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How to take sexy selfies for your adult content

Are you a photo model, cam model, or sex worker who sells online content?

If so, you know that taking a sexy selfie is harder than it looks.

Whether it’s for your private galleries, or even for your escort profile, selfies are important to create a desirable impression and drive clients to do business with you.

Here are some top pointers on how to take an ultra-sexy selfie, and attract more clients in the process.

How to take sexy selfies

1. Arch your back

Want to accentuate your behind? Creating a curve in your back will make your behind extend outwards. A Portuguese study discovered that a model with an arched back was, on average, rated more attractive, with participants spending a longer amount of time looking at their images. As well as being the highlight of your photo, a popping rear is eye-catching, sexually enticing, and can make you stand out.


Woman in sexy lingerie arching her back in selfie

2. Accentuate your jawline 

You already know that a sharp jawline is a sexy physical trait. Just jut it out, extending your face outward from your neck to give it some definition and highlighting the beauty of your face. Whether you tilt your chin down, look sideways or backwards over your shoulders, this protruding jawline trick will flatter your face. It’s also a clever way to make your face appear slimmer in photos too if you wish.

3. Use windows and mirrors

Selfies taken by a window or in front of a mirror can create a natural aesthetic and an air of intimacy. It’s a bonus if the sun gleams through the shot, as it can provide a stunning glow that looks ethereal and seductive. If you want to know how to take a mirror selfie, use your back camera and have it face the mirror. Ensure there’s a tidy setting or cool backdrop in the reflection. Hold your phone under your face, out to the side, or in front of your face to be mysterious or draw attention to your body (a great option for nudes). If you have on something sexy, a mirror selfie in the bedroom or bathroom can make clients feel drawn into your inner sanctuary too.


Woman in sexy lingerie taking a mirror selfie

4. Show off your erogenous zones

If you’re offering sexual services, then emphasising or showing a sneak peek of your erogenous zones, such as your breasts, thighs, legs, neck, or abdomen can be appealing to clients. Likewise, if you specialise in any fetish services, such as feet, be sure to capture those pinkies. Nude selfies don’t always mean you have to show off everything at once, a nice shot of the back of you will have clients tempted to see what else is on offer. These types of selfies leave a lot to the imagination, having clients wanting more and enticing them to book your services.

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5. Add sexy props and accessories

Props are a sure-fire way to make your selfies exciting and stand out from the crowd. Why not pose with a sex toy, lick a lollipop, wear love cuffs, or hold a whip for sex appeal? If it’s a nude selfie, you can use a pillow or luxurious cushion to partially hide your private areas for the perfect tease. Remember, sexy doesn’t mean overtly sexual. You can sport some dangly sparkly earrings or a pretty hair rose to give off that glam or romantic image. Whatever look or feel you’re trying to portray, props and accessories can give clients an impression of your personality.


Woman posing on bed with sex toy handcuffs in selfie

6. Give seductive eye contact

When taking selfies, don’t be too shy to look directly into the camera. It will make clients feel that you’re looking right into their eyes, providing a more personal touch to your profile or private galleries. You’ll look more attractive if you smile with your eyes or give a slight erotic squint instead of a deadpan stare. A pro tip is to look at the light source to give your eyes a little sparkle. Otherwise, consider looking to the side to create a cute and more mysterious vibe.

7. Use flattering lighting

Natural lighting is the best option for selfies, as it always compliments the subject of the photo. As mentioned above, taking a shot by a window or even outdoors is great for sourcing sufficient light. If this doesn’t appeal to you, walk around your environment and find the best spot that offers desirable brightness and lighting. Make sure the light source strikes your face and body from the angle you desire, as shadows on your face (especially under your eyes) can be harsh. Don’t forget you can play around with the light and brightness features on your camera, or better yet, get yourself a selfie ring light.


Woman in sexy underwear taking a selfie on floor near the window for natural light

8. Dress to kill

Never underestimate what a sexy outfit can do in a selfie. Whether it’s seductive lingerie or a role-play uniform (e.g., sexy nurse), what you wear can make your selfie captivating and fuel your clients’ fantasies. For example, you can sport a tight-fitting dress to hug your curves, wear boots or heels to heighten your legs, don lacy lingerie to tease clients by exposing lots of flesh or put on a blindfold or mouth gag to symbolise specific fetishes, such as BDSM

9. Pick the best angle 

Taking selfies from specific angles gives you control of how you want to be perceived. Experiment with various angles to capture your best side. Do you want to tilt your head and show the most attractive side of your face? Maybe a shot above head height is best if you want to disguise areas of your body. A shot from below can make you look taller or emphasise your breasts if you wish. Generally, a unique angle is more exciting than a straight-on shot. A great accessory to use to make your selfies look natural is a selfie stick.


Woman on her bed taking a selfie above head height for perfect angle


10. Strike a hot pose

As a sex worker, photo or webcam model, you probably have some experience with posing for selfies. But did know that you can go from elegant to cute or sexy with just a single adjustment of the body? Like the arched back pose mentioned earlier, you can try sitting on bent knees to add a frisky element to the picture, sitting up against a wall while stretching your body and knees up for an erotic yet elegant look, lifting your head and laughing to display your fun and humorous personality, or pushing your hair upwards to create beautiful volume. Think about what impression you want to give your clients and express it in your poses.

11. Provocative facial expressions

Your facial expressions communicate your emotions and your intentions. As you’re trying to lure clients to your ad or galleries, you don’t want to look too serious or unapproachable. You can do the duck face, the fish gape, a pout, or a kiss face to look playful and attractive. Even the cute ‘I’m bored’ look can signal to your clients that you’re available and ready to have fun.

Get your selfies ready

Now you know how to take the perfect selfie, this is a stepping stone to attracting more clients and generating more business.

You can even make your selfies more alluring by using some filters and effects. However, try not to overdo it, as clients generally like to see natural photos of sex workers and photo and cam models.

If you want more inspiration for your selfies, themed photos for special occasions can make them more unique and exciting.

Likewise, if taking a good selfie is a struggle for you, there are also many great adult and erotic photography services available that you can choose from for professional photos.

Otherwise, take some stunning selfies with our top tips and upload them to your profile today.

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