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Top 10 books every sex worker should read

As a sex worker, acquiring new knowledge can positively affect your personal growth, which could fundamentally help your escort business

Reading the right books can be a source of inspiration, help develop necessary skills, provide new ways of thinking, and offer fresh tips and advice you may not have even thought of. 

From self-growth novels to adult biographies, we’ve compiled a thought-provoking list of books for sex workers to motivate you and help you succeed as an escort entrepreneur.

Memoirs and biographies of former sex workers

The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl by Bruna Surfistinha

In this book, Raquel Pacheco, also known as Bruna Surfistinha, tells her life as a teen runaway and upper middle-class girl who exchanged weekends with her family in Guarujá, Brazil to become a sex worker at the age of 17. Before becoming an author, she initially became famous for writing her personal stories about her sexual experiences with clients on her blog.

The Scorpion’s Sweet Venom has been published in more than fourty countries and brings a secret diary of Bruna Surfistinha with the most daring stories that she preferred not to publish on her blog. With 36 black pages, the diary is sealed. Bruna also offers simple tips to women on how to win a man – and never lose him to a call girl – as well as how to spice up your sex life.

Buy the book here.

Prose and Lore Collected Issues 1-5: Memoir Stories About Sex Work by Audacia Ray

Prose and Lore is the Red Umbrella Project’s creative non-fiction journal of collected memoir stories about sex work. This assemblage of entertaining narratives comes from contributors that participate in their memoir workshops, offering intriguing perspectives that are often humorous, seductive, confused and indignant. It sucks readers in with an array of lived experiences, harsh realities and sticky situations, and authentic voices from those who have explored the sex industry.

Enjoy being enlightened by the complications that arise in the mix of sex and money, sex work hazards and tricks of the trade, accounts of love and loss, and personal stories of hope. Real-life stories in sex work often go unheard. Here’s your chance to listen to your fellow sex workers that may have walked a different walk from you. 

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Call Girl Confidential: An Escort’s Secret Life as an Undercover Agent by Rebecca Kade

Call Girl Confidential is Rebecca Kade’s intimate and compelling account of her career as an escort – and her job as an undercover agent for the Manhattan Public Prosecutor’s Office. For her beauty, Rebecca was a favourite among wealthy and powerful men who were willing to pay thousands to sleep with her. When her first agent was arrested and the second was on the authorities’ radar for promoting prostitution illegally, Rebecca becomes an informant for the prosecution. And the more incriminating evidence she collected, the more she put herself in danger.

Buy the book here.

Entrepreneurship Books

Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso

After spending her adolescence travelling, committing petty theft, and investigating dumpsters, Sophia Amoruso, at 22, had resigned herself to having a job. But she was still broke and aimless in life. That’s when she decided to start selling thrift store clothes on an e-commerce site.

Today, she is the founder, CEO and creative director of Nasty Gal, a $100 million online store with more than 350 employees. The book proves that being successful has nothing to do with your popularity, and that success has more to do with trusting your instincts and following your intuition. Sophia’s inspiring story shows that anyone can find their own path to success, no matter what it is you want to do in life.

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The Woman I Wanted to Be by Diane Von Furstenberg 

In this book, author Diane von Furstenberg reflects on her life’s journey, inspiring optimism and hope for readers. She tells everything she learned about love, beauty and the aging process during her walk. Diane brings to the book the three phases of her entrepreneurial life, which she calls the American Dream, the Triumphal Revolution and the New Age – the current phase of her life, in which she works to solidify her professional and philanthropic efforts in a way to leave a permanent legacy. The book seems to be an intimate conversation with the author who generously shares with us her wisdom and her way of life.

Buy the book here.

Self-help books

Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers by  Lois P. Frankel PhD 

The author, Lois P. Frankel PhD is an internationally renowned executive coach, keynote speaker and a bestselling author. In this revised New York Times bestseller, she reveals an unprecedented series of 130 behaviours that women learn in childhood that sabotage their adult lives. This is a guide that aims to get rid of unconscious errors that can prevent evolution and stop you from progressing, and offers valuable recommendations that are easy to incorporate into your social and professional skills.

If you usually work without a break, get depressed easily, explain too much when asked for information, or ask everyone’s opinion before making a decision, this book may be ideal for you to overcome such barriers.

Buy the book here.


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I Really Didn’t Think This Through: Tales from My So-Called Adult Life by Beth Evans

Beth Evans writes about depression, anxiety, payment slips and other challenges to becoming an adult. Telling her own stories among shame and serious issues like depression and OCD , the author is able to show valuable lessons without losing hope in the face of difficulties.

This book is full of friendly advice on how to take care of yourself, how to seek help (no matter what your problems are), and hold on to what makes you happy. Beth Evans is a very creative storyteller, and her drawings complement her words with unique humour. ‘An anxious diary is like a hug from your best friend on those miserable days, and, as a best friend, it’s there to say: “you can do it”’.

Buy the book here.

Books on sex and female empowerment

The Sex Life of Catherine M. by Catherine Millet

Catherine Millet describes how she started her career as a serial lover. She talks about engaging in sexual relations with several men simultaneously, and getting frisky in public places such as nightclubs and street corners as well as private homes. She claims that she lived abundantly with what could be called ‘sex for sex’, which is sex without any kind of sentimental bond or consecutive, anonymous sex, without ties or romance. In other words, nothing but pure pleasure.

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Tell Me What You Want by Mega Maxwell

In this novel, Spanish author Megan Maxwell talks about desire, passion and eroticism without limits.

With Latin spice and an exciting approach, she tells the story of Spanish secretary Judith Flores and her boss, German Eric Zimmerman, also known as Iceman, a very serious man with the most intense and sexy blue eyes she has ever seen. With him, Judith will live sexual experiences with unimaginable with unconventional erotic fantasies.

Reconciling sex and romanticism in the same way, the book is a love story full of encounters and mismatches, in which erotic games, voyeurism, and the desire to overcome all limits of pleasure are the main protagonists of the story.

Buy the book here.

Let Us All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says she still remembers the day when she was called a feminist for the first time during an argument with her childhood friend. Adichie embraced the term and began calling herself a “happy, African feminist who doesn’t hate men, and who likes to wear lipstick and high heels for herself, not for men.” In this book, Adichie draws on her personal experience as a Nigerian woman to show that much remains to be done to achieve gender equality. This book is an adaptation of the speech made by the author at TEDxEuston, which has over 6 million views. Are you in support of an equal and fairer world when it comes to the sexes? This book is right up your street.

Buy the book here.

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