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Best sex toys for maximum pleasure and how to use them

Let’s not beat around the bush: We’re all smitten with sex, and when the urge for a thrilling climax strikes, many of us tend to have a cure hidden in our draw.

The multi-billion pound sex toy industry can vouch for this, with unstoppable sales currently soaring in the UK and across the globe, and showing a hungrier demand over the last several years.

Ann Summers, the British lingerie and adult product franchise has seen a 27% increase in sex toy sales at the beginning of April when compared to the same time last year. 

Likewise, sales have spiked by a whopping 40% for Swedish intimate lifestyle brand LELO since the COVID-19 lockdown, and many other sex toy retailers have undergone the same revolution.

Although this new era of global quarantine has spurred an even bigger trend for sex toys, more singletons and couples have generally been turning to these love products to aid sexual pleasure.

So, if you’re yearning for a mind-blowing sex life, perhaps a few satisfying sex toys can get your juices overflowing.

Explore our sexy list of the most irresistible adult toys on the market for sex-loving men, women and couples alike.


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What are sex toys and how to use them?

A sex toy is an object or device used for sexual stimulation during masturbation or sexual activity between partners.

Sex toys are designed to hit upon the right erogenous zones to intensify sexual pleasure and orgasms while liberating you from putting in all the frisky action.

Many adult sex toys resemble human genitals, such as the classic penis-simulating dildo, and are crafted to be inserted into the mouth, vagina or anus for those who find penetrative sex most appealing.

Outercourse sex-lovers have their fix too, with adult gadgets that are skilled in targeting external genitalia with a playful massage-type motion, such as the hi-tech clitoral vibrators and male masturbators.

As sex toys are available in various exciting shapes, designs, textures, and functions, each sex toy is used differently and provides a new and improved sexual experience.

There is an overwhelming range of sex toys on the market that cater to almost every sexual need and desire, from anal pleasure and vaginal play to fetish fantasies.


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What are the benefits of sex toys?

Masturbation and sex toys go hand in hand, and there are many scientifically proven benefits to self-pleasure that go beyond the realm of bedroom fun.

According to studies, dipping into the world of sex toys can be an antidote for improving intimate relationships and assist with physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Here are some surprising pros of incorporating sex toys in your pleasure sessions: 

Relaxation and stress relief 

According to Tenga’s 2019 Self-Pleasure Report, the majority of Brits masturbate to satisfy sexual urges, achieve sexual pleasure, and relieve stress. With or without sex toys, masturbation and sex release feel-good chemicals in the body and brain such as oxytocin, endorphins and dopamine, helping us to overcome stress and anxiety as well as to feel calm. It can also assist with insomnia and restlessness, helping with sleep, which is essential to a healthy immune system. As sex toys can improve masturbation quality, this could be the perfect remedy for when you’re feeling stress and depressed.

Aids sexual dysfunction

Believe it or not, sex toys can help with various sexual dysfunctions in both men and women. In 2017, British Society for Sexual Medicine (BSSM) reported that 19% of European men between ages 30-80 experience erectile dysfunction. Self-love products have proven to assist low libidos, lack of arousals, decreased sexual sensation and ability to orgasm, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Since there are many benefits to sex, the right sex toy won’t have you missing out while improving your sex life.

Improved body confidence 

Renowned clinical sexologist Dr. Donaghue believes sex toys are important to increase sexual and body esteem. Experimenting with adult toys is a fantastic way to explore your own body and become more acquainted with what turns you on. What’s more, is you’ll have a deeper understanding of your comfort levels and feel more confident to unlock your full sexual potential during intimate activity with others and for yourself. Feeling sexy physically can open up your sexual abilities and allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin without the obstruction of worrying about anybody else.

Relationship satisfaction 

Let’s face it, our partners can’t always satisfy us during sex which can cause issues in relationships. Relationship satisfaction is closely tied to sexual desires. For some, a fascinating sex life is crucial in a relationship, not just for sex itself, but for bonding and showing love and affection and curing those sexual urges. Sex toys can provide additional stimulation and ante up the bedroom scene, creating a more fun and a satisfying sex life for you and your partner, and in return a better connection.


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Best sex toys for men

For heterosexual men, there’s still a persistent air of discomfort and social stigmas around male masturbatory aids; yet in recent years, expanding sales show growth in confidence for men exploring with sex toys.

So, let’s just nip the gender stereotypes in the bud once and for all: Men who play with sex gadgets aren’t necessarily insufficient in the bedroom or unable to attract the opposite sex, but simply enjoy its priceless pleasures to their wellbeing and sex life.

