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What is an escort & the different types?

Within the world of sex work, an escort describes a sex worker who provides entertainment, companionship, and/or sexual services in exchange for money.

In order for escort services to work, their services are generally advertised on adult online platforms to attract clients, where those who are interested can hire their services.

An escort will often display photos of themselves, descriptions of their personality, physical attributes and the services they offer, as well as their prices.

Many people wonder what it’s like to be an escort, but the truth is, the escorting experience varies for everyone and can differ between female and male sex workers.

In general, escorts meet new people and experience different environments on a regular basis.

Escorting vs prostitution – what’s the difference?

As both escorts and prostitutes spend time with clients in exchange for money, the difference between them can be quite confusing.

Prostitution involves providing sexual services only, whereas escorting offers non-sexual services, such as accompanying clients to social events.

Unlike prostitutes, escorts can sometimes be hired over several days or weeks, and are generally hired for qualities that are not linked to sex (i.e., their social skills).

Although escorts can engage in sexual activity with clients, it’s not often the sole purpose of their business.


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Types of escorts

Just as there are different types of sex work there are various types of escorts to choose from. Below are the most common:

Full-service escort: A full-service escort is someone who provides sexual intercourse to clients along with non-sexual services. This can also include massage and other sexual services such as oral sex.

Private escort: A private escort, also referred to as independent escort, is self-employed and likes to keep their profession away from the public eye. As they work for themselves, they advertise their own services online, usually charge lower prices than agency escorts, and get to keep all the profits. They often work in hotels and private buildings like houses.

Social escort: A social escort mainly accompanies clients to various places such as private dates, business trips, or public events. They are there to act or play the role of the client’s girlfriend/boyfriend or romantic companion. Social escorts are often required to be sophisticated and eloquent, highly educated, and socially adept.


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Outcall escort: An outcall escort is someone who goes to visit the client at the place they are staying to provide the requested services. This could be at the client’s house or a hotel room.

Incall escort: An incall escort is someone who accepts clients coming to their place of business in order to receive their services. Some incall escorts provide outcall services too.

A-level escort: An a-level escort is simply someone who is willing to indulge in anal sex. This is something that needs to be specified, as there are some services that escorts do and do not offer to clients.

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Are escorts clean? 

If we’re referring to sex and personal hygiene, this is a pivotal requirement in the sex industry. 

Escorts frequently shower and request their clients to shower before any physical interaction. Some escorts request that the client take a shower at the location they are both at so they are sure that the client is clean and hygienic.

At work, escorts often practice safe sex by using protection to safeguard themselves and clients from infectious diseases such as STIs. 

However, as with anyone you choose to be sexually intimate with, having unprotected sex can put you at risk.

If you’re interested in sexual services from an escort, you should always take responsibility for yourself and make sure that you wear condoms.


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Will escorts have sex?

If an escort has advertised that they offer sexual services and an agreement has been made with the client prior to the arranged meeting, then yes, the escort will have sex with the client.

Escorts aim to provide their clients with a customised service that meets their needs and desires, which often involves sex. 

However, there are many escorts that do not provide sexual services and strictly offer their company and companionship only.

If you seek sexual services from an escort, make sure they have explicitly provided this service in their ad prior to booking.


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How to find a good escort

With many adult sites like Vivastreet providing escort services across the UK, finding a suitable escort couldn’t be any simpler.

Here’s how to find a good escort in 7 steps:

  1. Discover a reputable adult site providing escort services 
  2. Decide whether you want an independent escort or an agency escort and search through the list of ads
  3. Narrow your search down to the type of escort you desire. For example, are you seeking an escort in London in their 30s who provides fetish services? 
  4. Decide on a budget and choose an escort that you can afford. If what you seek requires more money, save up and hire an escort at a later date. Haggling prices could have you identified as a timewaster, and you could potentially be blacklisted from the sex work community
  5. Make sure the escort’s ad is photo verified and age verified for proof of identity
  6. Do a background check by researching their name and looking at their social media profiles
  7. Get in touch with them to discuss their services in more detail and both come to an agreement on what you both expect to avoid disappointment 

How much is an escort?

The price of hiring an escort varies. 

It depends on the duration and types of services you require, as some escorts charge more for specific services, such as BDSM for example.

High-class escorts or agency escorts typically charge higher prices than independent escorts, so bear this in mind when booking an escort.

On Vivastreet, most independent escorts charge between £100-£120 per hour.


If you’re looking to hire an escort, scroll through our list of ads and pick an escort that suits your needs and budget. 

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