Tip to help sex workers move their escort business online

Five ways to move your business online during COVID-19

There’s no denying that the sex industry has been significantly affected by the presence of coronavirus. For sex workers whose profession relies heavily on personal contact with clients (namely escort services), the current climate during COVID-19 is proving to be a challenging time.

Unfortunately, sex work is one of the many professions where working from home does not apply due to the Government’s social distancing measures.

There is, however, a gleam of light at the end of the tunnel. Some businesses have successfully taken their work online, such as online doctors offering online consultations, and schools providing online classes. Sex workers are no exception.

With many sex workers having to seriously rethink their current line of work, reports have shown a high number moving towards providing online services.

If you’re a frequent advertiser on Vivastreet, the tips below could help you to become an online escort and help you to retain business. Here are five top tips for successfully moving your business online with Vivastreet.

1. Market your online services

If you usually post on the Escort & Massages, Gay escorts or Trans escort category this is for you, why not explicitly highlight on your ad that you provide online services?

We have introduced two new services for you to select when posting an advert: ‘Webcam’ and ‘Phone service’. Stating that you provide webcam services or include phone chats with your regular clients will still signify to them that you are continuing business as usual, albeit digitally.

Clearly showcasing your new ‘virtual’ services will mean that you:

  • Clearly highlight your new services to clients
  • Let users / clients know you’re available for some social distancing friendly-fun
  • Are able to make the most of the ‘services’ section on your ad
  • Maximise your opportunities during coronavirus

Continue to generate business via the most popular category on Vivastreet.


Webcam and phone sex service offered on Vivastreet ad

2. Offer webcam / video sex services

Why not create an experience your clients will never forget with a live camming session via our new webcam, or phone chat platform. Going a step further than the more traditional phone call, camming enables you to offer a real-time visual element to your erotic session.

Ask your clients what they would like to see you doing, incorporate that into your service, and keep them hooked for as long as you want to perform for.

Camming sessions will enable you to:

  • Stick to the current isolation measures
  • Continue virtually meeting your clients – and generate more business
  • Set up victual dates with your clients
  • Provide visual virtual fun – ensuring your clients continue to have the best bespoke service from you

Interested in setting up a webcam service for your clients? Read our step by step article to set up an account now.

Escort using webcam to generate business

3. Exchange some steamy messages

Why not utilise text and messenger services such as WhatsApp for some raunchy communication? Using apps such as this will allow you to provide a ‘sexting service’ to your clients. In the same way a client is charged per hour for your service, the same can be applied to the time you and the client both spend during a sexting session.

Messaging will enable you to:

  • Follow the current isolation measures
  • Continue interacting and providing a service to your clients
  • Entice your clients and encourage more business

Escort sexting with client

4. Send some personal pictures

If you believe that a picture paints a thousand words, then this is for you. Entice clients with a sultry photograph of yourself and earn money for doing so. An extension of the messaging service, you can either provide an existing picture of yourself, or consider creating a bespoke photo of yourself, just for that one client.

Offering a photo service will allow you to:

  • Stick to the current isolation measures
  • Provide an additional service to your regular clients, keeping their interest piqued whilst not meeting them face to face
  • Create tailored photographs, either for a range of clients or specifically for one specific person
  • Build a new method of income during the COVID-19 crisis

Escort using phone to send sexy pictures to client

5. Provide phone sex / sex chat

If you regularly post on our adult entertainment category, you can still continue to do so and set up some highly sexy phone conversations.

Our online phone sex service will allow you to:

  • Follow the current isolation measures
  • Keep in touch with your regular clients – while still being able to provide a service over the phone
  • Make money – with our platform, clients will be paying for your service by the minute as long as the call lasts

With our platform successfully promoting your business via our phone chat and sex chat services, there’s never been a better time to get your services onto the site.


Escort having a phone sex and sex chat with client



Make sure you’re keeping to Government guidance and keeping safe during the coronavirus crisis. Using the methods above, you can keep your business running at this difficult time whilst staying home and saving lives.










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