Beginners tips to become a successful webcam model

Tips for becoming a successful webcam model – A beginner’s guide

Considered one of the best ways to earn money online, webcam modelling is an attractive avenue for many sex workers.

Furthermore, with recent world events forcing the sex industry to rethink how and where they work, it’s the adult webcam world where many have successfully turned to. Though webcamming can lead to some good profits, it does require effort and planning beforehand to become established. It also requires you to keep up the pace and creativity throughout to keep your clients coming back for more.

Here at Vivastreet, we’ve put together a simple but practical guide to get you started on webcam modelling. This way, you can ensure you get started successfully and continue to generate business.

What is webcam modelling?

Webcam modelling involves a webcam model (or cam girl/guy as they’re often called) putting on a sexy webcam show online for money. This can include performing erotic acts, live sex, stripping, specific sex shows, or working to the particular content request of their viewers. This is all done live online and streamed via the internet using a webcam.

Ultimately, the result is a sexy and enticing performance by the model that will encourage the client to be entertained and return as a result. Best of all, each time a customer watches a webcam act, they will pay for the pleasure of doing so.

Due to this turbulent time, the sex industry has certainly had to change to accommodate a new way of working. For many, this has already meant changing how they interact with their clients, such as moving their business online to continue making a living.

For many sex workers, the internet has opened up new avenues. Due to the many benefits of adult webcamming, it is no surprise that it is perhaps the easier and more accessible option.

Tips for becoming a webcam model (for beginners)

If the idea of becoming a webcam model on Vivastreet interests you, here we give several practical tips to put you on the right track.

1. Do some research 

Don’t be afraid to look at profiles, rooms and social media channels of known and successful cam models. Doing this research could help inspire you for your act. Discover cam girls/guys that you would like to be like and see how they perform, talk, advertise, promote etc. Learning from successful and experienced webcammers can give you a taste of what is required to be successful in the webcam industry.  

An escort researching successful webcam models

2. Choose the best location

A lot of successful webcam modelling relies on being practical. So, for your location, this means looking at it through a lens and seeing it through your client’s eyes. Many webcammers like to choose a room in the home that is totally separate from other members. This also means one where you won’t be disturbed. However, the trick is not to make it look too much like a clinical studio, as this can also be as off-putting as a messy room. Something lived-in but tidy is ideal.

Before going live, add a few finishing touches that distinguish you and your service.  Will your performance focus on a particular area of your body that is unique? Will you have a gimmick? What will your persona be? Girl next door or sexy teacher? Does this fit with your background? Planning these things can be what sets you apart from others. 

Also, remember to remove any personal items that could identify you or determine where you live.

Webcam model choosing the best location for webcam performance
3. Make the most of good lighting

Good lighting is crucial when web modelling, as all viewers appreciate having a well-lit room to watch you perform. This means an increased picture quality all-round.

Some webcam models find they may need to spend on their lighting setup, but if you want to keep that good webcam image quality, this is essential. Many webcammers like to use light panels, then adjust them to suit the time of day as required.

Webcam lighting equipment for webcam performance
4. Use the right equipment

Without good quality and correct equipment, your webcamming session will fail to attract and indeed keep clients coming back for more. There’s nothing worse than logging onto a session for an individual performance only to find it lagging or cutting out half-way through.

For this reason, use a good quality PC or laptop, preferably a separate webcam, and definitely a high-speed connection. Many experienced webcammers prefer using a laptop as they can then move around with it, offering more variety in their locations. Separate webcams produce better quality pictures than those built-in types.

Finally, a high-speed internet connection will allow you a higher upload speed, which is crucial to this type of sex work.

Lack of or incorrect equipment impacting adult webcam quality
5. Present your best side

You are the face of your webcam business, and clients will be expecting you to make the best visual impression possible every time.

Therefore, make sure before you switch that camera on that you’re dressed to impress, offering a sexy cam appearance at all times. Many webcammers like to wear sexy clothes throughout their shows, and this is what many clients want to see. So, keep such clothes set aside for this purpose, changing them up regularly.

Several webcammers like to bring in toys throughout their sessions as well. Therefore it’s a great idea to invest in a selection of these too.

Remember, any toys bought for your work could potentially be claimed as an allowable expense.
Read more on items sex workers can expense here

Webcam model making the best visual impression for clients


6. Make eye contact with your client

Though it need not be intense, if you can aim to have several moments of eye contact throughout your session, you’ll create greater intimacy for your client. This will encourage clients to want to spend more time with you as they’ll feel you’re making their performance that little bit more personal, especially during a live sex chat. Of course, don’t forget that more time equals more revenue for you.

Webcam model making eye contact for the camera


7. Don’t offer nudity for free

Obviously, as well as the many things you should aim to do in webcamming, the one thing you don’t want to do here is offer a free sex cam show. Your clients need to have an incentive to pay for your services, and revealing everything at the very beginning is not going to earn you any money.

This requires you to incorporate seduction methods into your act, giving your viewers a taste of what is to come and keep them coming back for more as paying customers.

Webcam model refusing to offer free nudes


8. Use social media

With almost all of us having some form of social media account, and often more than one, your primary advertising campaign needs to include engagement on social media platforms. Consider opening up a couple of accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, for example – keeping them updated regularly.

Though you may need to work to build a good following, being noticeable here will get you noticed further afield than any other method of advertising. This will work to keep clients informed of when you’re online, meaning you can continue to perform and earn.

Webcam model using social media to promote service


While webcamming in general is a competitive market, following the above tips can increase your chances of succeeding in the industry.

It may take some time to build a following, but by committing to our guide you will eventually reap the fruits of your labour and generate ongoing business.


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