What is Nuru massage? Everything you need to know

Nuru massage is a type of sensual massage originally originating from Kawasaki, Japan. Furthermore, the term ‘nuru’ in Japanese means slippery. While this form of massage may have originated in Japan, it is now offered all over the world.

During a Nuru massage the masseuse will rub an odourless gel against the client’s body using their own naked body. Although not always, in many cases it is common for the masseuse to finish off the service with a sexual act.

If you’re interested in Nuru massage, read more below to find out everything about Nuru massage, including how to book one.

What to expect during a Nuru massage

Most Nuru massages will start with both the masseuse and the client showering separately, to promote cleanliness between both parties. This is essential due to the amount of physical contact that is involved for this type of massage.

The client will lay down naked on their front and the massage will begin. The masseuse will start with a full body massage using her hands.

Once fully relaxed, the masseuse will start to use her body, which predominately will be her hands, chest and buttocks during the massage – evoking an extremely erotic experience.

In whole a Nuru massage can last for up to an hour, and are usually finished off with a sexual act. So, try to lay back, relax, and enjoy the whole process.

Nuru massage can be completed by one or more masseuses. Hiring multiple masseuses can be a lot of fun, but it is important to be aware that not all Nuru professionals are trained to perform with others.

What is used during a Nuru massage?

A Nuru massage is performed using a special kind of lotion, made from Nori seaweed. The lotion is odourless and clear.

Again, unlike other types of Asian massage, where a masseuse will commonly use their hands to massage the client, the massage will involve other body parts.

What are the benefits?

Although Nuru massage provides sexual pleasure, there are also a number of health benefits to be had for this massage type. They include:

    1. It can soothe sore muscles
      Like other forms of massage, a fully trained professional will be performing the Nuru massage using techniques to help relax the muscles. This is perfect for helping the body to experience relaxation.
    2. It can relieve stress
      A UK based nuru agency found that over 80% of people who had a Nuru massage noticed a big improvement in their mental well-being after the session.1
    3. It can help your skin
      The Nori gel typically used during a Nuru massage session can help to smooth and moisturise your skin. Aloe vera gel contains botanical extracts (including aloe vera and Nori algea) that will reduce dryness, redness and flaking. What’s more, studies have shown aloe vera to improve skin elasticity and firmness.

    Where to get a Nuru massage

    Whether it’s in London or any other part of the UK, there are many Nuru specialists and agencies that provide the Nuru massage service.

    At Vivastreet, you can easily and simply find a local masseuse offering a Nuru massage in your area.

    Simply select your chosen masseuse in your area and contact them to set up a booking. So what are you waiting for, visit our Nuru massage page here.


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