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Should you promote your sex work services on Reddit?

Reddit is a platform that often appears when searching for advice online. But is it only for discussions and chatting?

Or can you use it to promote your escorting services?

Today, we’re diving into whether you can use Reddit to promote sex work services or not.

Keep reading to learn more before you start posting.

What is Reddit?

Are you unfamiliar with Reddit? No stress. Though this popular platform is not as well known as Instagram or TikTok, it does have plenty of users and is worth checking out.

Reddit is a network of forums and communities where members can chat about relevant topics, share articles and links, and post pictures and videos. Reddit is still a primarily text-based platform, unlike other popular social networking platforms.

Another critical difference between Reddit and other social media platforms is that most people stay anonymous on it. That’s right – it’s a social network where you aren’t trying to amass followers or get famous.

The site describes itself as a “social news website”. While there is a large emphasis on news and current events, there are thousands of non-news subreddits (sub-forums and communities). For example, r/sexworkers is a popular place for sex workers to gather and discuss the profession.

Is it against the rules to advertise on Reddit?

So, to the big question – can you advertise your sex work services on Reddit? This is a grey area. We wouldn’t recommend posting obvious escorting advertisements. However, plenty of cammers and OnlyFans models use social networks to link their websites.

Reddit does allow pornography and nudity to be posted on the website. However, it must be tagged as NSFW so users don’t accidentally open it at the wrong time. Some subreddits also ban nudity altogether, so make sure you’re posting in the right place. Likewise, you won’t find any nudity or porn on the front page of Reddit, as this is where news and hot topics sit.

However, subreddits like r/NSFW, r/PornVids, and r/Porn openly allow pornographic content. These range from nude photos to clips from professional porn films. Some users like to post videos with links to their social media or website.

Self-made videos and pictures may perform better on relevant subreddits. For example, r/AmateurPorn or r/OnlyFans.

Don’t fall into the trap of posting content on r/SexWorkers. This subreddit is a place for professionals to discuss the craft together, not to attract punters.

So, the general rules when posting on Reddit include:

  • Don’t spam post
  • Be careful not to include any personal information
  • Read the subreddit rules before posting
  • Read the Reddit terms of service
  • Don’t harass people

If you follow these, you’ll be in the clear!

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Using Reddit to your advantage: 5 tips for newbies

Using Reddit can help your career in plenty of ways, not just finding clients or attracting views. Here are some tips you can explore to make the most of the platform.

1. Research before you post

It’s always best to get a feel for the new social media before you start posting. So, scope out the competition!

Browse the NSFW-friendly subreddits and see how other sex workers post. Look at which posts are popular and which don’t get so much engagement. This can help you structure your posts for success.

Pro tip: If you work in a niche, look for a subreddit dedicated to that category. You’ll likely have the best success here.

2. Make sure you hide personal information

Reddit feels more informal than other social media at times. But it’s just as important to keep your identity private.

Depending on how you market yourself, you should make sure nothing in your posts gives away your real name, location, or any other private information. Like posting anywhere online, you want to make sure you’re protected.

3. Invest in high-quality content

How much time and effort do you put into your posts? Those who spend more time perfecting their content often get the best results.

Make sure your images and videos are high-resolution. Consider putting more time and effort into your styling and outfit. Check that the audio quality is clear.

These extra checks take more time, but they’ll attract more attention and make you more money in the long run.

4. Network with other sex workers

This tip isn’t directly about attracting punters, but it’s a must if you’re interested in Reddit. Subreddits like r/Strippers and r/SexWorkers have large communities of like-minded professionals. Get involved in the conversation and connect with others in the industry.

Working as a sex worker can be lonely at times, especially if you don’t collaborate with other creators. You can use this social media to your advantage and make new friends who understand your career.

5. Look for professional tips and tricks

Similarly to the point above, this tip isn’t directly about posting and getting people to visit your website. But if you use it, you’ll likely boost your business and your earnings.

Alongside networking with other online sex workers, take time to trawl through the sex worker-focused subreddits. These offer a wealth of information from professionals all over the globe.

Want cam-specific tips? Easy. Learning how to dance? Got it. Need to know how to deal with a difficult punter? There’s expert advice online.

Plenty of active users dedicate a lot of time to answering questions and providing advice. Even if you don’t post on Reddit, it’s a good idea to start using the website for genuine tips and tricks from other sex workers.

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The takeaway

Like any social media platform, it’s best not to be too overt about attracting clients. However, compared to Instagram and Facebook, which have strict no-nudity policies, Reddit feels much more relaxed.

Always be mindful about what you post and double-check each submission. This way, you can stay safe while connecting with others and drawing more views.

Read more advice for sex workers on the Vivastreet blog here.

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