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5 types of erotic massage to drive your partner wild

There are various types of massage therapies  that focus on different parts of the body with the aim to relax, revive and restore health and wellbeing.

When it comes to erotic massage, the use of sensuous touch and massage techniques are used on another person’s body to awaken their sexual energies and target erogenous zones

George Downing, author of The Massage Book, makes a distinction between ordinary massage and erotic massage: “One is sensual, the other sexual. One leaves the body feeling calm, the other leaves it feeling aroused.”

Erotic massage heals and awakens your mind and body, and can enhance the recipient’s sexual arousal and even achieve an orgasm.

During this sensual massage there is usually one giver, typically a romantic partner or a masseuse (if at a massage parlour), and one recipient.

If an erotic massage sounds appealing to you, here are five types of erotic massage that can strengthen the intimate bond between you and your partner.


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Types of erotic massage 

Lingam massage

If you enjoy being caressed below the belt then a lingam massage is your calling. Lingham is the Sanskrit word for penis, and is often translated as the “Wand of Light”. It’s an erotic style of tantric sex practice that focuses on the male genitalia. Unlike your average handjob, men can delight in having their penis, testicles, perineum and prostate massaged. This penis-honouring activity is about feeling and surrendering yourself to sensual pleasure and discovering new erogenous zones, which can bring about multiple orgasms throughout the massage.

What happens in a lingam massage?

During this penis massage, the massager oils the penis and testicles with massage oil (any preferred type). They start to rub the thighs to help you feel relaxed and activate your sexual senses before moving on to the genitals. Testicles are massaged gently and slowly with fingernails or can be fondled in the palm of the hands. When moving onto the shaft, you can experience light to hard grips, various stroke sequences and techniques like a twisting motion, and a mixture of speed, methods, pressure and rhythm.


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Nuru massage 

A nuru massage is a body-to-body erotic massage using a smooth and ultra-slippery gel made out of natural Nori seaweed found on the coast of Japan. 

The art of nuru massage originated in ancient Kawasaki, Japan and is highly sexual in nature. The term ‘nuru’ also derives from the Japanese word “slippery”. 

What happens in a nuru massage?

During this slippery massage, both the massager and the receiver are completely naked and covered in Nuru massage gel. The massager uses his or her body to massage the receiver’s body all over, by sliding their body up and down their body, specifically targeting sensitive areas to stimulate sexual moods and heightening erogenous zones. Although sex is not involved, the recipient can experience orgasms with this erotic rubdown.

Read some more information on Nuru massage here.

Yoni massage

In Sanskrit, yoni is defined as vagina and is interpreted as a sacred space. The equivalent of a lingam massage, the yoni massage involves massaging the vulva and vagina. It helps free mental and physical tensions and helps women connect, heal and develop in their sexuality. 

What happens in a yoni massage?

During a yoni massage, the massager massages the recipient’s body using essential oils and can sometimes focus on other erogenous zones like the breasts. Once the recipient is warmed up, their hip flexors are spread to start stimulating the ‘yoni’ area, particularly the vulva and labia. The recipient is encouraged to participate in some breathing exercises. In some yoni massages, the massager can insert fingers inside the female to analyse or discover tight spots and help release any tension in the woman’s vagina.


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Tantric massage

Often referred to as the “science of ecstasy”, a tantric massage harnesses the sexual energies in the body through massage. It involves meditation, genital stimulation and breathing techniques to relax the mind and body, create connection, achieve enlightenment, and use sexual energies for healing. This arousing massage focuses on the giver giving pleasure to the receiver, so they can surrender themselves to pure pleasure and therapeutic healing. Like yoga and zen, the aim is for the receiver to be fully present in the moment.

What happens in a tantric massage?

Although tantric massage can be done in various ways, generally the giver uses touch and their entire body to massage you into a state of relaxation and sensuality. It’s a gentle massage that should work all areas of the body from nipples to abdomen, feet and thighs before moving on to the genitals. Tantric massage is quite similar to yoni and lingam massage, in that it involves stimulation of penis or vagina in the same way. However, its main focus is not ejaculation or orgasm but to awaken sensuality, sensitivity and senses ,whereas yoni and lingam between partners generally aims for a “happy ending”, which is stimulation to reach the climax.

Discover more information about tantric massage here.

Soapy massage 

A soapy massage is as fun as it sounds; it’s a wet and slippery massage in the bathtub or shower with particular nourishing soaps that exfoliate and cleanse the body, and sometimes Himalyan salt pebbles are used. Originating from Thailand, this passionate massage aims to relieve tension in the body, rejuvenate the skin, achieve a state of weightlessness through intense relaxation, and create emotional and physical harmony to give a sense of renewal. 

What happens in a soapy massage?

Usually, two people or more are naked in a bathtub of warm water, where lather and bubbles are applied. The giver lathers soap in their hand and rubs it all over the other person’s body, cleaning and massaging them with soap instead of gel or oil. The massager is also covered in soap and can use their own body as well as their hands to massage the receiver by sliding back and forth and creating an intense intimate connection. After this wet massage, sometimes the massage is finished on a bed for further soapy massaging and usually finishes with a “happy ending”.


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How to pick the right erotic massage

Whether you generally enjoy massages or desire a new erotic experience, our list of sexual rub-downs can provide a wonderful sense of relaxation, have your mind and body in a state of improved health, and build a stronger intimate bond with your partner.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight explains why partners should indulge in erotic massages : 


“The majority of our everyday communication is non-verbal and body language plays a huge part in how we communicate and understand other people,” Annabelle says. “It should, therefore, make sense that massage, one of the most intimate kinds of touch, is a good way of communicating with your lover. Each caress, stroke and rub can be used to say anything from ‘I adore your body’ to ‘I hope you had a good day at work.”


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If you’re unsure of what sensual erotic massage to go for, we recommend picking one according to what style and methods appeal to you most.

Erotic couples massage can be an essential part of your self-care routine and a way for you and you partner to spice up your sex life and build a stronger bond. 


Due to the current self-isolation measures, should you decide to participate in any sexual activity of any kind it should be with a person who you have been self-isolating with. All parties involved should also have adhered to Government self-isolation guidelines.  


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