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The hottest sex positions to amp up the bedroom

Want to elevate your sex game? Fresh out of love-making ideas?

No matter how passionate the spark is in the bedroom, trying new sex positions will help spice things up and make your sex life hot again.

Whether you’re looking to improve your sex life or simply want to be a bit more playful between the sheets, different sex positions can tap into new moods, achieve orgasm through erogenous sensations, and heighten levels of intimacy you never knew existed.

Fun sex positions to try

Already aroused? If your bedroom routine is getting a little too predictable, our raunchy list of the best sex positions will help bring back the excitement in the bedroom and help turn your fantasies into reality.


Although missionary is often regarded as the oldest sex position in existence, it’s not as boring as people think. In truth, many couples spend their sexy time engaging in this traditional yet satisfying love position.

Missionary, also known as man-on-top, is one of the most common sex positions for couples and can be used for vaginal or anal intercourse between heterosexual and same-sex partners.

Simply put, missionary is when the partner receiving lays on their back while the person doing the penetrating is on top, facing each other in the process with their legs stretched out.

This position gives maximum pleasure with minimal flexibility and effort, as the thrusting stimulates the penis while allowing deep penetration that hits the g-spot and erogenous zones deep in the cervix.

If maximum skin contact, constant eye contact, easy access to kissing and whispering sweet nothings turn you on during sex, the missionary sex position is an all-rounder. It’s perfect for those receivers who love to lie back and enjoy.

Couple having sexual intercourse in missionary sex position

The eagle

Similar to missionary, the eagle, or spread eagle, involves a partner laying on their back with their legs spread wide apart to the side, while raised in the air.

The partner underneath – or shall we say, the one spreading their “wings” – presses their hips towards their partner with a pelvic tilt, while the person on top hangs over their lover with outstretched arms and knees and hips spread apart.

Sometimes, the person on top, which can be a man or woman with a strap-on, will hold their partner’s legs while penetrating for a tighter grip or balance for a deeper thrust.

The eagle sex position is perfect for piercing eye contact, deep penetration and stimulating the G-spot and prostate gland. It’s also the most well-known eagle position, as there are other variations to this bird-inspired pose.


If there’s any time a guy wants to switch up the position mid-thrust, it’s for a bit of good ol’ doggy style.

As you might have imagined, doggy is a rear-entry sex position and one that is very popular among men. In 2014, Women’s Health Magazine polled over 800 men about their favourite sex position, and doggy came on top.

To perform doggy style, the receiving partner gets on all-fours, facing away from their partner, with their legs spread apart while tilting their pelvis towards the sky and arching their back. The “giving” partner mounts from behind in a kneeling or standing position and thrusts – just like a dog.

For deeper penetration or to switch up the angle, some “kneelers” enjoy leaning down so that their hips are higher than their head. If necessary, you can use pillows on the floor to kneel on for added comfort or to provide extra height to align your groins.

Although the giving partner is in control of the lifting, hinging and thrusting, the receiving partner can amp up the sex or enjoy harder penetration by wiggling or bouncing back against them with each stroke.

The doggy sex position is great for targeting the g-spot, having intense orgasms, and made for anyone who has a thing for grabbing hold of hips and gazing over the buttocks during sex.

Woman pressing her chest on white bed with arched back and buttocks in the air

The speed bump

If you’ve got a thing for humps, the speed bump is another rear-entry sex position, similar to doggy style, that will have you feeling over the moon.

The receiving partner lays flat on their stomach with their hips slightly raised – sometimes with a pillow or bolster under their stomach and hips for support – while the penetrating partner lays on top of them resting on their knees and enters from behind.

The giver can straddle one of their partner’s legs or they can raise both of their legs to enhance the sensation or to achieve deeper penetration, and it allows for a good grip too for a more vigorous thrust.

The speed bump sex position is excellent for stimulating the G-spot and puts just the right pressure on the pelvic area for orgasmic pleasure.


If you and your partner are fans of oral sex, 69 gives you mutual mouth-to-genital action, meaning you can both enjoy each other’s tongue down below in one hit.

With 69, just take a look at the digits; it gives you a decent illustration of what your bodies should be doing in this position with the circle ends of each number representing your heads.

Have your partner lay down flat on their back. Climb on top in the opposite direction so you’re facing away from your partner – a bit like top and tailing in bed but on top of each other. Both of your genitals should be lined up with each other’s mouth, ready to begin pleasuring those sensitive spots.

Bear in mind that some thought needs to go into who goes on the top and the bottom, as this dual-oral position depends on each person’s height, flexibility, strength and body shape. If height variation is an issue, then perhaps the person that is heavier or taller should go at the bottom for more comfort.

If you’re both seeking simultaneous pleasure, then the 69 sex position is very arousing. Despite height variation, if you like to be in control of movement, speed and pressure during oral sex, then the top spot is for you.

Couple on bed getting into 69 sex position

Butter churner

Consider yourself a sex master? 

The butter churner, also known as the squat thruster, is an advanced sex position for those freaky couples with stamina, core strength and spinal flexibility.

This kinky position in thrusting action gets its name from being reminiscent of churning butter in one of those old-fashioned machines. 

It involves one partner laying on their back with their legs raised and folded over so their ankles are by their head – a bit like the plow pose in yoga, and your legs can even touch the surface behind you if you want to make it more intense. 

The lover on top squats on their partner’s genitals while angling their penis or strap-on downwards in the anus or vagina and penetrates from above. Due to the spinal cord being in a vulnerable position, it is important to be cautious of vigorous thrusting. 

