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This is what the paid Girlfriend Experience is really like

Now part of popular culture, thanks to both the film and the most recent TV show ‘The Girlfriend Experience’  you’re probably asking: What is a GFE aka Girlfriend Experience?

If you’re seeking a connection deeper than casual sex, then the GFE is something you must experience in real life.

What is the Girlfriend Experience?

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is a type of escorting service that blurs the lines between a financial transaction and an intimate relationship.

In short, the client pays for the escort’s time, companionship, emotional, and in many cases, physical intimacy.

Unlike a traditional escort service, the GFE is usually an ongoing transactional relationship, not too dissimilar to that of a sugar relationship.

However, they differ from one another in that sugar dating is more exclusive and involves a lot more time being spent together. 

In some instances, the GFE can involve the client providing accommodation, expensive dinner dates, and luxury gifts to an escort in exchange for a romantic and sexual relationship.


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What is involved in the Girlfriend Experience?

1. Companionship

Having the Girlfriend Experience can allow you to form a close companionship with another person.

The escort is there so you have someone to trust and confide in, express your opinions and feelings freely without judgment, and go to for support, which is healthy for your wellbeing. 

According to Heritage Healthcare, having a companion and someone to talk to “encourages mental stimulation and positive thoughts, as well as reminisce memories”.

An escort providing this emotionally intimate service is perfect for those struggling to find somebody.

Although it’s a paid service, for some, part of the GFE is about developing genuine intimacy with another person. 


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2. Consistent communication  

When booking a traditional escort service, the experience generally ends after a few hours or up to how long you’ve booked the escort’s time.

The GFE differs, in the fact that it’s an ongoing experience. In essence, a GFE will mean that it will be a similar relationship to having a girlfriend. 

This will include regular communication, through calls and texts, where both parties will be very much present in each other’s lives.

3. Deeper intimacy

In a traditional escort service, although not mandatory, it is common for the escort and client to participate in some form of sexual activity, such as oral sex, erotic massage, or penetrative intercourse.  

However, the GFE tends to involve more intimacy, which is based on the fantasy that she is your girlfriend. 

This means that services such as kissing (which some traditional escorts may not provide) and morning sex, if you’ve arranged an overnight stay, are more likely to be included in the GFE.

Although escort services are typically focused on the needs of the client, the GFE can mean that you have the chance to sexually satisfy your companion too.

A GFE escort that provides sexual services are open-minded about sexual fetishes and kinks and will aim to understand satisfies you sexually.


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4. Physical intimacy

There are numerous reasons why someone may be a virgin in their adulthood.

Seeking an escort that also provides the Girlfriend Experience can be a great way to gain sexual experience in a more intimate way.

If you’re an adult and are considering losing your virginity to an escort, the GFE can make it that extra special.

5. Relationship experience

If you’ve been single for a long time or yearn to be in a relationship, the GFE may help you rediscover or find your romantic self while experiencing the joys of a satisfying relationship.

Our casual sex research found that since the pandemic, 59% of people admitted to feeling ‘worried’ about dating due to social anxiety while a third feel it’s hard to build physical connections.

Whether you’re divorced or just haven’t found the right one, the Girlfriend Experience is a perfect way to regain or boost your confidence and self-esteem in the world of dating.


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A GFE is a premium escort service that is sought-after for various personal reasons.

GFE dating allows you to enjoy the fantasy benefits of an intimate relationship without the give-and-take that is expected in a traditional relationship.

Many escorts provide the GFE service in London and around the UK.

Book a GFE today.


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