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Sex workers reveal their weirdest client requests

Just like other customer-facing professions, sex workers too can experience clients with unusual and strange requests. 

An eye-opening Reddit thread by user u/thot_white_boy asked the question:

Sex workers of reddit, what is the worst request a client has given you?

From bizarre to startling, sex workers were more than happy to reveal the most outlandish requests they have been asked to facilitate by clients. 

Read on for the weirdest fetishes and kinks requested by clients.

Not much happening

While many things can be done to achieve an orgasm, one sex worker reveals how sometimes the art of doing nothing can still result in the big O.

“I had a guy once ask me to just lay completely still. He did the same, blinked kinda hard when he came, and was done. Stared into my eyes the whole time. The most awkward f*** of my life.”

Painful pleasure

There’s a thin line between pleasure and pain, and as sex workers highlight, for some clients, one can’t exist without the other.

“One client had a foot fetish and would spend his 45 minute session putting bulldog clips on the underside of my feet. It was pretty painful but I got paid well and didn’t have to do anything physical with him.”

“In the intro room the client told me he wasn’t looking for anything physical but asked if I would walk on his back. Easy- I’m in. Go into the booking and what he actually wanted was for me to walk on his back in stilettos, engrave in (fake) initials onto his chest with my heel, stomp on his genitals, walk on his face, spit on and demean him.”

“I punched a pillow as hard as I can for an hour….while saying his moms name….. it was definitely arm day that day.”


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Five a day

It seems that having your 5-a-day is just as important with clients as it is with your GP. Sex workers reveal clients’ who have a particular taste for fruits.

A friend of a sex worker said that “Some guy wanted my friend to shove a cucumber up his a***, he paid her £500 for a 20 minute stunt with the cucumber. She did it gladly but was kinda concerned for the guy.”

“A guy wanted to give me a banana enema then eat it as it came out.”

According to another person, their friend who is a sex worker, “… has a regular client who asks that she spits orange juice in his eyes.”

Toilet scenarios 

Bathroom manners are non-existent with these toilet taboos, as told by sex workers.

“To go to Starbucks, ask for a cup, pee in it, leave it there for him to drink it.”

“One guy wanted me to take a dump in my panties for him in our session. (I also want to make it clear that I declined).”

“One guy paid me to come to my house and lick my entire bathroom while he wore a g-string. He was very adamant about me hurling insults while he did this (about one hour).”

“There was a chap that wanted me to, and I quote ‘f****-fart’ or just plain ‘fart’ in his face. The more noise I could make from any area of my body, the more it turned him on, whilst he would smoke continuously.”


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Feeding time

The Oedipus complex, a Sigmund Freud theory which refers to a child’s attraction to their parent, comes to mind with these unusual client requests. 

“It’s one of the weirdest, but a guy once begged me to let him drink my breast milk when I was lactating.”

“…a very strange man booked me for an hour to cry on my shoulder while talking about his mother who had betrayed him financially…. and then suck on my breasts and call me mummy.”


Some requests are just out there. Sex workers reveal the oddest desires from clients.

“A cam client wanted me to make piggy faces really close to the camera for the entire session.”

“I had a guy that would want me to tickle his balls for an hour. Nothing else, just that.”

“I tried being a phone sex operator. Not as fun as some people said it would be. One guy just wanted to listen to me sneeze for an hour. Do you know how much it hurts to pretend sneeze?”

“I had a guy sexting me one day who told me sponges turn him on. The word sponge, the smell of one, touching one, doing dishes, all of it. So we role played like I was washing dishes and I sent him a little video of me cleaning with a sponge like “look how soapy and sudsy my sponge is getting, I’m trying to clean up but I’m just making such a mess” and he ate that s*** uppppp. It’s nice to get something completely brand new every once in a while lol, plus I was getting chores done at the same time.”


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Keep safe

Have you experienced an unusual sex request? Did it make you feel uncomfortable? 

Whatever the request, it’s important to keep in mind that your health and safety should be a priority.

If you believe that a client’s request puts your safety at risk, it’s advised that you professionally decline it. 

Read our how to be safe as a sex worker guide for more information.


What weird requests have you had from a client? Share with us in the comments below. 

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