how to post an ad on vivastreet

How to post an ad on Vivastreet: A complete guide

Thinking about posting an ad on Vivastreet? We are a free classified ads website that plays host to thousands of local ads. 

If you’ve recently visited Vivastreet and wish to post your first ad, or you’re simply looking for some top tips for how to do so, read our step by step guide below.

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Why should I post an ad on Vivastreet?

Vivastreet is a global free classified ads website. Launched in 2004, we are one of the leading local advertising services in the UK.

Our wide-ranging service means we host ads catering to different services, for different needs. From massage and property ads to adult services and dating, our ads are vastly diverse.

Below are just some of the reasons why you should post an ad on Vivastreet.

Want to learn more about Vivastreet and why you should post with us? Visit our About us page.

How can I post an ad on Vivastreet?

To post an ad on Vivastreet is simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1

Click on the Post your ad button.

Looking to post an ad on Vivastreet? Follow these top tips.


Step 2

Start completing the ad posting form. Firstly,  select the most appropriate category for your advert.



Step 3

Begin to enter your postcode, then select it from the drop-down.



Step 4

If you have selected an escort-related category, move to step 5. Otherwise, skip straight to step 6.

Step 5

If you have selected either the escort & massages, trans escorts or gay escorts category in the previous field, you will then be asked to select whether you are an independent or agency escort.

Note: an independent escort is self-employed, while an agency is an organisational body that employs escorts. Ensure that you select the best one that represents you.



Step 6

Enter the title you wish to use for your ad.

Remember, this is one of the most important elements of having a successful ad on Vivastreet. Writing a clear and informative title will not only clearly highlight the service/item you are selling in your ad but will ensure that you get the right type of interest in your ad.

Step 7

Write your description.

Similarly to your title, writing a clear description detailing your service or item will ensure that you get the right people to your ad, increasing your chances of selling your service or product. It’s important to avoid populating your ad with spammy content; doing so will only make your ad look suspicious to potential buyers. 

More information on how to write an ad title and description can be found in our How to attract more clients to your ad guide.



Step 8

If you have selected either escorts & massages, trans escorts, or gay escorts category in step 2, you will be asked to select the gender you identify with. If not, skip straight to step 16.

Step 9

Select your age.


Step 10

Select your ethnicity.



Step 11

Select your nationality.


Step 12

Select the languages that you can speak.



Step 13

Select the specialised services you provide, choosing as many as applicable.

Ensure that you are truthful, as misleading information in your ad will only negatively impact your reputation for future customers. Highlighting your specialisms will let potential contacts know and understand the services you do and do not provide.


Step 14

Select to whom your service(s) are catered for. You can select as many as applicable.

Step 15

Enter your charge rates for your outcall and/or incall services. You must enter your hourly rate, with all others being optional.



Step 16 (optional)

Upload photos of your services or product.

Adding a clear and accurate photo will increase the number of responses you receive. More benefits of using a high-quality image for your ad can be found here.

Note: You can upload up to 12 pictures to one ad.


Step 17

Upload a 1-minute video.

Having a high-quality video will increase the engagement of your ad.



Step 18

If you previously selected the option ‘agency‘ in step 4, you will then be required to enter your company’s details. Otherwise, skip to step 19.


Looking to post an ad on Vivastreet? These top tips will help.


Step 19

If you have already created an account with Vivastreet and have already logged in, then skip to step 20. Enter your email and phone number.


Ad upgrade (optional)

To maximise the number of responses for your ad, you can also purchase one or more of our upgrade plans to help better promote your ad. At Vivastreet we have four main upgrade packages:


a. VIP carousel – puts your ad in the carousel at the top of the page. Also provides you with bigger pictures.
b. Featured ad – ensures your ad will also be at the top section of the listing above the competition.
c. Highlight your ad – shows more pictures alongside your main picture and makes your ad benefit from a bright green header
d. Repost your ad – Your ad will be automatically reposted to the top of the listing twice a day, giving you more exposure and more calls. Alternatively, you can opt for our multi-repost feature (note this option is not automated). Prices will vary.


Read more information about our upgrade plans for your ad.


*Please note, prices for ad upgrades are subject to change depending on postcode. 



Step 20

If you did not select an escort category in step 2 then proceed straight to step 21.
Add your website URL (this is optional). Note, we only allow URLs that link to your own website. 



Step 21

Now you’re ready to publish your ad. Simply agree to the terms and conditions by clicking the checkbox.



If your ad was approved skip to step 22.

What if my ad is not approved?

If your ad is not approved, ensure you have adhered to our posting guidelines. Reasons, why your ad may be rejected, include, but are not limited to:

  • Posting an ad in the wrong category
  • Offensive content (violent, racist)
  • Spam or fraudulent ads
  • Counterfeit products

Read our tips on how to avoid getting your ad deleted off Vivastreet.


Looking to post an ad on Vivastreet? These top tips will help.


To ensure that your ad is approved as quickly and easily as possible, a full list of regulations can be found on our posting guidelines page.

If your ad doesn’t go live after a few minutes, then contact our CS team to make sure there are no errors. 


Step 22

If you have opted to publish on a non-paid category or did not select any upgrade options, skip to step 23

Once you have published your ad you will be directed to the payment page. Here, you’ll be asked to complete the payment (if your ad is within a paid category).

Note: You will have the opportunity to select an ad upgrade on this page if you did not opt for this feature in the previous steps. 



For payment methods, you will be given two options; credit card or Neosurf.

Note: First-time transactions can only opt for credit card payment and you can only pay for your own advert.


Step 23

Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email, and your ad will be published on the website within 20 minutes.

If you have not confirmed your account, you will see a notification on your account page, asking you to do it.


Looking to post an ad on Vivastreet? These top tips will help.


Once you have completed all the steps above, you will receive a notification of your live ad.


Looking to post an ad on Vivastreet? These top tips will help.
That’s it; your ad is now live and ready to start receiving contacts and potential clients can find their new favourite ad.

Verify your ad

Once you’ve set up your ad, don’t forget to age and photo verify your account.

Not only will your ad stand out amongst thousands of other ads, but it’s important for our users’ safety and building trust between clients.


Ads that are verified get 20% more visibility than ads that are not verified.


Our step-by-step guides make the process quick and easy. Verify your account now with our Yoti age verification and photo verification features today.

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