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Pompoir for beginners: How can it improve your sex life?

You probably know orgasms, but have you ever experienced a super orgasm?

Today we’re talking all-things pompoir and super orgasms. Pompoir is an ancient practice that’s here to increase your sex life and orgasm intensity, and it teaches you how to tap into your own sexual power.

However, pompoir isn’t as well-known as other sexual practices. Initially from the East, pompoir is slowly gaining traction in the West. Will you be trying this show-stopping technique today? Keep on reading to learn all you need to know about pompoir.

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What is pompoir?

Pompoir is here to transform your orgasms and your sex life in general. But what does pompoir actually refer to?

This sexual practice comes from India and has been used for over 3000 years – proving its success and satisfaction. After pompoir became a famous Indian trick, it started to travel through the far East, soon becoming an elite escort favourite. Today, pompoir is also referred to as a “Singaporean kiss”.

Pompoir refers to the act of using inner vaginal muscles to stimulate the penis during penetration. Women use their vaginal muscles to squeeze, grip, tilt, pulse, and twist on the penis. Grinding and humping aren’t the motions here. It’s all about contracting your pelvic floor muscles to create movement. Think Kegels, but much more sensual.

Like Kegel exercises, pompoir also offers health benefits and strength. However, the main attraction​​ to pompoir is stronger orgasms and a satisfied partner.

Key differences between Kegels and pompoir

There’s no denying that Kegels and pompoir and very similar actions. But they’re not exactly the same, and knowing the differences is vital to perfect the practice.

Kegel exercises aren’t designed for sexual pleasure. These movements were developed by an American gynaecologist who wanted to help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and to prevent genital prolapses. These exercises can also help to prevent urinary incontinence.

Unlike the range of motions involved in pompoir, Kegel exercises only focus on “pulling up” your pelvic floor. This often feels like you’re trying to hold in your pee. To do a Kegel exercise, you should repeatedly “hold and release”. Repetition of these movements promotes stronger pelvic floor muscles.

On the other hand, pompoir is here to boost your sexual pleasure. It’s like doing your Kegels with more creativity. The standard “hold” movement is part of the menu, but women can also learn to “twist”, “pull”, “pulse”, and more.

These different movements might sound difficult now, but if you’re familiar with Kegels you’ll get the hang of pompoir in no time.


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What are the benefits of pompoir?

Why should you consider learning pompoir? Do pompoir exercises really work?

Pompoir offers a whole new world of benefits to you and your lover. That’s right – not only will pompoir please your sexual partner, but you’ll also feel better than ever.

Here are the top benefits of trying this engaging technique.

Increased arousal and libido

Forget your partner for a moment. Did you know pompoir can increase your libido? Like men, women also benefit from this act, as you’re essentially training your vaginal muscles to be more present.

Pompoir exercises create a mind-muscle connection between your mind and vagina. This does sound a little odd, but it helps you to relax and be in the present moment during intimate activity.

Taking time to enjoy sensations and your body’s reactions is a proven way to increase your libido and arousal, and it can even provide extra lubrication.

Giving pleasure

You’re not the only one feeling more sensual and confident after pompoir – your partner will be feeling great too.

Pompoir provides women with the tools to step up and take an active role during sex. Penetration becomes more active, and you’ll both enjoy new and unique sensations. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want their partner to leave the bedroom with a smile?

Super orgasms

Super orgasms might sound too good to be true, but with pompoir, that time-stopping orgasm is just around the corner.

Why is this, though? Pompoir changes the way women experience penetration. You connect to new vaginal muscles when practising this technique, and most women become more present.

This can lead to higher sensitivity and more control. If you like how a specific area feels, you can focus on this stimulation until you can’t stop – almost like finally scratching an itch, but better.

How to get started with pompoir

At first, pompoir might seem intimidating. But this technique is easy to start, especially as it requires no initial investment or purchases.

Ready to get started? Here are some tips for getting started with pompoir:

  • Learn basic Kegels. The first step to understanding pompoir exercises is engaging with Kegel exercises. This helps you to understand how your vaginal muscles contract and what it feels like
  • Build up strength. Once you’re comfortable with Kegels and understand how to contract your pelvic floor, it’s time to build up strength. This could be with a Kegel tool, daily practice, or by contracting your muscles around your finger. The stronger your muscles are, the more your partner will feel them
  • Consider adding weights. If you’re new to Kegels, building up strength should be your priority. While you can do this through consistent practice, Kegel weights are available too. These accessories help you to strengthen your muscles with only 15 minutes of practice per day
  • Knowledge is power. Pompoir is a new and exciting concept, so make sure you know as much as possible before jumping in. Read, watch, and learn all about the different techniques before you try
  • Add pompoir to solo time. Feeling insecure about adding new sensations to your sex life? You don’t have to show your partner straight away. If you own any sex toys, practice contracting your vaginal muscles around a dildo first. This will build up your comfort with pompoir and penetration before you add a partner into the mix
  • Talk to your partner. Pompoir is about more pleasure for you and your partner. It’s advised that you talk to your partner before getting started, though. This will help them to understand what you’re doing, and they can coordinate their thrusts to help you practise. Communication is always key in sex
  • Consent is a must. You might be up for pompoir, but you need to talk to your partner before you jump in. Have an honest conversation about your desires before you show them your new strengths in the bedroom
  • Practice makes perfect. Before you jump into complicated techniques, get comfortable with basic squeezes. This will build your confidence before you jump into bed with your partner


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Different exercises to try

Don’t stop at Kegels. It’s time to add some complexity to your pompoir knowledge. We’ve found some of the most popular movements to help you strengthen your pompoir game.

The elevator

“The elevator” is one of the essential pompoir movements and the first step for any newbie. This requires simulating push and pull movements – a complex step up from basic Kegel squeezes.

Most women start practising this step on the toilet after peeing. While this doesn’t sound romantic, it provides the best setting to get familiar with the elevator vaginal contractions.

Instead of holding Kegels, the elevator is about pushing, pulling, and holding. Practise these movements at different intensities until you’re comfortable with your power.

The sucker

Want to drive your partner crazy? Take on “the sucker”. This pompoir technique complements their thrusts, making penetration even more intense.

When your partner thrusts in, push down on your muscles as if you’re trying to get them out. However, squeeze your vaginal muscles to suck them back in when they pull back.

Experiment with different paces, rhythms, and strengths to take this movement up a notch. This will surely lead to a super orgasm for both parties – so enjoy the ride.

Whatever feels good

Pompoir is all about opening up your body to new sensations and movements. Does one particular area or muscle feel amazing? Don’t stop exploring the feeling.

While it’s helpful to understand different moves, pompoir is also about indulging in good feelings and getting creative. Ask your partner what feels good too, and you’ll open yourself up to a new level of pleasure.


Will you be adding pompoir to your to-do list? While this practice does require some patience and strength training, the results are worth it. A sexier and more intimate sex life, plus a stronger pelvic floor with additional health benefits – what more could you want?

Just remember to take pompoir exercises slowly and experiment with what feels good to you. This is all about sensations. So breathe, go slow, and feel everything.

Have you tried pompoir before? Let us know your thoughts on this ancient technique in the comments.

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