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Why all sex workers need a smartwatch

A smartwatch might seem like a frivolous purchase. But when you look closer, these watches can make your life and work a lot easier.

Today, we’re connecting the dots between sex work and smartwatches and proving that these small pieces of tech can boost your work life.

You’ll be impressed, trust us!

What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatches are wearable devices that combine traditional watches with modern smartphone technology.

They usually have a small touchscreen, health features, and on-wrist apps, and they connect to your mobile phone for easy data transfers. Plus, they look great and can help you level up your life and career.

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How can smartwatches help sex workers?

It often seems like smartwatches are only beneficial for athletes as they’re linked with monitoring sports performance. But smartwatches can benefit everyone – including sex workers. So, whether you’re an exotic dancer or an escort, you might want to consider adding a smartwatch to your work essentials.

Here are the top ways a smartwatch can benefit sex workers:

1. Emergency service calls

Safety is critical when it comes to sex work. From meeting clients to giving individual dances, you’re meeting new people and often doing it alone.

Being able to make emergency calls from your wrist is an extra safety layer all sex workers can benefit from. While you’ll hopefully never have to use this feature, having it there adds extra confidence and can make you work less nerve-wracking.

Of course, having an emergency SOS button doesn’t mean you can skip client background checks and other standard safety measures. It’s simply an extra level of security to add to your process.

2. Location tracking

Similarly to emergency calls, many smartwatches allow location tracking. This feature allows you to share your live location with trusted family and friends, making outcalls that one bit safer.

Note that not all smartwatches have this feature – so if you want location tracking, check the fine print before you buy. Apple Watches are a great option, as they come with the “Find My Friends” feature, which shares your location with other Apple users.

3. Health and fitness benefits

Being fit and healthy is essential for sex work. If you’re not feeling your best, you might not impress your clients. Plus, feeling healthy is a must for your overall well-being.

Here are some of the top ways a smartwatch will help you take control of your health and boost your work:

  • Movement tracking – Most modern smartwatches offer a wide range of movement-tracking apps. From your daily steps to workout trackers, you can record your physical activity and motivate yourself to get more movement into your week
  • Heart rate monitoring – Another staple feature on smartwatches is a heart rate monitor. This shows your resting heart rate and how it jumps throughout the day. Sex workers can use this to check their basic heart health and make adjustments as needed. For example, if your heart rate jumps up when you’re stressed, you can experiment with mindfulness exercises to lower it
  • Calories – Like movement, some smartwatches show how many calories you burn per day. This is calculated by the height and weight you input into the watch. While calorie tracking isn’t for everyone, it can be helpful for those who want to hit fitness goals
  • Menstrual cycle tracking – If applicable, tracking your menstrual cycle is a must. Your cycle gives you a good indication of your overall health, and having it on your wrist makes this more accessible than ever
  • Medications – More and more smartwatches are adding medication tracking to their roster. This means you can track daily medications (like birth control or PrEP) and make sure you take the right dose at the correct time. Perfect if you know you can be forgetful from time to time

4. Bookings and notifications

If part of your job includes confirming bookings or chatting with punters, a smartwatch can ensure you don’t miss any messages. Thanks to on-wrist notifications and messages, you can catch every request as it arrives and boost your income and engagement.

But don’t worry, these won’t keep you up all night. Most smartwatches also have the option for Do Not Disturb modes, allowing you to silence work and nuisance clients as soon as your work hours end. It’s all about balance.

5. Sleep insights

How well do you sleep at night? Well, with a smartwatch, you can get accurate insights every morning.

While your sleep doesn’t directly affect sex work, it does affect how you feel and your overall health. Like the health and fitness features, sleep metrics can help you supercharge your physical and mental health, making you feel better and perform better at work.

6. Maps

Similarly to smartphone maps, smartwatches also provide GPS services (with an internet or cellular connection).

This is perfect for navigating new areas without obviously following your phone and not looking like a tourist. It’s not a major worry for all sex workers, but it’s a cool feature for those who want to be discreet when out and about.

7. Financial tracking

Finally, a smartwatch will show you on-wrist spending notifications when connected to your bank account. If you’re using a business bank account or want to keep track of work-related finances, having them on your wrist is helpful so nothing goes amiss.

You can also download specific budgeting apps for smartwatches to assist with personal budgeting. Building your savings or sticking to your monthly budget is easy when you have a constant on-wrist reminder.

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Are smartwatches expensive?

You can buy smartwatches at all price points. It’s easy to write these gadgets off as expensive pieces of tech, but in reality, you can find smartwatches for as low as £25 with online deals.

Which smartwatch is best for you?

You might not need certain smartwatch features depending on your specific job or niche. For example, a webcam model might not be fussed about location tracking, and a stripper might not need to make escort bookings.

Consider the most important features for your work, and base your search on these. Compare smartwatch prices and read through the specifications before buying to guarantee a good deal.

The takeaway

Hopefully, we’ve proved to you why sex work and smartwatches go together so well. Did we miss any extra features that could benefit the job? Let us know today!

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