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10 “strange” sex positions you need to try

Needing to spice up your love life is a problem nearly all couples face.

Life can get busy, stressful, and downright un-sexy, driving a wedge between you and your partner’s intimate life. But this shouldn’t be the end of your sex life. In fact, there are hundreds of sex positions here to ignite the spark back in the bedroom.

Whether you’ve fallen into a pattern or just want to try something crazy, we’re here to help. We’ve researched the top 10 “strange” sex positions designed to drive you and your partner crazy. You’ll never forget this list, trust us.

Ready to learn new things about your body? Scroll down and make a note of these positions ASAP.

2022 top “strange” sex positions

Get your pen and paper ready. Here are our top 10 “strange” sex positions designed to get you going:

1. The bridge

Does it feel like you and your partner live in different worlds? Bridge the gap with ‘the bridge’.

This not-so-strange sex position is all about making an intimate and deep connection via penetration. One partner lays on their back, and the penetrating partner kneels between their legs. The penetrating partner lifts the hips of the laying partner and starts thrusting. Ideal for any couple wanting a position with eye contact.


  • Deep penetration
  • Eye contact
  • Allows for fast and slow-paced thrusts


  • Required strong core and arms
  • Since it’s more advanced, some might not be able to go for too long

2. Bent knee

Another popular intimate, eye contact position is the ‘bent knee’ – perfect for romancers and lovers.

The ‘bent knee’ involves the penetrating partner kneeling with one leg outstretched to the side. The other partner faces them and drapes their knee over the outstretched leg – providing an opening for penetration. The two can then hold each other and rock or thrust gently.


  • Deep penetration
  • Intimate eye contact and kissing
  • Brings you closer together


  • Kneeling might be uncomfortable for some time
  • Parties might need flexible hips

3. Octopus

Ever tried the ‘lotus’ position? If you enjoyed it, the ‘octopus’ is here to take your pleasure up a notch.

Like the ‘lotus’ position, the ‘octopus’ involves both parties sitting while facing each other. However, the submissive partner doesn’t drape their legs over the penetrating partner’s legs. Here, they drape their legs over the penetrating partner’s shoulders. This option requires more flexibility than others.



  • Requires a lot of flexibility
  • Might not be able to go fast


couple doing the doggy

4. Three-legged dog

Standing up sex with an extra level of satisfaction.

The ‘three-legged dog’ changes saucy standing sex from great to amazing. This “strange” sex position requires both partners to face each other, and the penetrating partner holds up one of their partner’s legs. Yes, it’s harder to balance, but with the help of a wall, you’ll be orgasming in no time.


  • Perfect for spicing up your routine
  • Deep penetration
  • Close contact
  • Great for shower sex


  • Hard to pull off at different heights
  • Keeping balance can be hard

5. Irish garden

Need some inspiration? The ‘Irish garden’ is ideal for ladies who enjoy putting on a show.

Get the penetrating partner to lie on their back to perfect this position. You can then lower yourself into reverse cowgirl and lay down facing away from them. You can grind or twerk from here to get them off while they watch. This position also allows for erogenous zone stimulation.


  • Kinky and visually appealing
  • Feels good for both


  • More difficult to get into
  • Only one partner can watch

6. Pretzel

If there’s one “strange” sex position that sounds harder than it is, it’s the ‘pretzel’.

This sex position is easy, kinky, and feels amazing. Similar to ‘Irish garden’, this position can start with missionary, but the submissive partner turns on their side. From here, the penetrating partner lifts a leg out of the way and continues thrusting. Limbs are intertwined, and penetration is deep.


  • Easy to achieve
  • Feels kinky
  • Lots of different speeds and depths are achievable


  • It might not be comfortable to lay on your side

7. The splitter

Perfect for missionary lovers that want to try something a little different.

‘The splitter’ might look difficult, but it’s actually easier than others on this list. This position starts in missionary, but the penetrating partner sits back a little and holds one leg over their shoulder. From here, you can find an angle that feels amazing for both parties.


  • Easy to achieve from missionary
  • Allows for different speeds and angles


  • You’ll need flexible legs/hips

8. Tighter doggy

Ready to spice up your sex life without reaching dizzying heights? Forget the gymnast-certified positions and give ‘tighter doggy’ a go.

This position is perfect for doggy-style fans, as it uses this classic position and turns up the intensity. Use standard doggy style but press both parties’ legs together closer. This creates closer contact and a more primal session. Just have some lube on hand to make it feel amazing.


  • A new sensation
  • Close to your partner
  • Access to clitoral stimulation


  • It might take some time to figure out
  • Doesn’t allow for long strokes


couple having sex in the spooning sex position

9. Down stroke

Turn your whole world upside down (literally) with the ‘down stroke’ position.

That’s right; the ‘down stroke’ position requires you to flip your partner upside down and penetrate them while holding them up. To achieve this “strange” sex position, the penetrating partner stands while holding their partner’s legs up and open. The submissive partner must balance themselves on the floor with their hands.


  • Kinkier position
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Head rush from the position


  • More difficult
  • Strength needed
  • Must be careful not to drop your partner

10. X marks the spot

Into pirates or laying down? ‘X marks the spot’ is here to rock your world.

Forget some of the more gymnastic positions on the list. ‘X marks the spot’ brings intense penetration without throwing your partner around. This position requires the female partner to lie down, and the penetrating partner lays above at a 90-degree angle – creating an X shape. From here, penetration can begin, and you’ll hit all the places missionary penetration doesn’t.


  • New sensations
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Both parties are lying down


  • Penetration can be more difficult due to the angle

Which “strange” sex position may be best for you?

So, which options sound best to you? Are you ready to take on these weird and wonderful positions, or do you need to do some stretching first? Always warm up before you work out.

It’s also important to note that you and your partner should discuss each position before going at it. Of course, enthusiastic consent is a must. But planning out the logistics of each position is important too. Some of these positions aren’t as straightforward as missionary, so prepare before you penetrate.

Lube is also recommended, and more lubricant is always better than none. Have your bottle on hand to loosen things up and boost the sensations for both parties. Sex toys can also be added to spice up the sensations. We think bullet vibrators are a perfect touch.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the top 10 strange sex positions. Your sex life will go from room temperature to scorching hot in no time.

Will you be trying any of these positions? Or are you a fan of the classics? Let us know in the comments. Explore our previous article about hot sex positions to add even more options.

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