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Kunyaza: The African secret to female pleasure

Have you ever heard of Kunyaza

If not, it’s an African lovemaking experience dedicated to female pleasure.

As natural as orgasms are, many women struggle to reach that peak spot.

According to traditional African cultures, this exotic sex secret might just be the gateway to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Find out for yourself.

What is Kunyaza and its origins?

Kunyaza is an ancestral Rwandan sexual practice used to trigger female orgasm and ejaculation during intercourse.

It is believed that with this sex style, women can achieve orgasm within 3 to 5 minutes, which could provide a solution to the orgasm gap.

Its origins are said to be from the Third Dynasty of the Rwandan Monarchy. 

According to a folk tradition, the queen’s husband went away to war. Unsatisfied by his absence, she demanded her royal guard to have sex with her to fulfil her sexual needs.  

As the guard acquiesced in her decision, he grew extremely nervous and his body trembled uncontrollably, causing his penis to shake against her clitoris and labia, helping her ejaculate for the first time. 

From there, the Kunyaza tradition was born, which is known in the West as ‘squirting’.


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The benefits of Kunyaza

According to Habeeb Akande’s book on Kunyaza, there are many benefits of this sexual practice, such as:

  • Facilitating female ejaculation
  • Triggering multiple orgasms in women
  • Aiding men to last longer in the bedroom
  • Enhancing female sexual pleasure
  • Potentially bringing women to orgasm under five minutes
  • Helping treat female orgasmic disorder

How to do Kunyaza

According to Rwandan sex expert Dr Nsekuye Bizimana, there are two ways of practising Kunyuza.

Traditional Kunyaza

The traditional technique is the man rhythmically rubbing and tapping the head of his erect penis against the clitoris or labia while holding it between his index and middle finger.

The man should focus on keeping the same motion throughout to help the woman achieve an orgasm, whether it be moving his penis from top to bottom, left to right, or in circular movements.

Whether the man’s wrists get tired or couples want to switch things up a bit, the woman can take hold of the penis and control the movement.

This technique is great for foreplay, gives the vagina an erotic massage, and also increases arousal through lubrication.


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Tip: Females can hold open their labia to intensify the sensation.

Make sure there is sufficient lubrication as the vagina might be sensitive to the tapping and rubbing. Some lube, saliva, or oral stimulation beforehand will do the trick.

Advanced Kunyaza

Although Kunyaza typically involves non-penetrative sex, the advanced way involves penile-vaginal penetration. 

However, instead of thrusting, the man holds his penis and moves it from side to side or stirs it around to stimulate the internal region of the vagina.

Both Kunyaza practices can also be combined together, and including in-and-out thrusting, for enhanced sexual pleasure. Also, Kunyaza is also enough to facilitate male ejaculation.

Although Kunyaza is commonly known for heterosexual encounters, you can still try this technique with sex toys, making it possible for lesbian relationships and self-masturbation.


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Kunyaza sex positions

During the traditional Kunyaza, it is common for the man to sit down whilst the woman sits on his lap face-to-face. However, Kunyuza can be performed in many different sex positions that involve: 

  • Sitting positions
  • Lying positions
  • Positions from behind
  • Standing positions

Here are some sex positions you can try with Kunyaza. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then try out some Kama Sutra positions.

Try Kanyuza sex

Whether you’re looking to please your partner or seek greater sexual pleasure, it’s worth trying Kunyuza.

It celebrates female sexuality, by allowing couples to explore female pleasure, helping those women struggling to hit the Big O, and promoting a solution to the orgasm gap.

When you’ve tried it, let us know if it worked for you or your partner in the comments below.

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