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Tantric Sex: What it is and why you should try it

You’ve likely heard of tantric massage, but are you familiar with tantric sex?

For those that may have heard of tantric sex, a common assumption is that it involves unique sex positions, and usually longer-lasting sex. 

In reality, there are many health benefits to be had with tantric sex, including forging a deeper bonding experience with your partner. 

Tantric sex can help bring you and your partner to new dimensions of sexual connection and pleasure. 

Curious? Read on for more information. 

What is tantric sex?

In a nutshell, tantric sex is a form of slow and meditative sex. 

The aim of this erotic practice is to wholeheartedly immerse oneself into the sexual journey, and to experience and better understand the sensations of the body. 

The idea is to move the power of your sexual energy throughout the body for healing, transformation and enlightenment. Through this holistic approach, sensuality becomes a path to divine beingness and to an intimate experience of the present moment.

The word ‘tantric’ derives from Sanskrit and refers to the expansion of consciousness. According to Tantric philosophy, we are intimately connected by the internal energy of each person and living thing. 

Every interaction we have is a circulation of energy in which we use the body as an instrument.

Therefore, tantric sex is all about sexual energy within us and how we connect and release it with our partners. 

The ultimate goal of tantric sex is not just ejaculation, but the maximum feeling of ecstasy provided during sex and orgasm. The intensity of tantric sex has been known to lead to soul-shattering orgasms.

Tantric sex practitioners and advocates also believe that tantric techniques can help resolve sexual disorders and dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia.


A couple performing tantric sex on bed

Benefits of tantric sex

As previously mentioned, tantric sex seeks a greater meaning of connection and use of sexual energy that we have between our bodies.

For this reason, the practice can bring many benefits, which includes our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are some of the main benefits linked with tantric sex:

  • Increases body awareness
  • Enables orgasms in different ways
  • Relieves anxiety and helps with depression
  • Provides a deeper understanding of one’s sexuality
  • Sharpens senses
  • Helps improve breathing
  • Provides new meaning to sex and pleasure

If you’re looking to incorporate tantric sex into your life, whatever your goal, it is important to remember that dialogue and consent must be a basic element of all sexual encounters between you and your partner, whether casual or long-term.


Relaxed couple enjoying peaceful rest on sofa while breathing in fresh air at home

How to have tantric sex

As tantric sex differs from conventional sex, it is necessary to understand in depth how tantric sex works. There are some things you can do to help prepare for tantric sex. They include: 

  • Read and learn more: The more knowledge you have on the topic of tantric sex, the more likely you will feel prepared and comfortable
  • Set aside sufficient time: Tantric sex is about slow movements and complete involvement in the moment. In some cases, tantric sex can go on for hours. So take the time to get fully involved and enjoy the experience
  • Prepare your mind: Focusing on the moment can be difficult if you are experiencing stress or have a lot of things on your mind. Meditation, stretching, yoga or masturbation before tantric sex can help achieve a clearer mind
  • Choose the right place: The environment plays a fundamental role in tantric sex. Ideally, it will take place in a quiet and relaxing environment with a comfortable temperature. You can dim the lights, light a scented candle, or put on relaxing music to set the mood

All of these elements above will help you get in the mood to really enjoy a rewarding tantric sex experience.

Create a deeper connection with each other

For a deeper connection, adopt a position in which you and your partner are sitting down facing each other with your legs crossed or intertwined.

Use your hands to feel your partner and connect with their energy. You can do this naked or with clothes on, whatever makes you both feel comfortable.

If you want to experiment with more intense touching, try some erotic massages to increase the bond and sexual energy. The tantric massage combined with tantric sex can make the experience even more powerful.

Always maintain eye contact, as this will increase the intimacy and connection between the two of you. Also, it’s imperative to try to synchronise your breathing, with long and deep inhales and exhales.

The important thing is to not be in a hurry, take it easy and take it all in. Tantric sex is meditative and serves to explore the sensations of the present moment. It must be a slow and enjoyable journey for both partners.


A couple romantically connecting their groins while standing up in bedroom

Tantric sex positions

There are various sex positions for you to enjoy during your tantric session. 

Here are some of the best suggestions for an easy and comfortable yet intimate experience:

Yab-Yum or Lotus

In the lotus position, one partner sits with their legs crossed while the other sits on their partner’s lap with their legs wrapped around their partner’s waist. Both partners closely embrace while synchronising their breath. If you want to, you can both stimulate each other’s genitals or use penetration. Or you can simply just hold each other close and feel each other’s bodies.

Amazing Butterfly

First, find a place where you or your partner can lay down; this can be a counter, table or bed (if it is high). While lying down, the partner raises their legs and places them on their partner’s shoulders, who will be standing up. The partner lying down should tilt their pelvis upwards so that the back is lifted from the surface and their groin meets with their partner’s. The standing partner places their hands under their lover’s hips, holding the body at a perfect angle while penetrating.

Row His Boat

The penetrating partner sits on a comfortable and sturdy chair (so as not to have accidents) in a slouching position with legs slightly spread. The other person straddles their partner’s lap and sits on their groin with their knees bent upwards. Both partners should be facing each other.


A couple in tantric sex position on table about to have tantric sex

Try tantric sex today

Does the thought of mindful sex excite you?

If you’re seeking deeper levels of sensation and sexual energy, tantric sex might benefit you.

Unlike other forms of sex, tantric sex focuses entirely on connection resulting in deeply intimate and meditative sex.

So, if you’re not just concerned about achieving an orgasm, try tantric sex with your partner today.


Disclaimer: Due to the current social-distancing measures, should you decide to participate in any sexual activity of any kind it should be with a person who you have been self-isolating or social distancing with. All parties involved should also have adhered to Government social-distancing guidelines. 

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