In 2017, sex writer Magnus Sullivan spoke to The Independent about why men need to use sex toys: 


“With toys, you can learn how to explore your entire body with greater patience and skill, understanding how to prevent immediate escalation to penis-centric masturbation. This parlays really well into appreciating your partner’s body and learning how to both relax your lover while really turning her on.” 


Sound good? Here’s some to-die-for self-love toys for men:

1. TENGA Deep Throat Onacup

Love oral sex? Treat yourself to a natural-feeling blow job anytime, anywhere. Blow job toys are designed to mimic the warm and comforting sensations of the mouth for intense pleasure and a realistic deep throat experience. Overriding all male sex toys in Japan, this irresistible Tenga Deep Throat Onacup boasts a pinched waist to clutch the penis in a heavenly tightness. It features valves and soft tendrils to create a deep-sucking sensation and a pre-lubricated slippery feel and suction like no other. Let the fun begin.

Where to buy: Lovehoney

2. THRUST Ella Pocket Pussy

For singletons craving the real thing, vagina sex toys are your closest bet. Their 3D texture, ribbed tunnel and fleshy feel makes every thrust feel like you’re having sex with a real women. Seduce your manhood with this super-tight and smooth vagina masturbator with its welcoming lips, gripping canal that embraces your shaft, and TPE material for a soft touch. The sexiest part is you can throw in a bullet vibrator in the hole of the base for added pleasure. If you’re seeking a happy ending, this is a one stop shop.

Where to buy: Lovehoney


Vagina masturbator sex toy

3. TENGA Egg Lovers Heart

TENGA eggs are for those that desire an incredible hand-job sensation. Just like a Kinder Surprise, crack this egg open and there’s a satisfying toy inside. Made to please all, you’ll adore it’s soft and super-stretchy internal sleeve with embossed textured hearts for a deeper stimulation when stretched over your full length. It comes in a handy petite egg and includes a sachet of lubricant to top it off.

Where to buy: TENGA

4. HUGO™ Prostate Massager 

If you relish backdoor motion or have been curious about anal play, butt plugs and prostate massagers take pleasure to the next level. Although the act is associated with homosexual men only, a research conducted by Lelo reveals that 71% of straight men have tried or would try a prostate massager. Benefit from thicker erections and bigger orgasms with Lelo’s HUGO™ Prostate Massager, a sleek and smooth anal toy with remote control while offering a hands-free orgasm. It  has been recommended by anal experts, and Lelo boasts that it has the potential to increase the size and intensity of the male climax by 33%. Why not give it a try?

Where to buy: LELO


Prostate massager on a light leather surface

Best sex toys for women

It’s been a little while since women began to destroy the taboos around self-love and female sexuality and take orgasms and sexual liberation into their own hands. 

Thanks to sex-positive feminist entrepreneurs, feminism continues to march its way into sexual economies and consumer culture with a tight network, and is closing the “orgasm gap” between men and women. 

With TENGA’s study showing that over half of Brits owned up to having used a sex toy, including 65% of women, who are more satisfied with their sex lives than women who do not use sex toys, no wonder these pleasure buddies have become a staple household gadget for women.

Here are the must-have sex toys for women who love their orgasms full of life and on the go:

1. Womanizer Classic

Need something that’ll blow your mind? Womanizer-branded sex toys have bought a new exciting innovation to the adult product scene, with Pleasure Air™ technology that offers touch-less stimulation through gentle air pressure for your clitoris. According to Adweek, Womanizer sex toys has seen sales up by 263% during quarantine. Feel like you’re in the clouds with this Womanizer™ Classic as it’s 8 intensity levels knock you off your feet with a touch of a button. Whether it’s in the bed or the bath, you can have your clitoris tantalised with luxury massaging airwaves and gentle suction; that’s right, you can reach a new kind of orgasm without being touched.

Where to buy: Womanizer


Pink clitoris vibrator sex toy

2. Shine On Sunset Ombre Mini Vibrator

When it comes to sex, sometimes we need a little more vigour to make our body tick, and that’s what vibrators are for. They’re delightful little companions that are handy for on-the-go pleasure or for a secret quick fix. Now, this vibrant-looking buddy isn’t all good looks but the sweetest thing for a simple yet satisfying orgasmic experience, even if it’s only 5 inches and lightweight.  All you need to do is just twist the base to release the vibration, and turn it clockwise for more energy and long-lasting stamina.

