Tantric massage, what it is and its benefits

What is tantric massage and what to expect?

A deeply erotic and thoroughly arousing experience, tantric massage incorporates practices that use energy and chakras (the latter of which derives from ancient Indian teachings). Tantric largely involves stimulating the erogenous areas of the body.

Though often simply seen as a sexual service, tantric massage is, in fact, a more powerful sensual activity. Therefore, it is an experience that is often used for both the body and mind.

Looking to learn more about tantric massage? Read our helpful guide below.

What is tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a full body massage – but one to fully unlock a deeper and more powerfully erotic experience for the body.

This is achieved by building and expanding on the body’s energy, incorporating meditation, yoga, and breathing techniques to bring a person to their highest consciousness of sexual energy.

The result is a state of arousal unlike any other that will sustain you for a longer time than that of an orgasm experienced during sex. Therefore, the tantric element sets it apart from the rest. 

Not to be confused with the ancient Hindu ritual tantra, tantric massage is actually derived from the old healing technique referred to as tantra.

This was initially formed to help the body deal with both physical and emotional trauma.

Where does tantric massage come from?

The concept of tantra was to release energy from within. Dating back as far as 5AD, tantra was developed as a form of meditation to help calm the mind and reach new spiritual levels.

Alternatively, tantric was derived as a more physical alternative to tantra, with the therapy focusing on the relaxation and pleasuring of the mind. 

The tantric practice differs from country to country, with an East Asian tantric massage encompassing different elements from an Indian tantric. 

What’s more, since its rise in popularity in the Western World, the sensual elements of this massage have become more emphasised.

Tantric works from this very formula but includes a deeper sensual feeling, relating more to our sexual needs.

For that reason, similar to the popular Nuru massage, it is often a practice centred around nudity and the private parts of the body. 

The benefits of tantric massage

Many people are unaware of the many benefits tantric massage can offer. Though it can ultimately lead to more powerful orgasms with time and experience, this isn’t always its primary goal.

Therefore, experts suggest that its other advantages include:

  •     Increased overall relaxation
  •     A reduction in stress levels
  •     An ability to clear the mind
  •     A general improvement of health
  •     Increased vitality
  •     Becoming more aware of your body and what it can do
  •     A chance to unblock or alleviate negative/blocked emotions
  •     An increased feeling of joy and happiness
  •     A way to ignite possible realisations or spiritual awakening
  •     A possibility of treating several sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction
  •     Improving your sexual relationship with your partner
  •     An increased pleasure with the potential for stronger orgasms

What to expect from a tantric massage

Though personal experiences can differ when it comes to tantric massage, there are a few basic elements that those performing the massage consider essential here. Such a massage will usually follow a specific route:

Remove your clothes and get comfortable

A masseur will ask you to remove all your clothes and take up a comfortable position on your front. This will more than likely be on a massage table or bed and require you to place a towel over your body.

The massage starts

The masseur will then begin with grounding touch movements or presses. This is to awaken your body and get the blood flowing throughout.

Removing the towel, your masseur will then begin massaging your back in a free-flowing motion. This is usually performed with warm oils. The energy from your masseur is then spread from here to induce wonderful sensations throughout your whole back, arms, thighs, and buttocks. This is the part that will activate your own inner energy.

Expect erotic awakening

At this stage, the process of an erotic awakening takes place. Here, your masseur will move to other areas of the body, caressing and stimulating you. Searching and caressing every body part, a masseur may also rhythmically move as they edge nearer to your inner thighs, gently mimicking the action experienced during sex.

The masseur focuses on your genitals

You will then be asked to turn over to face the masseur. This brings you into a position where your pelvic area is exposed to the masseur. Here they will focus on the genital area to build that arousal. This is where the erogenous zone is targeted and, often, the most pleasurable of experiences felt.

The climax

At the climax of your tantric massage, the final stage is releasing your energy. Due to the calm and slow build-up of the massage, this stage should be the most intense. Though a physical orgasm is not initially what most tantric practitioners set out to achieve, it is more than expected here in modern tantric sessions.

The cool-down

The cool-down stage of your tantric massage will leave your body in an obvious sensitive state. Though, this stage will remain calm, allowing you to gather yourself and your thoughts before the session ends. Some masseurs will offer to rub down your body as you relax, using hot towels to remove any oils.

How tantric can help your sex life

Many people, whether in a couple or single, like to refer to tantric massage to improve their sex life.

In fact, one of the many benefits claimed by tantric massage is its ability to revitalise a stagnant relationship or breathe new energy into current partnerships.

Both men and women can benefit greatly from a tantric massage. This is because the goal is to balance out your body’s energies while connecting your mind, body, and spirit.

So, if you’ve been experiencing issues in the bedroom, a massage such as this can give you the confidence to unlock the sensual element of your mind and body. Working on reducing stress levels can allow you to clear your mind and unblock the many causes of sexual blockages.

Above all, tantric massage can help a couple work in tune with one another and appreciate the power of massage when it comes to sex.

An intimate form of massage, it’s a fantastic way for you both to connect as one on another level and can wield some of the most impressive orgasms afterwards and, indeed, when performed regularly.

Where can you find tantric massage?

A quick search on Vivastreet will highlight many experienced masseuses offering tantric massage.


A quick search on Vivastreet will highlight many experienced masseuse offering tantric massage.


Some masseurs will work in dedicated premises, some will work in a home environment. You can also find those who will come to your choice of place.

However, you choose to find a tantric masseur, be sure to discuss beforehand what actual services will be provided.

You may find that some masseurs offer a traditional form of tantric massage, whereas others will offer more advanced and sexual aspects with it.

Here at Vivastreet, we have a number of professionals who offer tantric massage services at a place and time to suit you best. 


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