Vivastreet upgrade plans for escort ads

Vivastreet upgrade plans for your escort ad

Are you an escort that advertises with Vivastreet? Or are you seeking a reputable site to place an ad and better promote your escort services.

At Vivastreet, we provide a wide choice of upgrade feature plans to help you drive more business.

When it comes to promoting your ad, competition can be high, which can make it more challenging to be discovered amongst the crowd. 

Our plans give your ad more visibility and a greater advantage of attracting potential clients.

Want to stand out amongst the competition? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your ad more visible.

Top upgrades for your escort ad

Due to the high volume of ads, our basic advertising plan (in which you only pay the mandatory posting fee) can sometimes be less effective than those with additional upgrades. Discover the right one for your ad below: 


Our most exclusive feature, the VIP plan places your ad in a photo carousel right at the top of the page and above all other listings. When potential clients visit the page your ad features on, the VIP ads will be the first ads they see. Here, your ad photo is displayed in a larger format, drawing wider attention to your photo. The photos in the carousel also auto-rotate (so your ad could have a chance of being the first ad on the page). An exclusive “VIP” label will appear below your ad title within VIP listings. If you’re looking for your ad to have maximum visibility then the VIP plan is for you.

Tip: Although images are not mandatory, it is strongly suggested that you include at least one (and your best photo) to make your ad more appealing to potential clients. 


Vivastreet VIP plan


Interested in VIP? Upgrade now.

A popular choice, the Featured plan places your ad above all other non-featured or conventional ads. With this plan, your ad will have an orange banner and a “Featured” label, and can get your ad on one of the first few pages, depending on the number of featured ads in your area. If you’re looking to give your ad added visibility, then opt for the Featured plan. 

Tip: Combine this plan with a repost option to get your ad on the first page each time you repost.


Vivastreet Featured plan


Interested in Featured? Upgrade now.


Want your ad to pop on the page? The Highlight feature accents your advert with dark green tones, making it stand out against the lighter-hued standard ads on the page. Even better, this feature allows for multiple photos (a total of three) on the cover. The additional photos can help promote your various services to potential clients, while also highlighting the different aspects of your personality. If you want your ad to be noticed, then the Highlight plan is a great choice.

Tip: Many escorts opt to combine the Highlight plan with the popular Featured plan to make their featured ad stand out even more.


Vivastreet Highlight plan


Interested in Highlight? Upgrade now.

Repost Plans

When posting an ad, the list of ads displayed on the page stays in the order in which the ads were created. Our repost options allow your ad to be placed higher in the list. However, it’s important to know that when purchased alone, a repost plan will not place your ad higher than VIP and Featured ads.

Tip: If you really want to stay at the top of the page, we recommend purchasing a repost plan in addition to a VIP or Featured plan.


With this upgrade option, your ad will automatically be bumped up to the top of the list of ads every 12 hours for the duration of the plan. This repost happens twice a day, starting from the time you purchase the plan. This is a great opportunity to keep your ad higher on the page for longer, and limits the risk of new ads burying your ad down the list. Although your ad will be reposted multiple times, this plan is at a fixed price.


Muti-Repost gives you the option to repost your ad manually every 15 minutes to boost it up the list. All you need to do is log into your account, go to the ‘Manage my ads’ section, and click on the blue Multi-Repost link under the title of your ad. When it has been clicked on it will turn grey, and will return blue when it’s available again (after 15 minutes). The Multi-Repost button is only available once the plan has been purchased. However, your ad will still automatically return to the top of the listings every 12 hours just like the Repost plan. This is the perfect plan if you’re looking to get as many clients as possible for the duration of your ad.

Tip: It will be hard for competitors to stay above you if you add a Featured plan to a Multi-Repost plan, and will increase the chances of your ad being seen tenfold.

Interested in any of our Repost plans? Upgrade now.

New Label

Why not provide a more current and fresher presentation to your ad by adding the New Label feature? It’s an orange word tag that is applied above your ad’s title. It’s an attractive prospect that can make you appear like a freshly-new escort on the site, perfect for attracting the attention of regular users.


Vivastreet New Label plan


Interested in New Label? Upgrade now.

URL to your website

Want your ad to link to your personal website? Vivastreet allows you to promote your site on your ad profile. Some clients may only feel more comfortable to book a date with an escort that has a professional website. It’s good to place this on your ad to make it appear more genuine and trustworthy.

Interested in adding a URL to your ad? Upgrade now.

City Change

Do you travel often or provide services in more than one city? Your escorting services do not have to be limited to your hometown. In addition to the plans mentioned above, you have the option to change the location of your publication as many times as you want during the duration of the plan. Changing your location allows you to do business with clients from wherever you are. It’s a great way to keep business going while broadening your horizons with interested clients.

Note: This plan cannot be purchased through the site. To find out more, please contact our support team

Important note: All plans mentioned above are valid for 7 days. Prices for our plans may vary depending on location. If your location moves, you may be required to pay the difference in publishing costs.

Purchase or update your plan

To assist during the process of acquiring any of our upgrade plans, our team of experts is at your disposal to explain each option in detail, in addition to guiding you on how to choose and purchase them.

If you’re interested in updating or purchasing a new plan to enhance your ad and make it even more profitable, click here.

If you don’t currently advertise with Vivastreet, post an ad today.

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