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11 foreplay ideas to get you in the mood

Not all great sex is spontaneous. For some people to get aroused, sexual activity leading up to sexual penetration is required.

If done right, the build up to sex can be just a rewarding as the main event, which is where foreplay comes in. 

Investing time to turn each other on through foreplay can increase libido and sexual pleasure. A 2004 study found that both men and women wanted approximately 20 minutes of foreplay, prior to sex.

If you’re looking to make sex even better, below are the 11 foreplay ideas to help you get in the mood.

What is foreplay? 

Foreplay is sexual activity that usually precedes intercourse, to help build up arousal or sexual excitement.

From hugging and kissing to caressing and flirting, there are various types of sexual activities involved in the act of foreplay.

According to Healthline, foreplay triggers physiological and physical responses in the body that make sexual activity pleasurable and even possible.

Having said that, intercourse doesn’t have to be the endgame. Foreplay itself can be just as rewarding, and can alone often lead to orgasm.So, how long should foreplay last?

A study from Science Direct revealed that 1-10 minutes of foreplay between married couples led to 40% of wives having an orgasm during sex. This rose to 50% with 12–20 minutes of foreplay and increased significantly to 60% when foreplay was longer than 20 minutes.

The most important thing about foreplay is not the time you spend doing it, but rather the quality of the stimuli, which should include a satisfying dose of love and affection.


Couple engaging in foreplay while scarcely dressed

Benefits of foreplay

Just like there are many benefits to sex, there are also many benefits with foreplay. According to health experts, foreplay:

  • Is great for prolonging sexual activity 
  • Can help with sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation 
  • Can boost emotional connection and intimacy between couples 
  • Releases happy-hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins 
  • Helps retain healthy heart rate and increases blood pressure
  • Can improve arousal levels, such as lubrication in the vagina and penile erection  

For women, foreplay can make sex more pleasurable. This is supported by a past study, which concluded that foreplay is a fundamental factor for women to achieve an orgasm.

Best foreplay ideas

According to Science Direct, foreplay requires communication, open expression of emotions, and consideration of place, pace, and style. 

To help you get creative when it comes to foreplay sex, we’ve created a list of hot foreplay ideas to amp up your sex life with your partner.  


Kissing often gets overlooked as an act of foreplay, but the truth is, kissing is very important in relationships and intimacy and is one of the many ways we express ourselves sexually. Take the kiss from casual to passionate by opening your mouth and using tongues to begin French Kissing. Try various techniques and movements, and add a bit of neck kissing and lip biting to increase intensity.


Couple passionately French kissing

Massage and sensual touch

A sensual touch is a big part of foreplay. Nothing is more intense during sex than physical touching. 

Whether you indulge in an erotic massage or simply caress your partner’s erogenous zones, letting your hands stray can have an incredible effect when it comes to getting the other person aroused.

Explore the entire body or focus on the spots that feel most good to your partner. Listen to how your partner responds to each touch, to know whether to keep or change the intensity or tempo. 

Add some massage oils or candles and dim the lights to set the mood.

Mutual masturbation

Masturbation can be used in a variety of ways and need not be an act reserved for self-pleasure. Simultaneously masturbating each other such as fingering or a hand job can stimulate arousal, and is a great way for you and your partner to get aroused and receive sexual pleasure at the same time. 

Try oral sex

Oral sex is considered a form of sex itself,  but can also be used a form of foreplay. Oral sex can be used to trigger stimulation, while discovering new pleasures with your partnerAs well as feeling the pleasurable sensations from your partner’s mouth on your genitals, oral sex can help the penis achieve a firm erection for sex and trigger the female body to lubricate, helping both become ready for penetration. You can use the tongue, lips and mouth to tease your partner’s clitoris, anus or penis head. If you are the person who receives, relax and enjoy the moment, letting your partner know what you find pleasurable. Alternatively, you can indulge in mutual oral pleasure with a sex position such as 69.


Woman undoing her partner's trousers to begin oral sex

Play with sex toys

A fun alternative to mutual masturbation, why not use sex toys to stimulate you and your partner in those sensitive areas? Erotic toys are not only great for providing pleasure, but a way to learn what turns you on and makes you feel good for sexual stimulation. Whether it’s a vibrator, anal beads or cock ring, sex toys can ramp up the pleasure during foreplay.

Explore you and your partner’s fetishes

Do you or your partner have any fetishes or sexual fantasies? Be adventurous and incorporate some kink into your foreplay for extra excitement. For example, if you or your partner have a foot fetish or enjoys the act of BDSM, turn each other on with toe sucking, masturbation or massaging with the foot or involve some handcuffs, blindfolds, and spanking. Exploring your partner’s fetish during foreplay can be a good way to bring you closer together.

Sexy outfit & striptease

One of the main senses used in sexual intercourse is vision. A sexy or revealing outfit can provoke your partner’s desire. Flaunting your body or the assets your partner loves about you most is a way of teasing them and heightening their arousal. If you’re feeling confident, why not add a seductive striptease to the equation? 


Woman giving her partner a lingerie striptease

Don’t be afraid of dirty talk

Talking dirty can be a great way to initiate to your partner what you like sexually. According to our Brit’s favourite sex sounds survey, 22% of women and 23% of men admitted to enjoying dirty talk during sex. Bear in mind that dirty talk doesn’t need to be forced, it could be as simple as saying ‘you turn me on’, or seductively talking to your partner while telling them what you want them to do.

Watch a sexy movie 

Having an intimate cinema session with an erotic film or watching porn together can help trigger sexual excitement and get in the mood for sex. A study discovered that men and women reach peak arousal within 10 minutes, on average, when watching pornography.


Couple lying in bed watching an erotic movie

Have a bath together

Do you have a bathtub, jacuzzi or swimming pool? Joining your partner in one of these settings can provide a more sensual feeling when interacting with each other. As well as seeing your partner in the buff, which leaves little to the imagination, this can also stimulate your arousal.


If you and your partner send flirty texts to each other, this can be considered an act of foreplay. Sexting can involve sending nude photos, dirty messages, or a raunchy video of yourself to your partner to get them aroused or entice their fantasies. It can make you feel intimately close, despite being physically apart. Try sending your partner a sext message on your way home to build their anticipation of you coming back. 


Woman lying on her bed sexting her partner

Try foreplay before sex

Our foreplay tips will help make sex with your partner even more pleasurable.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to foreplay, there’s no right formula. The important thing is to understand what you and your partner want. 

Foreplay is essential to help amp up your sex life and bring you and your partner closer together, for a more fulfilling sex life. 


Disclaimer: Due to the current social-distancing measures, should you decide to participate in any sexual activity of any kind it should be with a person who you have been self-isolating or social distancing with. All parties involved should also have adhered to Government social-distancing guidelines.


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