Where to buy: Lovehoney

3. Moregasm+ Rampant Rabbit

If you were a fan of HBO’s Sex and the City, you’ll know how the whimsical Rampant Rabbit got its fame. It’s an instant classic that took vibrators out the shadows and helped create a market for luxury sex toys while boosting sexual confidence in woman. If you desire an intense orgasm, this Moregasm+ Boost Rampant Rabbit might just be your calling. Just when you thought those cute little bunny ears were innocent, it stimulates the clitoris while the dildo part gets busy internally. Get the best of both worlds.

Where to buy: Ann Summers


Three types of rabbit dildos

4. Lifelike Lover Classic Dildo

When we say the dildo is the ultimate sex toy classic, we’re talking around over 30,000 years according to All That’s Interesting and is still flying off the shelves. A dildo generally replicates the penis with its head, shaft, balls and veins, and is available in various shapes and sizes so you can pick your perfect match. Simply satisfying and all yours to play with, have the ride of your life with this Lifelike Lover Classic dildo, always erect and eager to please. It never lets you down with its bendable shaft that gives tailored stimulation as you try to find the right spot. The best part of all is its suction base that allows you to have a hands-free ride as if it were the real thing.

Where to buy: Lovehoney

Best sex toys for couples

Sex toys are not only for those who have failed in love, but for couples that are dying to liven up the play between the sheets.

Co-founder of Lovehoney Neal Slateford told BBC Radio 4 that 70 percent of Lovehoney customers consider themselves to be in a long-term relationship.

People tend to believe that couples who use sex toys don’t know how to satisfy their lover, but in fact, sex toys improve sexual satisfaction, can encourage an enhanced sexual bond, and is a spicy avenue to those that love a bit of cheeky foreplay.

Sex toys are a mind-blowing addition to couples sex lives, not a replacement.


Lesbian couple enjoying foreplay in bed

Here are some of the most popular sex toys couples are stockpiling to up the ante in the bedroom:

1. Mega Mighty Penis Extender with Ball Loop

Not quite big enough? Penis extenders and enlargers have come to your rescue, giving you the length and girth you need to hit your partner’s g-spot or p-spot. Depending on your natural size, this heroic enhancement can add up to 1-3 inches to your penis to boost your bedroom game and fulfil those longtime size fantasies. Your partner will be rubbed up the right way with this bestselling Mega Mighty Penis Extender featuring a detailed head and lifelike texture for mesmerising sensation. The snug sleeve and ball loop will keep your own package secure and in place while desensitising you for your own benefit.

Where to buy: Lovehoney

2. Advanced G-Spot Dildo StrapOn

Perfect for lesbian relationships, strap-ons are a revolutionary invention that let’s queer folks with vaginas enjoy the pleasure of penetration – without the man. Enjoy a strap-on adventure with this 7 inch dildo with a curved shaft and an adjustable harness for a tailored fit that prepares you for full-on action. Giving you extra thrill is the 3 interchangeable O-rings included for multiple pleasures and the little pocket that can store a bullet vibrator to tip you over the edge. Don’t forget to use plenty of lube for extra slip and slide.

Where to buy: Lovehoney


Purple strap-on dildo

3. Linx Classic Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings might be one of the simplest and smallest sex toys but nobody can deny how much it can inject a little adventure during sex or masturbation. Men slide it to the base of the penis to achieve longer erections and heightened pleasure while allowing their partner to get caught up in the sensual vibrations. The Linx Classic Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring is easy to use with a soft silicon material that’s extra stretchy that’ll accommodate most penis sizes. It features a removable mini bullet vibrator and flexible rabbit ears that stimulates the clitoris.

Where to buy: Simply Pleasure

4. Finger Ring Vibrator

If you’re a touchy-feely type of person, finger sex toys are here to heighten the senses, whether it’s for solo play or with a partner. Get that magical touch with this little vibrating finger ring to tantalise you or your lover’s most sensitive spots. All you do is just slip it on to your finger and get the vibrations going to indulge in its teasing textures. Perfect for on-the-go pleasure and a quick fix, you only get a special 30 minutes with this one, so be sure to enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Where to buy: Lovehoney


Find the perfect sex toy for you

With all the exciting sex toys on the market, there’s bound to be one that rocks your body the best.

But the best part is, there’s no limit to how many sex toys you can possess, meaning you can create your own pleasure treasure chest of orgasmic goods.

Whatever you enjoy or are curious about, there’s bound to be an x-rated product to take you to sexually euphoric new heights and expose you to something excitingly new. 

Now, where to buy sex toys? Luxury female and male sex toys can be purchased online from adult product and lingerie retailers.

Spice up your sex life and get browsing on some online sex toy shops and discover a self-love device that releases all that erotic tension just the way you desire.

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