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The power of lingerie: Why sex workers should invest in underwear

Is your closet stocked with lingerie? Or could you invest in a few extra bras? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re looking into all things lingerie.

Lingerie is the sexy gift that keeps on giving, especially if you’re an escort or sex worker. We’ve curated a selection of the sexiest lingerie so you can skip the reading and get straight to shopping. Shop our lingerie recommendations here.

Scroll down to discover why your underwear is crucial to your career.

Why is lingerie so attractive?

Lingerie and undergarments have always been a turn-on. But probably not for the reasons you think.

While lingerie comes in gorgeous designs and makes your body look great, it gives you an extra kick of empowerment and control. For some, this extra confidence is as sexy as the lingerie itself.

The naughtiness is also a significant component. It’s not something you see daily, so it has a risqué vibe. Plus, there’s the added act of removing it, which many punters describe as “unwrapping a present”.

Finally, attractive lingerie signals that you’re feeling yourself and ready to get dirty. The thought of this alone is enough to get your client hot under the collar.

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Benefits of lingerie for sex workers

Splurging on sexy lingerie has excellent benefits for both sex workers and clients. Here are some of our favourite picks:

Higher self-esteem

While lingerie is typically viewed as something that benefits the wearer’s partner, studies show that it affects how you feel when wearing it. Some feel more confident in lingerie, and others feel more demure and more feminine. In most cases, it is linked to positive feelings, and we can always do with more of those.

Also, the more secure you feel, the more confident you’ll come across to your clients. This can improve the experience for both parties and even boost your business and earnings. So, don’t put off that shopping day.

Impress clients

Another fundamental benefit of lingerie is that it impresses your clients. After all, your services are there to cater to client’s needs. Why not feel your best and put on a show for them at the same time?

Great reviews

Linking to the points above, the happier your clients are when you wear lingerie, the better your reviews and reputation will be. Reputations are vital in the sex industry, so make sure yours is stellar by investing in some new matching sets.

High-class escort experience

Beautiful lingerie should be your go-to if you’re providing a high-class or VIP escort experience. High-profile escorts always don expensive sets, which adds to the overall luxury of the experience. However, you don’t need to splurge all of your earnings. There are plenty of affordable lingerie sets that provide a sophisticated vibe without a hefty price tag.

Add some self-expression to the experience

Finally, playing with lingerie lets you express yourself and get creative in the bedroom. While escorting is a more creative career than others, it’s still limited as you’re focused on the client’s desires. Lingerie can be a fun way to express yourself while on the clock.

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The history of lingerie

Women haven’t always been wearing stockings and suspenders. Older undergarments looked very different from the panties we know today. Let’s take a quick tour through the history.

Back in ancient Rome and Greece, women wore a strophium (a basic bandeau bra). This was usually made from linen or leather and offered the breasts some support. However, it wasn’t a fashion statement.

In the Middle Ages, women usually wore loose linen under-tunics. These were undyed and plain, but wealthier ladies would have delicate lace or embroidery on the sleeves. Think of these like early nightgowns!

Early forms of corsets appeared in the 16th century. These were known as “pairs of bodies” and were mainly worn for support and not shaping. Fast forward to the 18th and 19th centuries, and corsets started to shape women’s bodies for a fashionable silhouette.

The 20th century brought a dramatic change as women gained societal rights. Instead of tight corsets, ladies started to wear less restrictive girdles, garter straps, and stockings.

The first modern bras appeared in the 1930s and 1940s, as women needed a no-frills supportive undergarment. From here, underwear slowly transformed into the bras, knickers, and lingerie we know and love today.

Different types of lingerie

Ready to treat yourself to a sexy set? Make sure you know the different types of lingerie before you dive in.

Garters & suspender belts

When discussing lingerie, a garter or suspender belt is usually the first image that springs to mind. This piece is worn around your waist and holds up stockings. It’s traditionally paired with a bra and panties for a downright sultry style.


Babydolls (also known as chemise) are short slip dresses that aren’t skin-tight. These provide a flirtier look, but you can pair them with a thong underneath to add a cheeky edge.


Bodysuits are bras and underwear all in one – like a swimsuit, but sexier. These come in all designs and sometimes feature plunge bras, thongs, and cut-outs. While they often provide more coverage, they ooze sexuality as they’re not worn every day.


If you want to make a statement or work in the kink niche, a corset should be on your list. These dramatic undergarments chinch in your waist and provide a sense of power. Perfect if you’re stepping into the lead role.

Bra and underwear sets

Finally, bra and underwear sets are a classic go-to. You can buy matching pairs or even mix and match your own styles. You can also mix up the underwear style depending on your desired look. For example, thongs have less coverage, whereas hipsters have a more laid-back girl-next-door feel.

Shop our sexy recommendations here.

The takeaway

No matter your taste or style, there’s a set out there for you. Just make sure you feel confident in it before wearing it with a client! Now go and impress them.

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