Woman in rose petal bath for Valentine's Day Private Gallery

Private Gallery ideas for every occasion

Are you looking to generate more business with Vivastreet Private Gallery, but need inspiration for your content?

If you’re seeking original ideas to create sexy adult material, why not incorporate a theme into the mix by capitalising on the biggest occasions of the year.

Get innovative with props, accessories, and specific attire to make your content stand out while keeping your clients entertained. 

Using some of the biggest annual events, here are some photo and video ideas that will help take your private galleries to another level, and ultimately have clients coming back for more.


A birthday is a unique and special occasion. Celebrating your fans’ birthday will make them feel extra special. In your private galleries, you could do a personal shout out to some of your most loyal fans or even be creative and insert their name on a particular part of your body. You can do this while taking pretty photos or videos looking dressed up or natural, or show off in some luxury lingerie to thrill them. If you want to go a little further, set the scene by adding some birthday balloons and seductively blow out some candles in a cake. Another idea is cake sitting – a sexual fetish where people sit on cake for sexual pleasure, particularly to enjoy its moist, messy and squishy sensation. You could even surprise your fans in your “birthday suit”, the perfect occasion to add some nude selfies to your private galleries. For this occasion, you can offer a tailored experience for specific fans and truly make it special.


Woman in sexy lingerie holding cake and surrounded by balloons for Birthday Private Gallery


  • Neutral tones
  • Red and/or pink hued lip wear, eyewear and blushers
  • Eyelash extensions


  • Hollywood or bombshell curls
  • Crown braid with ponytail
  • High-volume ponytail
  • Sleek ponytail
  • Messy side bun

Outfit ideas

  • Sexy lingerie 
  • Glamour dress
  • Nude

Woman in lingerie seductively eating cake for Birthday Private Gallery

Valentine’s Day

For a sexy Valentine’s collection, your private galleries need to speak the language of love. When we think of this sweet occasion, the sensuality of red springs to mind. It alludes romance, lust, love and affection, and your photos and videos can embrace these concepts with tantalising visuals. Why not turn clients on with some sexy red lipstick, show off your curves in a red lacy lingerie set, or flaunt your feet with seductive red heels? If you want to be unique, give your galleries a wow-factor by donning burlesque or French maid fashion to fuel your clients’ fantasies of erotic roleplay. Feeling a little risqué? Wear nothing at all, and tease them by using pretty petals to cover your private parts. Create a romantic vibe by adding a touch of red balloons, roses and candles to the scene. You don’t have to shoot in your bedroom either; a rose petal bath will be just as thrilling. Touch on the notion of desire by emphasising popular sexual fetishes to make your galleries steamy and exciting.


Nude woman on bed with private parts covered in rose petals for Valentine's Day Private Gallery


  • Neutral tones
  • Red and/or pink hued lip wear, eyewear and blushers
  • Eyelash extensions


  • Heart bun
  • French braid crown
  • Fishtail updo
  • Half-up & half-down 
  • Low sleek bun
  • Triple braid ponytail
  • Loose curls or waves 

Outfit ideas

  • Lace, mesh, satin and silk materials
  • Lingerie/Hosiery & suspenders
  • Nightwear
  • Dresses
  • Bodysuits
  • Burlesque
  • French Maid

Woman laying on bed wearing red lingerie, red lipstick and holding red heart

St Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by exuding everything Irish and green in your private galleries. You can dress up as a sexy leprechaun in the form of a dress or skin-tight bodysuit, don Irish-themed attire, or wear a tantalising green lingerie set. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, accessories like a leprechaun hat, green hair ribbons, sheer green tights, or green tinsel will do the trick. Fancy a racy selfie? Place fake shamrocks over your nipples and perhaps a pot of gold in between your legs for a sexual innuendo. This traditional day is also synonymous with beer-drinking; impress your clients by doing a fun drinking challenge or seductively pour beer over your body to turn on those that get erotic pleasure from wet and messy fetishism. Your Irish fans would love to see an Irish flag in the scene too, and you can even brighten up your galleries with some rainbow colours, whether it’s a sparkly rainbow bed sheet or a pretty blend of colours on your eyes or lips.


Nude woman in leprechaun hat holding two beers to cover her breasts for St Patrick's Day Private Gallery


  • Green or gold lip wear and eyewear 
  • Sparkly eyeshadow or lip wear
  • Rainbow-effect makeup
  • Body art (e.g., fake shamrock or gold coin tattoos)


  • Any hairstyle with a tint of green

Outfit ideas

  • Sexy leprechaun outfit
  • Green lingerie
  • Green dress
  • Green accessories (e.g., shamrock brooch, leprechaun hat, green tinsel, headband, etc.)


A sexy Easter bunny is an enduring sex symbol that will spice up your private galleries. Dress up in the famous busty corset, fluffy tail and cute bunny ears to achieve this sweet yet raunchy look. Evoking Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, opt for black for a sexy and sophisticated appearance. Just add some fishnet stockings, cuffs, a collar and bow tie, and some sexy heels to pull it off. Or,  go for white to portray an innocent look or pink for an extra feminine style. Let your hair down and set it free to set a playful vibe. You can munch on a carrot for a cheeky sexual innuendo or express your love for chocolate, an aphrodisiac that will put sex on your clients’ minds. You can smother yourself in chocolate to incite a bit of food foreplay or eat it seductively. You can even dress your environment with lots of Easter eggs. Where do we find bunnies? Take an outdoor video or photo shoot in your back garden. Injecting some nature and greenery will certainly turn on those exhibitionism fantasists that get thrills from outdoor sex. Hang a cute basket on your arm brimming with sex toys or other sexual goodies to let your clients’ imagination run wild.