In the butter churner sex position, couples can keep eye contact making the session more intimate. But most excitingly, as the person being penetrated is more or less upside down the blood rushes to their head, providing a greater feeling of ecstasy and an intense orgasm. The depths of the thrust can really target the g-spot and is a great position for women who struggle to reach orgasm.


For the woman that loves to dominate in the bedroom, the cowgirl, also referred to as woman-on-top or riding position, offers complete control.

The partner with a penis or strap-on lays down on their back with their legs closed or slightly apart, while the female partner straddles on top. The “rider” leans forward toward their partner, usually in a kneeling position so they’re face-to-face, and receives their partner in the vagina or anus.

For a truly fun ride, the partner on top can bounce up and down, pump their hips forward and back or swirl around and around, and can even grind their clitoris into their partner’s pubic bone for clitoral stimulation. 

In this cowgirl sex position, the woman can take control of the thrusting, pace and rhythm of vaginal stimulation and the depth of the way their partner penetrates them.

Man undoing women's bra as she sits on top of him in cowgirl sex position

Reverse cowgirl

Now, as you might have guessed, this is the cowgirl position but backward and is a sexy option if you’re looking to perk up woman-on-top action.

Instead of the dominant sitting on their partner face-to-face, they’ll be facing the opposite direction – in other words, they will be positioned in a 180-degree turn from the cowgirl position so that their rear is in full view of the lucky partner receiving the ride underneath.

The sexiest thing about reverse cowgirl position is if you both have roaming hands you can play with other erogenous zones, such as the testicles, anus or clitoris (depending on what part of the body is being penetrated). If the lover on the bottom gets aroused by the sight of their partner’s butt, then the reverse cowgirl is a bonus.


Now, this exotic-sounding sex position is a bit like the cowgirl but with a wild twist, and for those seeking a bit more of an adventure.

The Amazon sex position involves one partner laying on their back with their knees upwards and bent up in the air, pulling their legs close to their chest – a bit like a tabletop position. The dominant partner squats down onto their lover’s genitals with their legs apart, typically while kneeling, and places their hands on their partner’s knees for balance while getting active.

If more stability is required, then it might be helpful for the partner on top to put their hands on the bed to ground themselves more, or the partner below to spread their legs further to allow their lover more scope to adjust their body for better balance. 

This empowering position requires flexibility, stamina and a few tries before perfecting it. It’s fun, might draw a few laughs, and is perfect for any lover who likes to be on top to navigate their pleasure.


If the sound of something “slippery” turns you on, the python involves one partner, typically someone with a penis or strap-on, laying flat on their back with their legs together and arms at their sides. The other partner straddles their lover while on their knees and lowers themselves onto their partner’s manhood. Then, they would stretch out their body so they’re laying straight on top of the below participant, aligned limb-to-limb. 

They can grasp each other’s hands and extend their arms out to their sides, and the person on top lifts their torso like a snake as they both slither around in ecstasy. If the bottom lover keeps their feet flexed the other participant can push against them with their toes for added leverage.

The thing that’s so appealing about this one is that every inch of your and your partner’s body will be connected. You’ll be hand in hand, thigh to thigh and chest to chest. The position can also stimulate the clitoris, making it a great option for women who struggle to orgasm. 

Slippery female body with drops of water


Just like its name, the helicopter sex position will take you and your partner to new heights….of ecstasy.

One partner lays on their stomach with their legs straight and driven apart while the other partner imitates, but on top of their partner with their head in the opposite direction and their legs apart. So, both of your heads should be at each other’s feet. The penetrator has their knees slightly bent to thrust in comfort.

The one on top can remain static and thrust from this position, or to get a little crazy, swivel their body around in a 360-degree spin to mimic the way a propeller would spin around the top of a helicopter, all while keeping their penis or strap-on inside their partner. The one at the bottom can hold their partner’s ankles for extra support and play with the height for a more excited feel.

To heat up the session, you can caress each other’s legs. The helicopter provides the perfect view of your lover’s feet if you’ve got a thing for toes. While you’re there, why not give those pinkies some love and care too?


A very seductive addition to your sex menu, the lotus is all about passionate sex and warm lovemaking, and one of the most intimate sex positions.

In this position, two people sit face-to-face with their legs and arms wrapped around each other which is also known as the “yab yum” position in tantric practice.

 One partner sits with their legs crossed while the other sits on them and wraps their legs around their torso. Sitting as compact and close together as possible is important to achieve the intense intimacy of this position, and the partner below should make sure their legs are tucked underneath their lover to make it easier to get down to business.

Again, your shape, size, difference in height and capacity for body mobility will determine how easy it is to get into this lotus sex position. Placing pillows or wedges underneath the buttocks or knees can be helpful. 

This one is more about grinding than thrusting and involves quite a bit of hip action. Also, it focuses more on passion than orgasm, as it invites eye gazing, kissing and syncing your breaths to exchange romantic energies. The person on top can even lean back while their partner holds their hips to control the sensual movement and enjoy extra clitoral stimulation.

How to pick the best sex position

Now that we’ve introduced you to some good sex positions, you’ll hopefully be inspired to experiment a little in the bedroom and take your sex life up a notch.

Go through these sex positions with your partner and decide which ones tickle your fancy together.

Remember that when trying new sex positions it’s a work in progress, so don’t expect to master it straight away. It could take a handful of tries before feeling comfortable and your bodies getting used to harmonising in certain positions. 

Directions to sex positions

It is also important that prior to introducing a new sex position, you check with your partner first to see if they’re happy and don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable.

The truth is you’ll likely find some sex positions more pleasurable than others. But first, try to see what you both like. Remember, if you don’t try, you won’t know what you’re missing. 

If you want to improve your overall well-being and have a better intimate bond with your partner, achieving a healthy sex life is the way to go.

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