide to emergency funds across Europe that provide food and shelter for sex workers impacted by COVID-19.  See how you can get financial support and basic necessities here.






Women's Aid

Women’s Aid 

Are you isolating in a house with an abusive person? Women’s Aid provides safety and support resources for survivors, friends, family, neighbours and community members. From live chats to online support services, see how you can get help here.





If you need more advice and support, here are some articles you may find helpful:


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