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Missing Craigslist Personals? Here’s why you should use Vivastreet

If you’re looking to meet like-minded people for some safe adult fun, you may have realised that the popular hook-up site Craigslist is no more.

Although the service was extremely popular in its hey-day, 2018 saw the service eventually closed down. Luckily, however, Vivastreet can help to fill the void.

What happened to Craigslist Personals?

Craigslist Personals was an online community, where people were able to post ads looking for casual hook-ups.

It was hugely popular with those looking to have no-strings-attached fun, but sadly it wasn’t to last.

To the disappointment of many, in May 2018, Craigslist Personals disappeared from the UK site, following on from the US.

It was removed thanks to a US bill, introduced to hold websites more accountable for the ads placed by its users.

The popularity of the Craigslist Personals meant that its eventual closure impacted thousands of people.

Not only did the platform allow users to anonymously feel safe and confident to meet new people, users often felt at ease that their taste’s and lifestyles were not judged by others using the service.

Where to find casual encounters now?

Despite Craigslist’s personal no longer be active presence, there are still other sites which successfully have taken over the casual encounters mantle left by Craigslist.

One such site is our very own Vivastreet.

Vivastreet offers a vast global free classified ads site, where you can find thousands of ads featuring like-minded individuals (or sometimes couples) who wish to meet up for casual hook-ups, friendships or relationships.

Vivastreet Personals and what to expect

Vivastreet Personals is really simple to use  – you don’t need to spend hours searching through ads, hoping to find a person and an experience that suits you.

Search bar:
All you need to do is enter a term or two in the search bar that describes something you’re interested in exploring, such as nude massage or no-strings sex, and browse through the search results.


Email alerts:
You can also create email alerts, so when an ad is posted that matches your search criteria, you will get a message right to your inbox.

This way you will never miss an opportunity to connect to someone new, who you find of interest and wish to meet up with.

Set up multiple alerts to keep your options open to all kinds of fun.

When you click on an ad that you find interesting, you’re taken through to the full personal ad.

This will tell you where the person is located, what they are interested in, what they seek in a meet up, and whether they are willing to travel to meet you.

If you like what you see, there are buttons where you can choose to call, text, or email the owner of the ad and get to know each other better or arrange a meeting.

Post an ad:
If you want to be more active in the process of making some new and exciting connections, why not post your own ad.

You can describe what sort of things you are looking for, what sort of people you are interested in meeting, and how open you are to new experiences and trying new things.

So that’s it – your definitive guide to finding casual encounters in the UK now that Craigslist Personals has gone.

If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your day, why not start searching on Vivastreet Personals now…

11 thoughts on “Missing Craigslist Personals? Here’s why you should use Vivastreet

  1. hello my name is john I am looking for any ladies who are looking for any fun times or an affair I am a married guy who is not getting any fun at home so looking for any ladies I stay in Springburn but please be genuine so if your interested in this please get back to me thanks john xx

  2. I have used Craige’s LIst and Viva. I am a submissive transvestite maid servant and like to be dominated by both ladies and gentlemen. Through Viva I have contacted a gentleman who from time to time rings me and orders me to visit him and perform sexual acts for him as though I was a female. However he does need more practice at being dominant and I would like to meet a gentleman who is more dominant and has the facilities to make good use of me.

  3. Hi.
    I’m a cross dressing guy that would like to pay a lady f to perform a tarty make over on me.
    I’m just outside Tunbridge Wells.
    Many thanks

  4. Hi my name is Denis and I was using craiglist b4..actually am a bi guy and love to have fun with both men+woman..Am very kinky and submissive though..

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