For sex workers, having access to organisations that offer support and safety advice is vital. Here's some useful resources for sex workers in the UK.

Resources for sex workers in the UK

For those working in the sex industry, having access to industry-specific resources can help significantly.

With many charities, organisations, websites, and services offering support, accessing support, information, assistance, and advice specific to the industry has never been easier. 

The map below highlights where across the UK you can find organisations charities, forums and general support systems which specialise in supporting sex workers.

Each organisation offers a range of dedicated services which include safety, sexual health, legal welfare and housing advice, mental health support, and a safe space for sex workers.


At Vivastreet, we’ve compiled a list of the most useful safety resources for sex workers and those working in the adult industry. To find a charity or organisation in your area, click on the relevant location below.




National Ugly Mugs:

A fantastic way of keeping sex workers safe, Ugly Mugs is an app that can potentially save your life and those of other sex workers around you. Not only can you report suspicious and dangerous people you encounter, but also receive your own warnings about such individuals.





ClientEye allows those working in the sex industry to report those abusive clients, no shows, pests, and time-wasters with other app users. It does all this anonymously. Another section is its local alert area, whereby individual users and groups can contribute, providing essential alerts and warnings of those working in the same area.




The English Collective of Prostitutes:
With an emphasis on the safety of all women, the English Collective of Prostitutes campaign for the rights and safety of sex workers. They do this while ensuring sex workers understand their rights and how they can remain inside of the law throughout their work.





Swarm Collective:

Under their full title of Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement, SWARM is a group created and led by sex workers themselves who personally understand the need for support. Campaigning for the rights and safety of all those working in this industry, they also arrange meet-ups and public events.





For those under 25 and working in the sex industry, Brook is a confidential sexual health and well-being website that not only provides a huge selection of online help but also offers a search section for services across the UK.






Run by the national sexual health charity FPA, Sexwise is an honest advice site whereby both women and men can access as much information as possible regarding the subject of sex. From contraception to clinics, STI’s and overall sexual well-being, the concept is to ensure no subject remains taboo, and no woman or man is made to feel ashamed of their sexual activity.





Terence Higgins Trust:
One of the UK’s most well-known and respected sexual health charities, the Terence Higgins Trust, provides support for those living with HIV, alongside offering HIV sexual health services throughout the UK. This includes screening, advice, and sexual health supplies.





SH: 24:
For a most discreet confidential an indeed free 24-hour sexual health service, SH:24 provides specialist support on all sexual health aspects. A non-profit service, they work in partnership with the NHS to give out contraception as well as test kits and treatments.





With a similar mantra to SH:24, Fettle is an online testing, treatment, and contraception service that can send out essential items by post. With the addition of confidential support and advice from dedicated clinicians, Fettle provides crucial STI testing kits, allowing sex workers a simple but discrete sexual health check-up in the privacy of their own home.




Free Local NHS Sexual Health Clinic:
A great way of getting free sexual health information and support services from experts in the field, the NHS operates a local search engine. By simply typing in your current destination, this will bring up a selection of services, centres, clinics, and support nearest and relevant to you.





Turning Point:
Offering a broad range of health and well-being services, including that affecting those in the sex industry, Turning Point can guide, advise, support, and recommend. Their help centres around mental health, drugs and alcohol issues, as well as learning disabilities.






Rights of Women:
A women’s charity, Rights of Women can help those women in the sex industry by ensuring they know the law and their legal rights, therefore operating within the boundaries.





The Crown Prosecution Service is an independent facility that can work with those involved in prostitution to keep them on the right side of the law, giving specialist advice to ensure sex workers remain safe and not targets. Their website offers in-depth help and guidance for those sex workers in England and Wales.





Amnesty International:
Believing sex workers to be those most at risk of human rights abuse, Amnesty International work to protect all the human rights of sex workers. A global movement, they aim tirelessly to support people through further education and training.




A sex-positive community, Reddit Sex is increasing in popularity among those working in the adult industry. A large community, the sex forums are an informative and helpful section whereby the subject of sex is taken more seriously.




Support and Advice for Escorts:
The result of a collaboration between experienced escorts, SAAFE.INFO is a vast network of forums for those in the industry to connect with and support one another.







Offering free online chat rooms, sex workers can create their own groups UK based to connect with others.







SACRO – Another Way:
A member of National Ugly Mugs, the service is dedicated to offering confidential free support for women involved in the sex industry in Scottish cities. Services offered include support for healthcare, substance abuse, and housing advice.





For those sex workers operating in Scotland, Scot-Pep provides a staggering amount of help and support on just the one website. Jam-packed full of updates and helpful information; this is a charity advocating for all sex worker rights.





