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What does ‘A-level’ mean on dating and escort websites? 

‘A-level’ is a term used on dating and escort websites to indicate that someone is willing to engage in anal sex. So, if you were initially thinking about university degrees or education in general, think again.

Initially used by sex workers in the UK to advertise their anal sex services, the term is most often used by men seeking women, but it can also be used in gay dating or escorting websites.

What does A-level mean

When you sign up for a dating website, one of the first things you will see on some men’s and women’s profiles is A-level. A-level sex refers to a type of sexual activity considered more advanced than just regular sex. It involves anal sex and can be a lot of fun for both partners in a relationship.

Previously, escorts offering A-level were limited. However, since people have become more open to having conversations about anal sex, it made A-level sex more mainstream and less taboo than ever before.

Where did the term come from?

A-level is a term that originally comes from the United Kingdom, and this is where the term is most used nowadays, especially on escorting websites.

Where to find A-level sex

A-level is a popular term mainly seen on dating and escorting websites. It stands for anal sex and is a service offered by escorts. 

According to our own sex position research, 10% of men in the UK rated anal sex to be their favourite position.


chart of UK's favourite sex positions


If you’re seeking A-level sex, Vivastreet can help. On the site in the escort category, select the services at the top bar and filter for escorts who offer A-level sex services.

You will also be to see if escorts offer this service in their ad. A-level will be mentioned in the “Services I offer & don’t offer” section on the escort’s profile.

What can you expect from A-level sex? 

You may be curious about A-level sex, but being unsure of what to expect is totally normal. For instance, some people believe that it’s always painful or that it’s only for gay men. 

However, neither of these things is true. If done correctly, A-level sex can be both enjoyable and relatively pain-free.

Of course, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure everything goes smoothly. First of all, it’s important to use plenty of lubrication. This will help reduce friction and make the experience more pleasurable. 

Secondly, you’ll need to go slowly at first. Inserting anything into the anus too quickly can lead to discomfort or even pain. Once you’re past the initial phase, though, you can go faster or slower. 

Lastly, remember to relax. The more relaxed you and your partner are, the easier it will be for your body to adjust to the new sensation. So, keep these things in mind, and enjoy this new and exciting way to explore each other.

How popular is A-level sex?

When it comes to anal sex, there seems to be a bit of a taboo surrounding it, despite the popularity of pegging sex

While people are becoming more open-minded about trying new things in the bedroom, many still view anal sex as something taboo. In fact, according to a Bad Girls Bible survey made out of 1,260 participants, 63.3% of women like anal sex. 

However, the truth is that anal sex can be just as enjoyable as any other type of sexual activity – if not more so.


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For one, people tend to have some misconceptions about anal sex. They may think it will be painful or that they will need to use some sort of special preparation beforehand. However, with a little bit of communication and planning, anal sex can be a fun and exciting experience.

Another reason that anal sex may be gaining popularity is that people are simply becoming more comfortable with their own bodies and sexual desires. 

As we become more open and honest about what we like in bed, we’re also becoming more adventurous – and willing to try new things.

Will you try A-level sex?

To sum up, A-level sex is fun but it’s important to remain protected and use a condom.

There’s an increased risk of STIs when doing anal compared to vaginal sex. Some of the most common STIs that can be transmitted with anal sex are gonorrhoea, herpes, and hepatitis.

When it comes to A-level sex, you should always make sure to respect the safety aspects we discussed in this post, including wearing protection and starting slow.

Interested in A-level sex? Find a professional escort offering an A-level service here. 


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