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Morning sex: How to get it on in the A.M & why you should

Morning sex. For some, it’s a no-no. While for others, it gets their morning kick-started.

For those who are #TeamMorningSex, you may be surprised.

A survey by Superdrug, which comprised of 2,000 Brits, discovered that the desire to have evening sex is actually stronger and more frequent than morning sex.

So is morning sex better in the evening or at night? It could be argued that there are pros and cons to both.

But what evening sex lovers may not know is that there are multiple health benefits associated with morning sex, making it a great addition to your daily morning routine. 

Physiologically speaking, it could be better to have sex in the morning, as many people have higher levels of testosterone and estrogen at the beginning of the day

According to experts, the elevation of these sex hormones may lead to increased sexual motivation and more satisfying sex in the morning.

Need more convincing? Here’s why morning sex is a great way to start your day. 


Couple on bed having morning sex

9 benefits of morning sex

If you’re reading this and asking ‘is it good to have sex in the morning?’ The short answer is yes.

Not only can morning sex, allow for some intimate time with your partner before the hectic schedule called ‘Life’ kicks in, but morning sex is also healthy.

According to health experts, real-life health benefits linked to morning sex are:

1. You’re already in bed

That means minimal effort. Rolling over and slipping out of your PJs (if you’re not already sleeping naked) before getting into sex is less taxing than shutting down the house, staggering your way to the bedroom after a few glasses of wine and getting ready for bed. When you’re in bed in the morning, you’re already in the prime location for a morning hump, and can even mean your partner is more likely to be up for it.

2. Helps you wake up

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, morning sex can be a great game-changer. After all, in addition to being a great incentive to wake up, it also stimulates your entire body. Eventually, while getting busy, you’ll feel ready to conquer the day

3. You’re not too tired to do it

A long day at work or running errands can take it out of you, making it harder to feel like getting jiggy in the night. After a good night’s sleep, you would be well-rested and energised for the day. Although you may not be bursting with energy as soon as you open your eyes, it won’t take long before you feel a little oomph.

4. Boosts brain power

Various studies have shown that sex can boost cognitive function and improve memory. That means morning sex could help you stay alert later on in the day when we generally hit that mid-afternoon slump.

5. Relaxes the body and reduces stress

If there’s one thing that you dread when getting up, it’s a jam-packed to-do list. Starting the day with an orgasm helps produce endorphins – that happy-feeling hormone caused by sex that uplifts you long after you’re climax. It’s also worth remembering that sex in the morning is also a natural physical exercise, which can put us in a better mood, leading to a more positive day.


Couple smiling at each other about to have morning sex on bed

6. Appreciate your partner’s body 

While a candlelit room is sexy, seeing and admiring your partner’s body in the light can be more sensual. Morning sex can mean no makeup, messy hair, and sweaty skin. Being natural and vulnerable with one another and becoming more comfortable in each other’s presence can further cement your relationship with your partner.

7. Strengthens the immune system

There are studies showing that couples who have sex in the morning have 30% more antibodies. Antibodies are responsible for protecting our body against bacteria and disease, and morning sex can boost our immune system throughout the day. In addition, this strengthening of immunity also helps to reduce the risk of other health problems, such as heart problems.

8. Better concentration and intensity in orgasm

As we talked about before, our body, in the morning, is more rested and relaxed. This alone helps to increase the sensitivity levels of the erogenous zones, which can lead to more intense orgasms and sexual pleasure.

Finally, adrenaline levels are low in the morning. So it’s easier to focus on you and the other person.

9. Morning sex can keep you more connected to your partner

If you’re used to nighttime sex or it better fits your schedule, you can keep your relationship exciting by switching things up once in a while and being spontaneous.


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Why is morning sex better for men?

For men, testosterone levels replenish at night, making it at their highest in the morning and their lowest at night.

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males while regulating muscle mass and the growth of body hair.

Hormone expert Alisa Vitta told Mind Body Green that:

“While they sleep, they make all of their testosterone for the next day, and they have the highest blood serum concentration of that hormone upon waking, in addition to the boost of cortisol they get. The combination is very motivating for activities of the physical nature, whether that be sex or a workout.

In the morning, when testosterone levels are higher, it can give men increased libido and arousal and a stronger erection. 

For these reasons, morning sex can also be good for men who frequently experience erectile dysfunction.

Why is morning sex better for women?

Similarly, estrogen also tends to be higher in the morning for women.

It’s one of two major sex hormones found in women that also develops and regulates the reproductive system.

During REM sleep, there is an increase in blood flow to the vagina as well as vaginal swelling and lubrication.

That means when women wake up their bodies are likely to be already prepared for morning sex.

It also means that morning sex is likely to be more pleasurable for women, as their intimate area is likely to be more sensitive.

However, morning sex may not affect women’s sexual desires as much as men, as it’s not so much the time of day that matters, but the time of the month.

Alis Vitta explains that their menstrual cycle “impacts their sex drive, their resting cortisol levels, and mood—all of which play a role in sexual readiness and interest.


Couple sleeping in bed at night


How to have morning sex

If there’s a part of you that thinks morning sex is a bit of a chore it’s because you’re overthinking it. Discover how to have morning sex and slot it into your early morning routine with ease.

