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Sex work-friendly therapists to help support your wellbeing

At Vivastreet, as well as your safety, we thoroughly support the mental health of sex workers.

Whether it’s personal issues or sex work-related, we understand that sex workers undergo challenges that can negatively impact their wellbeing and lifestyle.

While therapy can help and provide many long-term benefits, finding a therapist you feel comfortable to open up to can be quite overwhelming.

We compiled a list of sex worker-friendly therapists across the UK so you can access the unbiased and nondiscriminatory support you need.

Therapists here to help sex workers

Sex Coaching London Matt Valentine Chase logoMatt Valentine Chase – Sex Work Specialist and Counsellor & Therapist

Qualified counsellor and therapist Matt Valentine Chase offers his services to current and former sex workers across the UK. As a former researcher for Beyond the Gaze, he has extensive knowledge and experience in the adult industry. He supports sex workers who want to expand their business and offers general advice and safety information for sex workers, no matter their gender.

Site: Sex Coaching

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Psychotherapist Lisa HomeLisa Home – Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist Lisa Home has several years of experience working with the LGBTIQ+, BDSM and sex work communities in London. Respecting diversity and difference is key in her working practises, and she provides friendly, confidential,  and non-judgemental support, helping her clients identify and resolve their issues. If you’re seeking greater self-awareness, it’s a great place to open up and explore your emotions.

Site: Lisa Home Therapy

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Rea Pearson Counselling logoRea Pearson – GSRD Counsellor & Relationship Therapist

Sex-positive Rea Pearson is an experienced and BACP Accredited Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity (GSRD) therapist, working with individuals and partners including sex workers and LGBTQIA+ people. Her expertise spans gender, sexuality, transitioning, sexual issues, sex work, open relationships, fetishes, and sex parties. She offers flexible appointments in Exeter and Devon, or online via Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp. All sexualities and genders are welcome.

Site: Rea Pearson

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Counsellor Alex WhiteAlex White – Counsellor

Alex White is an MBACP counsellor who provides counselling services primarily to women and the LGBT+ community. Her specialities cover sex therapy, women’s issues and domestic violence, providing support on a range of issues surrounding sexual violence, relationship issues, stress, transgender and even procrastination and motivation issues. Her work is queer, kink, poly and sex worker inclusive.


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Katie Evans Counselling logoKatie Evans – Therapeutic Counsellor

Katie Evans is a qualified and experienced Therapeutic Counsellor who holds an Advanced Accreditation with Pink Therapy. She provides her clients with a place to talk without fear or judgement, offering LGBTQIA, poly and sex worker therapy. She works with a large range of issues such as rape and sexual assault, sexual issues, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, and more.


Site: Katie Evans Counselling

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Simon Ayers Counselling logoSimone Ayers – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Simone Ayers offers counselling and psychotherapy sessions and describes herself as an LGBTQ+ affirmative, chemsex and sex worker-aware therapist. Her practice is inclusive and respectful of your identity, cultural beliefs, and personal choices, and she supports the BAME and QTIPOC communities. If you’re experiencing depression, stress, relationship breakdowns, anxiety or trauma, book a session via video, live chat or email.

Site: Simone Ayers Counselling

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Integrative Psychotherapist Natalie Clarke

Natalie Clarke – Integrative Psychotherapist

Natalie Clarke is a queer and trans-friendly Integrative Psychotherapist who works with a wide range of people such as sex workers, BDSM practitioners, and trans and non-binary people. She believes sex work is work and helps those with issues surrounding work problems, marginalised identities, abuse, depression, and questions or issues around sexuality.


Site: Natalie Clarke Therapy

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Specialist Psychotherapist Silva NevesSilva Neves – Psychosexual & Relationship Psychotherapist

Silva Neves is a Psychosexual & Relationship Psychotherapist providing safe and ethical therapy for sex workers and their partners. He particularly addresses sex and relationship problems, post-trauma stress symptoms, difficulties due to being stigmatised and marginalised, and more. He also helps those with sex and porn addiction as well as the LGBTQ-specific issues such as ‘coming out, body image issues and surviving homophobic attacks.

Site: Silva Neves

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Integrative Counsellor & Psychotherapist Tania GlydeTania Glyde – Integrative Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Offering sessions in Kentish Town and online, Tania Glyde specialises in sex and relationships, GSRD and sex work. She is committed to promoting sexual awareness, ending prejudice and misunderstandings regarding diverse sexual, gender and relationship identities, and enabling all to experience therapy without judgement and marginalisation.


Site: London Central Counselling

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Ruby Psychological Services logoDr Nichola Marchant – Clinical Psychologist & Sex Therapist

Dr Nichola Marchant specialises in supporting people who have issues relating to sex, shame and trauma – whether it be substance misuse, sex addiction or PTSD. She offers psychological therapy, one-off consultations, personal sex plans and webinars and self-help courses for clients, including sex workers. She is also sex-positive and kink aware.


Site: Ruby Psychological Services

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Rainbow Couch logoRonete Cohan – Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Ronete Cohan is a Pink Therapy Clinical Associate who specialises in GSRD – particularly sex work, LGBTQ+, non-monogamy, and kink – as well as race, culture, neurodiversity and disability. She works with compassion, respect and acceptance, and offers her services in central London and online. Book a free 15-minute consultation today to find out how she can help you.

Site: Rainbow Couch

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Counsellor and Psychotherapist Sara HagermanSara Hagerman – Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Sara Hagerman is a London-based Counsellor and Psychotherapist who offers holistic and bespoke psychotherapy to individuals in the UK and across the globe. She welcomes enquiries from all walks of life, meaning that sex workers are no exception. If you are struggling with anxiety, low mood, relationships or trauma, reach out today to book a session or have a free phone consultation to discuss the possibilities of working together.

Site: Sara Hagerman

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Psychotherapist Amanda WatsonAmanda Watson – Psychotherapist

She supports clients with psychological, emotional and physical psychosexual issues, such as sexual abuse, vaginismus, codependency, family conflict, stress, trauma, life transitions and women’s issues. She is also a sex worker and kink ally with experience in the Italian language. If you’re looking for a therapist that offers confidentiality and support, get in touch today.


Site: Psychology Today



Integrative Counsellor Wendy LambertWendy Lambert – Integrative Counsellor

At Gold Oak Counselling, you can expect a warm and non-judgemental space to speak and be heard. Run by Integrative Counsellor Wendy Lambert, she’s open to welcoming people dealing with issues such as social anxiety, academic concerns, abandonment and attachment issues, sexual divergence, and more. She specialises in sexual abuse, domestic violence and anxiety, offering a range of affordable packages and rates.

Site: Gold Oak Counselling



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