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10 Kama Sutra sex positions that you absolutely need to try

Like many people, you have probably heard of ‘Kama Sutra’ before. Although a lot has been said about this ancient practice, very few understand its true purpose. 

Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra is not just the go-to bible for intricate sex positions, but actually goes far beyond that. 

It involves maximising sexual pleasure by promoting emotional intimacy in relationships through touch and physical connection.

What is Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra is a world-famous ancient Indian text about human sexual behaviour, eroticism, and emotional fulfilment and considered a definitive work on love in Sanskrit literature.

Although many think that the Kama Sutra book is a sex manual, the aim of the author, Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, was to celebrate the enjoyment of sex and intimacy in its various forms.

As well as the 529 sexual positions illustrated and explained in the book, he also reveals several ideas to invigorate and maintain a healthy relationship. 

If you’re a Kama Sutra beginner and looking to try something new with your partner, why not give one of these Kama Sutra sex positions a try.

Pretzel Dip

If you like rear-end sex, you’ll love the Pretzel Dip sex position. It gives you all the perks of doggy style while allowing you and your partner to have eye contact for a deeper connection. The partner being penetrated should lay on their side with their legs bent while resting their head on their elbow for support. The penetrator should kneel over their partner, straddling their partner’s bottom leg while lifting the other leg around their side, so they can penetrate from behind. The lover on top can easily caress other parts of their partner’s body, such as the buttocks, nipples, breasts and clitoris for extra stimulation.


Pretzel Dip Kama Sutra sex position

The Marquise 

Are you and your partner up for a challenge? In this advanced Kama Sutra position, you and your partner need to form an “M” shape between your bodies. For stability, this must be practiced on a hard or firm surface, such as the floor. The person receiving penetration should sit while leaning back with their hands supporting their body, and legs extended over the other person’s chest with their heels over their shoulders. The other partner sits on their heels underneath their partner, while facing each other and also leaning on the hands for support. From this position, penetration can begin for an intense sexual experience.


The Marquise Kama Sutra sex position

At The Queen’s Feet

Here, the partner that is penetrating should be laying on their back with their knees raised and feet firm on the surface. The other participant must sit on top of their partner’s groin area in the opposite direction. Then, they should lean back and relax on their partner’s flexed or bent legs while resting their feet on their partner’s shoulders. Once you’re both in a comfortable and secure position, intercourse can begin, allowing both of you to experience new sensations in different erogenous zones


At the Queen's Feet Kama Sutra sex position

Magic Mountain

This is a scissoring-type sex position that forms a ‘W’ shape between you and your partner’s body. Your partner should sit with their legs bent while leaning back on their hands and forearms. While facing your partner, you imitate their position and move towards them until there is full bodily contact. In the same position, one leg should be over your partner’s opposite leg, while your partner’s leg should be over your other one. Although, the magic mountain position lends itself to penetration, it’s also a great position for lesbian sex, where you can both stimulate each other with hands or sex toys


Magic Mountain Kama Sutra sex position

Kiss of the Subject 

Another version of ‘face-sitting’, the Kiss From the Subject position primarily focuses on female pleasure. It is an empowering oral sex position that involves the female partner or receiver sitting or straddling their partner’s face. The partner below gives oral sex to their partner with tongue action and wet kisses on the genital area. In this Kama Sutra position, the receiver is able to take full control of the sensation by using their hands to help shift or change the angle of their waist. This position allows for a deeper access to your partner’s vaginal area.


Kiss of the Subject Kama Sutra sex position

Stand & Deliver 

If you and your partner are feeling a little adventurous, try the Stand and Deliver position. Both partners are standing, while the receiver bends over at the waist so the giver can penetrate from behind. This Kama Sutra position is great for both shallow and deep penetration, where the latter can be achieved by taking the position down to your knees. If you’re the receiver, give yourself extra stability by leaning on a chair for support.


Stand and Deliver Kama Sutra sex position

Deep Stallion 

The Deep Stallion position is as intense as it sounds, focusing on shortening the vaginal distance to ensure ultra-deep penetration. Here, the partner receiving lays on their back while raising their legs and hips. The giver will come over their partner, putting their head in between their partner’s raised legs, while using their hands and knees for support. Groins must be aligned for vaginal or anal sex. The person at the bottom will hold onto their partner’s shoulders and rest their legs on their shoulders for support and to help maintain their balance. In this position, there is no barrier to penetration, meaning you can go as deep as you desire.


Deep Stallion Kama Sutra sex position


Hanging, also known as Avalambitaka, is another Kama Sutra sex position that requires a bit of stamina and body strength. In this position, one partner stands up while holding the other partner in the air. The partner being carried will lift their legs in a 90 degree angle off the ground so their groin is aligned with their partners while holding on to their partner’s shoulders for support. If this standing position is quite tricky, make it easier by having one partner lean against the wall during penetration. Or, the lifted partner can rest their feet up against a wall so their partner doesn’t have to support their entire weight.


Hanging Kama Sutra sex position

The Frog 

It’s another doggy-style variant, but more extravagant. For the frog sex position, instead of being on all fours, the receiving partner lays down with their arms and upper-half of their body down flat and their buttocks in the air. From behind, the penetrating partner stands in between their partner’s legs and lifts them so their groins are aligned for penetration. The partner below may have to creep backwards to ensure a close proximity to their partner’s genitals for penetration. For a different sexual sensation, they can lift their partner’s legs so it’s level with their head. 


The Frog Kama Sutra sex position

The Curled Angel

Otherwise known as ‘Spooning’, the Curled Angel sex position involves both partners laying on their sides with the receiving partner’s back facing their partner’s chest. The partner in front, then curls their legs and brings their knees up while the other partner imitates, allowing penetration from behind. If you both want to take the lead during sexual intercourse, this position allows you to take in turns. Also, the penetrating partner can take advantage of their partner’s body by caressing other areas, such as the nipples, breasts, penis or vagina, which can provide more intense orgasms.


The Curved Angel Kama Sutra sex position

Curious? Explore Kama Sutra today

Although sex positions and Kama Sutra are related, the Kama Sutra preaches that sexual behaviour is more than simply a means of achieving an orgasm. 

Instead, this ancient text believes that sex is a connection, mutual surrender, and a joint discovery of what gives each person pleasure.

Whether you love adventurous sex or want to take intimacy with your partner to a whole new level, the Kama Sutra can help you reach a deeper connection.


Disclaimer: Due to the current lockdown and social-distancing measures, should you decide to participate in any sexual activity of any kind it should be with a person who you have been self-isolating or social distancing with. All parties involved should also have adhered to Government social-distancing guidelines.

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