Vivastreet photo verification benefits

Vivastreet photo verification – what it is and how it benefits you

At Vivastreet, providing a safe and trusted service to our users is our top priority. 

This is why we’ve decided to launch photo verification on Vivastreet, a feature for independent sex workers to validate their identity on their Vivastreet advert.

Do you have an advert in an adult-related category?

If so, you can verify your photo to create a trusted profile that further proves to users your ad is genuine.

Photo verification can help turn potential clients into long term clients. This feature will give users the confidence to trust your service, increasing the number of genuine contacts your ad receives, resulting in more business opportunities.

Interested? If you are an independent professional, have an account with us and would like your ad to be photo verified, our easy step-by-step guide will help you get the job done.

Benefits of Vivastreet Photo Verification

Our photo verification feature is just one of many ways to keep Vivastreet a safe place to meet new people. Here’s how photo verification can further benefit your escorting business

  • You can build a stronger and trusted profile for potential clients
  • Your ad will stand out amongst thousands of ads with an official photo verification badge
  • It can increase the number of genuine contacts, and help towards building a loyal client base while preventing timewasters 
  • You will be supporting our mission to protect our users’ safety

“Verified photos will be beneficial to us as we get lots of calls asking us to send the clients a photo of ourselves using WhatsApp, so it’s much easier with this” – Vivastreet escort

How to verify your Vivastreet profile with Photo Verification

For all users advertising in our adult categories, specifically escort & massage, gay escorts, and trans escorts categories, here are the steps to verifying your profile with photo verification.

Step 1: Go to the Vivastreet website


Vivastreet homepage on mobile device


Step 2: Login to your account, entering your email address and password 


Vivastreet login page on mobile device


Step 3: Click on the ‘Account Verification’ banner at the top of your screen, or alternatively, scroll down the page and press the ‘Account verification’ link in the list of options


Vivastreet my ads page


Step 4: At the bottom of your account verification page click the ‘Verify now’ button


Vivastreet account verification page


Step 5:  Again, scroll down the bottom of the page and click ‘Verify now’


Types of account verification on Vivastreet


Tip: If you wish to know more about photo verification, click the blue ‘Photo verification’ link to access this information before clicking ‘Verify now’ at the bottom of the page

Step 6: Now, select the ‘Photo verification’ option and press the ‘Continue’ button below


Select photo verification information


Step 7: If you haven’t got the Yoti app, download the app by pressing App or Play Store


Download Yoti mobile app


More information can be found here for setting up a Yoti account (follow the first section of this article, then return here to continue).

However, if you already have a Yoti account, scroll down the page and tap the “Login with Yoti” button.


Login with Yoti mobile app


Step 8: Once you have confirmed that you want to share your Yoti details with Vivastreet, click ‘Yes, Continue’




Step 9: Then, hit the ‘Send’ button 




You should be redirected to your account verification page and the photo verification option should display a blue tick.




Congratulations, your profile is now photo verified.




Now your escorting business will be more trustworthy with the potential to attract more clients.


I think it will benefit clients as they can match the verified photo to the pictures on the profile” – Vivastreet escort


This feature can also be done alongside Yoti age verification. If you want to learn more about that, read our step by step guide on how to make your profile age verified.

Photo modification

We offer various settings for your photo display so you can choose how you want to be seen in your ads.

Hiding your photo

If you do not want your verified photo to be displayed on your ad, untick the ‘Show on my ad’ box to hide it.


Photo verification hide photo on ad


A box will appear for you to confirm if you want to display it or not. If you’re sure you want to remove it, click on the ‘Yes, I’m sure’ button.


Photo verification hide photo confirmation 'are you sure?' popup box


After, if you want to view your ad, scroll down the page and press ‘Manage my ads’.

Note: If you opt to keep your verification photo on your profile, clients will be able to see this photo when fully viewing an ad. However, you do not have to show this photo on your advert.

Changing your photo

However, if you would like to change your photo, you will need to login to the Yoti app (displayed in Step 7) to update your Yoti profile picture.

After, return back to the Account Verification page and click the ‘Manage’ link under ‘Photo verification’. 


Manage Vivastreet photo verification option


Your original verified photo will pop up on the screen. Click on the ‘Change photo’ button to update your photo.


Change Yoti verified photo


From here, you will be directed back to the Vivastreet share your details Yoti page (in Step 8). 

Once you’ve repeated Step 8 and Step 9, you will automatically return to your Account Verification page.

Click on the ‘Manage’ link under ‘Photo verification’ again, and your new verified photo will appear. 


Enjoy the advantages of being photo verified on Vivastreet.

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