Here's Vivastreet's ultimate guide for attracting new clients and more business to your escort ad

How to attract new clients to your escort ad

Do you currently advertise with Vivastreet? If so, you know that simply advertising your services is not enough. Knowing how to maximise the number of clients and increase client response will ensure that you continue to generate business and grow your escort brand.

At Vivastreet we have a range of ways to promote your escort ad to help get it seen by more people, generate more replies, and ultimately help you to successfully sell your service.

Follow the steps below to help you attract new clients:

1. Write compelling, clear titles

Writing long excessive titles that display every single service or product you’re selling can look spammy, and is likely to confuse potential buyers.

Advert titles that are short, succinct and get straight to the point (while clearly highlighting your product or service,) is much more effective.

To write a good title the rule of thumb is to highlight your service/product first followed by your location and a USP (unique selling point).

This will help potential customers to instantly understand and identify the service or product you are offering, and in doing so will encourage the right users to your ad.


2. Invest in high-quality images

Fact: Buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting. If you want to increase your ad’s chances of attracting potential buyers, a high calibre image that clearly showcases your product or service is essential

Having images will already generate more responses, but having quality images will make your ad stand out even more. 

Tips for a good image:

  • Use a good camera (from a smartphone or quality camera device)
  • Take a few photos to fully showcase the product/service (at Vivastreet you can have up to 12 images)
  • Learn techniques for taking appealing selfies
  • Think of the image size. The bigger the image, the better quality. At Vivastreet you can upload an image with a max file size of 10MB

Follow these, and all you have to do is sit back and prepare to receive an influx of responses.


A well optimised and Yoti verified Vivastreet escort ad

3. Avoid keyword spamming your ads

It’s a common and misguided belief that the more trigger words you cram into your ad, the more your ad will appear, subsequently generating more clicks.

This is false. In fact, populating excessive trigger words in your advert will only flag it as spam to both potential contacts and search engines such as Google.

Tips for good ad copy:

  • Avoid adding spam trigger words for the sake of it
  • Write your ad for human beings, not machines
  • Put as much detail about your product/service in your advert as possible
  • Avoid adding untruths about your services or product 

Note* In the case a snippet of your advert appears on search engines, remember that the first few lines of your ad should clearly represent your service/product.

It’s imperative that you write an informative, easy-to-read and simple ad detailing your product. 


Optimised escort ad without keyword stuffing

4. Promote your ad

If you really want your ad to stand out from the pack, then promoting your ad is a must.

At Vivastreet, for a small fee, you can opt for a number of upgrade plans to help your ad generate more contacts. Want to increase the visibility of your ad with our upgrade plans? Login to your account.

5. Verify your ad

Here at Vivastreet, you can now have an official age and photo verified profile to prove that you’re over the age of 18 and you are who you say you are.

Having a verified ad will not only mean that your ad will seem more trustworthy to potential clients, but it will also stand out amongst thousands of ads on our listings page, with an official Yoti age verified badge.

Ads that are verified get 20% more visibility than ads that are not verified.


Read our guides on how to set up an official age verification and photo verification ad with Vivastreet.

That’s it. Hopefully by following the tips above you will see an improvement in the number of clients your ad attracts. Good luck.



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