  • Get up a little earlier

If you’re a busy body, you might feel that early morning sex will cut into your morning routine, but you can make it fit in. Instead of hitting the snooze button, wake up 10-20 minutes earlier to have sex before it’s time to get ready for work. Better yet, why not pencil it in your diary so you’ve got something to look forward to? If you’re really strapped for time, a quickie is just as pleasurable.

  • Want as much sleep as you can get? 

Too tired to get up earlier? You can make your morning extra adventurous by having sex with your partner in the shower or bath. Not only are you saving time by killing two birds with one stone, but you can save water by bathing together, which is good for the environment and your water bill. 


Couple having morning sex in the shower

  • Are you usually groggy in the morning?

Yes, you might be muzzy in the morning – but don’t let that stop your intimate session. Opt for simple yet satisfying sex positions that don’t require too much effort or energy, such as spooning or missionary. It’s an easier way to feel pleasure without all the cardio. No one says you have to go full-on Kama Sutra unless you want to. 

  • Need to get in the mood first?

That’s what foreplay is for. Stimulating each other’s erogenous zones is sure to get you perked up in the morning and in the mood for sex. You can tease each other by nipple sucking, nibbling your partner’s earlobe, or stroking their genitals.

  • Concerned about other body odours?

If body odour concerns you, try showering every night before bed to keep fresher for longer. Alternatively, before you start engaging in morning sex, head over to the bathroom for a quick splash/wipe down before you start to get physical with your partner.

  • Not keen on sunlight?

Whether you enjoy the sense of mystery or feel less self-conscious in the dark, you can keep morning sex under the covers. Why not keep your curtains or blinds closed too? It’s that simple. If a little sunlight comes through, don’t be intimidated. Not only is daytime light soft, creating the perfect mood for morning sex, but sex in or with some light can create a stronger bond between you and your partner, promote body and sex-positivity, and keep you awake while you get busy.


Couple having morning sex with sunlight through window

  • Other sexual activities 

If the thought of sexual intercourse in the morning doesn’t excite you, there are other ways to get off in the AM. Try oral sex or self or mutual masturbation with or without sex toys.

  • Worried about having morning sex with bad breath?

Funky morning breath is unpleasant, but don’t worry about that too much. You can overcome this insecurity by keeping mints by the bed or avoiding face-to-face sex positions, especially if you enjoy French kissing. There’s also nothing stopping you from brushing your teeth first before heading back to bed to get frisky. If morning sex does become a part of your routine, there are oral treatments you can do to help prevent morning breath, such as flossing daily and using a tongue scraper to get rid of bacteria and food particles.

5 best sex positions for morning sex

If you’re game for morning sex, the trick is to get into easy sex positions. Your choice of sex position may also depend on whether you want to avoid morning breath embarrassment. Luckily, these sex positions will ensure you experience pleasure or help minimise mouth-to-mouth activity:

1. Spooning: If you like to snuggle up to your partner in bed, you’re likely to already be in this sex position. Hug your partner from behind so that you’re both facing the same direction and penetrate them using a penis, fingers or sex toy

2. Missionary: Nice and basic but very intimate and satisfying, why not go for the classic missionary position? The receiving partner lays on their back while the other penetrates them from on top while face-to-face. If you’re the giver, it might seem that you’re the one doing the hard work, but there’s nothing wrong with taking it nice and slow. This position is great for pegging sex too

3. Side 69: For a more relaxed experience, instead of having one person on top, both of you can lay on your side facing each other in the opposite direction so it’s mouth-to-genital. Then, stimulate each other with oral sex

4. Doggy: Doggy is the perfect sex position for deep thrusting and great pleasure. For a more chilled experience, the receiving partner should try bending over the bed while the other partner can enter from behind while laying down

5. The Black Swan: Getting jiggy on your lonesome? Lay on your stomach with your hand under your side and stimulate yourself with your fingers or toy


Couple having morning sex in spooning sex position


Looking for ways to get more creative during morning sex? Here are some other sex positions you can try.

How to get morning sex

There are two main ways to get morning sex, and it’s pretty simple:

1. Discuss the idea with your partner and see what they think about early morning sex. Don’t be afraid to let them know it’s something you want to try. Sharing your fantasies or sexual desires is the gateway to establishing a great sexual relationship. If they’re keen, plan a morning together and see how it goes.

2. Initiate morning sex at the spur of the moment for a more thrilling experience. If your partner is not interested, they could be a little insecure or uncomfortable for some of the reasons explained above, such as bad morning breath or extreme tiredness, or just not feeling up for it. Don’t be offended and most importantly don’t push.

Try morning sex tomorrow

Is it good to have sex in the morning? The short answer is yes. 

While some people may prefer nighttime sex, it’s important to bear in mind the importance of morning sex.

Now that you know how to have morning sex, why not try it tomorrow. It’s a seductive way to spice your relationship and sex life.

After all, in addition to feeling extremely good and building stronger intimacy between you and your partner, sex in the morning helps kick-start your day and improves your overall wellbeing.

Do you usually have morning sex? Share some advice in the comments below.

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