Umbrella Lane:
Situated in Glasgow, Umbrella Lane is dedicated to providing a rights-based holistic approach to the needs and rights of sex workers. Sex workers are able to chat through any issues in relation to work & life with a peer volunteer and get free condoms and lubricants.



London & the South East


Spires Streetlink:
A charity based in South London, with a specific focus in providing support for both women and Transgender sex workers. Tacking an holistic approach, this organisation offers provide an outreach provision which means they go out to meet sex workers in their space.




SWOP Sussex:
A dedicated sex workers’ outreach project, specifically for women who live or work in the Sussex area. The organisation importantly offers a Trans inclusive service. Services include sexual health, law and sex worker’s rights, health and wellbeing, migrant sex workers, and safety measures.





All East Clinic:
Offering practical and independent  advice across east London, this organisation offers a sexual health clinic services, through free contraception, testing kits for sexually transmitted infections and general sexual health check ups. It is a member of National Ugly Mugs.



A UK service dedicated to supporting those who identify as male and have been victims of sexual violence in and around London and the South East.






South West


Nelson Trust:
Focusing on sex workers based in the Gloucestershire, Swindon, and Wiltshire area, this organisation works to support sex workers who are struggling with addition issues. Safety information, sexual health supplies, and substance abuse treatments are offered.



East of England


Doorway Project – The Magdalene Group:
Doorway Women’s Service: Offers specialist support to on-street and off-street sex workers and victims of sexual exploitation in the Norwich/Norfolk Area. They support women around their individual needs such as physical and mental health, homelessness, substance misuse, domestic abuse, criminal justice system, sexual health and safety advise including a specialist ISVA service.





East Midlands


POW Nottingham:
Is an organisation supporting the rights of sex workers and those at risk of being exploited. This organisation has created a bespoke and unique outreach service, for sex workers in the Nottingham area. They aim to empower the sex worker community focusing on ending violence, and stigma. Their drop in clinic offers sexual health screenings, benefit advice, substance abuse, and much more. They are also a member of Ugly Mugs.




West Midlands

Kairos WWT:
This charity is based in Coventry, with a focus on improving the wellbeing of women in the sex work industry.  Offering outreach and drop in sessions, their support service includes sexual health advice and supplies, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as housing welfare and benefits.





Based in Birmingham, their mission is to Our key objective is to help women overcome problems or obstacles that adversely affect their lives, with the overriding aim that they achieve their goals and reach their full potential. Services include, support for rehabilitation, prison, mental health, money advice, counselling and more.






Providing free and confidential sexual health services in Birmingham and Solihull, including STI self-sampling kits, walk in clinics, condoms, contraception, HIV testing, psychosexual services, and many more. They are a member of NUM.




Turnaround provide free, non-judgemental and confidential support for sex workers living and working in Coventry and Solihull. Services include support on health and welling, budgeting, housing support / advice, substance misuse help, Education. Trainings, migrant worker support, and support for victims of trafficking. They are a member of NUM.




North East



Changing Lives:

This charity’s aim is to support  vulnerable people who are in a crisis or need support including sex workers. Their services include counselling, sexual health support, health and wellbeing, employment, as well as drug and alcohol abuse.





Archway project:
Is a specialist service that supports people involved in or exploited through the sex industry who have experienced rape or sexual assault.There are a fully inclusive service and as such work with anyone aged 18 and over.  They can provide individuals with a ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor). This service gives you free and confidential access to a specially trained advisor.




North West



Alongside their Manchester-based drop-in clinic, MASH is also a charity that works to change the lives of sex workers by empowering them with essential knowledge and advice. Their well-informed case workers give advice, whether by phone or via the website, to those facing the complicated criminal justice process.





Changing Lives:
This charity’s aim is to support  vulnerable people who are in a crisis or need support including sex workers. Their services include counselling, sexual health support, health and wellbeing, employment, as well as drug and alcohol abuse.




The Men’s Room:
A unique and arts charity based in Manchester, are the only organisation in the UK whose core mission is supporting marginalised young men engaged in sex work or at risk of exploitation. Working with male and trans sex workers, they offer practical support, advice and guidance on an issues such as substance misuse, housing troubles, sexual health and mental and emotional wellbeing.





Survivors Manchester:
A survivor-led/survivor-run voluntary organisation that aims to create and facilitate a safe space for male survivors of sexual abuse and rape to work through personal and sometimes painful issues. Our work is concentrated on empowering men to make their own positive life choices and begin their own unique journey of healing.




Yorkshire & The Humber


Basis Yorkshire:

Offering information, safety and support for female and transgender women sex workers living or working in Leeds, including those in both on street and off street sex workers. They provide support on sexual health, safer working practices, like condoms. Housing and welfare, sex worker rights, support for migrant workers, and wellbeing support.

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