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A guide on how to find the best sex workers in the UK

Are you seeking the services of a sex worker?

Not knowing where to begin your search might be what’s stopping you from finding the right sex worker for you.

With approximately 72,800 sex workers in the UK including an estimated 32,000 working in London alone, finding this type of specialised service has never been easier.

How to find sex workers

There are many ways to discover and find sex workers.

But before you begin your search, you need to think about the type of sex work service you’re looking for. 

Sex work comes in various forms. For example, are you seeking online sex work through webcam chat? Or are you looking for physical companionship? 

There are different types of sex workers too. Are you looking for someone to accompany you at events or are you seeking a full-service, which also includes sexual services?

All of these factors will determine where you look for your desired sex worker.

In general, below are some common ways you can find sex workers in the UK.


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Social media

From Twitter to Facebook, many sex workers have social profiles and use them to advertise their services. 

There are various ways they can be found on social, such as looking at threads or follow specific hashtags (e.g., #sexworkers, #escorts, etc.).

Escort agencies

In the UK, there are various escort agencies that you can use to find a sex worker. 

You can research escort agencies online, contact them and let them know what type of sex worker you’re looking for.

If you go ahead with an escort agency, they will first ask you some questions to gauge your personality before recommending the services of an escort. 

If you’re looking for a social escort, in particular, escort agencies are a great place to look.

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Adult sites

Not all sex workers are with an agency – many sex workers are self-employed, and are known as independent sex workers.

With tons of adult dating sites available, they typically advertise their services on online platforms, like Vivastreet, which is one of the easiest ways to find sex workers online. 

On these sites, you will have the freedom to look at thousands of sex worker profiles and decide who you want to meet up with according to their appearance, services and personality. 

Also, due to the different services offered, you’re more likely to find a sex worker that suits your budget.

Some adult sites, like Vivastreet, allow escort agencies to advertise on their platform as well.

They even provide other sex work services, such as webcam and private gallery services, which allow you to access erotic videos and images online.


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How to find sex workers near you on Vivastreet

Like the well-known Craigslist personals, Vivastreet is a reputable global classified site that hosts a number of sex work services.

We provide thousands of sex workers on our site from all over the UK varying in age, ethnicity, gender and services.

Here’s how to find local sex workers on Vivastreet:

Step 1: Visit our Escorts & Massages page

Step 2: In the location search bar, enter the location you would like to meet your sex worker, and press search

Location search bar on Vivastreet's Escorts & Massages page


Step 3: Scroll through all the professional sex workers that are local to you or in your desired area

Step 4: Once you’ve read through some ads and chosen your ideal sex worker, click on their profile and make a booking via phone call, SMS or message


Call, SMS and email contacts buttons on escort profile


If you want to, you can refine your search further by filtering escorts by their gender, age, ethnicity. 

If you have a maximum spend, the site also allows you to find services that are within your budget.

You can choose sex workers according to the types of services you’re looking for, such as tantric massage, BDSM, or other specific fetishes

Vivastreet has age and photo verification systems in place ​​to ensure clients looking for sex workers are using a secure and safe platform with no risk of breaking any laws.

Find local sex workers today

Finding a sex worker is a lot easier than you may have thought. 

If you want to choose your own sex worker, then using a platform like Vivastreet is a great start.

Wherever you choose to find and use the services of a sex worker, you must ensure that the sex worker is 18 or over. It’s illegal to pay for sex from a person under the age of 18.

So, what are you waiting for? Find a sex worker near you today.

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