Woman in sexy black lace bunny outfit for Easter Private Gallery


  • Floating eyeliner style
  • White eyeliner
  • Shimmery eyeshadow
  • Pastel colour eyeshadows (e.g., lilac, mint, pink, etc.)
  • Pink or neutral lip wear 
  • Natural- looking makeup with red lipstick
  • Bronze blusher


  • Easter egg pigtails
  • Side Dutch fishtail braid 
  • Bow bun
  • Side twist
  • Hair down
  • Messy updo
  • Voluminous curls 

Outfit ideas

  • Sexy bunny outfit

Woman wearing bunny outfit while eating chocolate eggs for Easter Private Gallery


For Halloween, spice up your collection with sexy, sultry and spooky private galleries. It’s a chance to channel your alter ego by becoming whatever or whoever you want to be in your photos and videos. Think scary, power, fear, mystery, rebellion, all of which you can turn into a sexual fantasy. Try dark or heavy makeup for a gothic or mysterious look, or jazz it up with some orange and purple tones. Why not wear contact lenses or fangs for a scarier sex appeal? Reveal some flesh in fishnet or spiderweb tights, a mini black dress or a flowing cape. If you love fancy dress, now’s the time to pull it out of the bag. Get deeper into fright night mode by dressing up as a voluptuous vampire, daring devil, or raunchy witch. Like a bit of bondage? Your Halloween collection is a great time to express your BDSM kink. As they both embody the dark and seductive theme, leather and latex outfits like catsuits and tight-fit dresses will go down a treat for your clients. Don’t forget to set the scene with some accessories and props, such as candy, pumpkins, taper candles, or creepy-crawlies, fake blood and weapons for a more spine-chilling atmosphere. You can even think outside the box and film or take photos outside in abandoned-looking places to set the mood. Wherever you go, the trick is to use limited light to create a haunted atmosphere, and using spooky effects (e.g., in Photoshop) will make your private galleries pop.


Woman laying on floor dressed as sexy vampire in black lingerie for Halloween Private Gallery


  • Smoky eyes
  • Dark lip wear and eyewear 
  • Dramatic eyeliner
  • Thick or full-volume fake eyelashes
  • Coloured hair spray
  • Cosmetic accessories (e.g., fangs, contact lenses, fake blood, etc.)


  • Fancy dress wigs (e.g., Bride of Frankenstein, Medusa, Cruella De Vil, Harley Quinn, etc.)
  • Skeleton braids
  • Pumpkin bun
  • Massive hair bow
  • Middle-part 
  • Halloween headwear (e.g., devil horns, witch hat, crown, etc)

Outfit ideas

  • Lace, mesh, satin and silk materials
  • Sexy Halloween costumes (Nurse, devil, vampire, witch, nun, zombie, etc.)
  • Bondage
  • Fishnet tights/Stockings
  • Lace corset/bodice
  • Black/red lingerie 
  • Stiletto heels 

Woman laying on bed wearing sexy nurse outfit and stethoscope for Halloween Private Gallery


‘Tis the season to glam up your private galleries with all things bright and sparkly. Create a stunning look with glittery hair and makeup and erotic Christmas underwear. Better yet, a saucy seasonal style such as a sultry Santa or naughty elf outfit will certainly have clients hot under the collar. You can keep it simple yet effective by experimenting with sexy Christmas accessories. Covering yourself with luxurious white fur, sporting a Santa hat or sucking on a candy cane are bound to spread the festive cheer. Incorporate some pretty baubles, fake snow, and wrapped presents for a festive atmosphere, and you can even shock clients by wrapping yourself in Xmas lights. You can take photos or shoot an erotic video in the bedroom or be creative around the Christmas tree. Wherever you set your Christmas shoot, don’t forget to add a mistletoe so clients wish they were there.


Woman in sexy red lingerie posing in front of Christmas tree for Christmas Private Gallery


  • Red lip wear
  • Glittery eyeshadow
  • Green and red tones
  • Golden glimmer
  • Candy cane liner


  • Halo braid
  • High ponytail
  • Wet-hair look
  • Waterfall curls
  • Sparkly hair bands, clips and hair cuffs
  • Christmas headwear (e.g., Santa hat, elf hat, reindeer ears, etc)

Outfit ideas

  • Lace, mesh, velvet and satin materials
  • Sexy Christmas costumes (Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Angel, etc.)
  • Christmas stockings
  • White fur shawl
  • Sparkly/sequinned dress or bodysuit
  • White/red lingerie 
  • Stiletto heels

Woman in red lingerie, red stilettos, and Santa hat on buttocks for Christmas Private Gallery

Start creating your private galleries

There is so much inspiration out there when it comes to creating erotic photos and videos, and the biggest occasions of the year is the best time to do it.

Your photos and videos do not always have to be simple; sometimes it can be lucrative to go above and beyond to make your private content stand out amongst the competition and make it seem truly professional.

The key is to let loose and be creative, experiment with new ideas, and play on your clients’ fantasies.

If you need help creating your dream photo or video shoot, there are plenty of top companies in the UK that specialise in boudoir photography, including themed sets.

Before the big occasion swings around, start planning your best private gallery ideas now.

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